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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, show you how to grill pork chops on the Traeger.

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Hey guys Chef Jason rase Hardware Grilling expert super excited because Today I'm cooking pork chops on the Trager that's right but I'm not just Cooking them I am searing them at 500° let's talk uh ingredients show you All the cool things we're doing and then We'll head out and get that Grill fired Up before we do a little bit of Prep ingredients today super super easy Because we are keeping it light and We're letting the flavors of that Trager Shine so I've got some boneless durac Pork chops we're going to use we're Going to use the ace Reserve Cherry rub Just to get some sweet and fruity Flavors in there a little bit of sugar Lips barbecue sauce if you decide you Want barbecue sauce super simple super Easy let's dig in and do some prep work But first let's head out and uh show you How we get the grill started and get it Ready for cooking well we went ahead and Topped the uh Trager off with our Ace Reserve blend pellets check it out That's right we are cooking at 500° Today so we'll set the temp press ignite And we are going to get this up to 500° For some of that wood fired searing we Took the chops out of the package now I'm leaving them I'm not patting them Dry or rinsing them off cuz guess what Need a little bit of that moisture to Act as a binder so let's go ahead and

Slide this out of the way I have my anti Slip mat that'll keep the pan from Sliding we'll go ahead and get these Guys over here great thing about these Chops at I have some perfect white meat Chops I have some dark meat chops life Is good I'm to get every one of my Family set with their favorite chop for Dinner now we'll take that Ace Reserve Blend little that sweet and fruity Cherry and we'll go ahead and just hit These guys on the first side as lighter As heavy we always say as lighter as Heavy as you want go ahead and get those Seasoned up like that I'll give them a Quick little Tamp or little Pat Tamp That down just a little bit go ahead and Flip these Over and we'll season this side as well Oh oh so good all right we are done now I'm going to let these soak while the Grill reaches temperature and I just Want some of that rub to activate I want This to kind of do its thing and Infuse Some of that beautiful flavor in there But we're done prep is finished Preheated right to 500° look at those chops they are Seasoned well go ahead and add these in And we're going to get a little bit of Sear now we are not going to go anywhere Because we are going to be cooking these Hot and fast here we are right after 3 Minutes we're going to go ahead and give

Those a flip right there and we'll get These guys finished up like I said Today's cooking temperature I'm going Right towards that 145° that is Well-cooked pork well here we are right After 6 minutes of cooking and it looks Like we're right at about 112° so we're Going to keep going on this side leave Them alone again our desired Dess today 145° so we'll come back and check on Them when they're ready Well there you have it after 12 minutes Of cook time look at that beautiful Color on those chops they are right at That Perfect 145° I'll see you in the Kitchen let's check out that dness there And look at that those my friends are Perfectly cooked pork chops I love it Juicy delicious and I'll tell you what Fast and easy dinner 12 minutes so we Have hot fast tasty Juicy and Delicious Not bad at all pork chops 12 minutes on The Trager that is a victory now I know What you're thinking uh do I like bone In or boneless pork chops which ones are Better we will end that debate for you Will we yeah we will because stay tuned Coming up I've got a video talking about Bone in versus Boneless

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