We gave Sarah a new Cordless 14″ Chainsaw and Pole Saw, and she’s still out there felling trees.

The Lighter Side of Electric Chainsaws

A gardener whose only wish is to maintain his smaller decorative trees and shrubs will not want to spend large sums of money on a weighty gasoline-powered chainsaw of the sort in use by lumberjacks for felling huge forest trees. As with most garden machinery, the lesser-powered, cheaper and lighter option is the most suitable for the wallet and the job. So when those branches are on the verge of being intrusive the electric chainsaw provide the solution many gardeners are looking for to keep their gardens in tip top condition.

Step Ladders Review: The Little Giant RevolutionXE

When you’re shopping for a step ladder, it’s not wise to cut corners. Accidents in the home are all too common, so having a stable, well-designed step ladder is an important part of getting the job done safely. Even the simplest DIY task, such as changing a light bulb, should be performed in as safe a manner as possible. Thousands of injuries occur each year because homeowners chose to improvise rather than use the right equipment, such as a sturdy and stable step ladder. Step ladders are among the most important tools in any home. So, doesn’t it make sense to choose the right one? Read on to learn about a great ladder from Little Giant, the RevolutionXE.

Step Ladders Review: The Titan 3 Tread Medium-Duty Industrial Alloy Platform Steps

Whether you own a home or rent a flat, chances are that you’ve used a step ladder to perform everyday and DIY tasks. A step ladder is an essential item in virtually every household, so most of us take it for granted. Did you know, for example, that there is a set of UK and EU safety standards for step ladders, and that you should buy only a ladder that bears a BS EN kitemark? This kitemark ensures that the ladder has passed a rigorous set of safety standards. There are 3 main classifications for ladders, Class I, Class EN131, and Class III. Read on to learn why these categories are important, and about a quality Titan step ladder that conforms to all relevant requirements.

Selecting The Best Mold Testing Kit For Your Home

If you find what you suspect might be mold growth in your home whether it is on the walls of your bedroom, in the basement or the crawl space of your home or even in your closet it is always wise to identify the type of mold before attempting any kind of clean up. Why? Well, some molds are pretty harmless, maybe causing some minor allergies such as itchy eyes, headaches or irritating some existing illness such as asthma.

Ladders: About the Aluglas 2-Section BS EN 131 Extension Ladder

When you’re shopping for an extension ladder, the choices can be a bit bewildering. There are so many types, designs and materials available that it’s hard to know if you’re making the right decision. Although the safety of ladders should be the primary concern, price also is an issue for many people. While we’re not recommending you buy the least expensive ladder you can find, we are suggesting that you do plenty of comparison shopping before making your final purchase decision. If you do, it’s likely that you’ll be more willing to consider a mid- to high-priced ladder for a variety of reasons. In that spirit, we’d like to offer a review of a mid-priced all-purpose extension ladder: the Aluglas 2-Section BS EN 131 model.

Wood Planer or Wood Jointer, Which Do I Need?

Wood planers and jointers have different uses in a wood working shop so knowing what each will do is important for the novice to learn. The wood planer will dress timber to a consistent thickness over the entire length of the board. A wood jointer is more suited to making the edges of boards straight and square so they can be joined together to form a wider board.

Craftsman Mechanics Tool Sets – Doesn’t Everyone Own One?

When you stop and think about it, there are probably more Craftsman mechanics tool sets sitting in peoples garages and workshops than any other brand that competes in today’s tool marketplace. They’re the best quality and value out there and this is why.

Bench Grinder – How You Can Keep It Working For Years And Years

Here are some tips suitable for maintaining a bench grinder. If you follow this advice, you can expect your bench grinder to last for quite some time.

Reasons Why You Should Buy A DeWALT DCD760KL 18-Volt Compact Cordless Drill

It doesn’t matter if you’re a contractor or just someone who works with tools for enjoyment, a great drill is one power tool that will always come in handy. There are many different reasons for choosing DeWALT power tools over other brands. DeWalt is a company that has been in the pro tool business since 1922 so they have more than eighty years of experience in the quality power tools business.

Ryobi Power Tools

Anyone who has anything to do with construction or home repairs would know a thing or two about Ryobi power tools. After all, you would definitely have come across the name while out procuring new tools or when talking to other people within the same industry.

Step Ladders Overview: The Original Youngman Fibreglass Steps

Whenever you reside in a flat or home, it is likely that you will be using a step ladder for daily jobs. Whether it’s hanging a picture or painting the walls, step ladders are essential for carrying out do-it-yourself tasks, big or little. The bad thing is, however, that unsuitable application of ladders accounts for a high proportion of accidents in the home. Therefore, you should make certain you are knowledgeable about how to employ a ladder. In addition, you need to inspect the…

Types of Cordless Drill

Information on the types of cordless drills and their functions. Cordless drills evaluated include Drill Drivers, Combi Drills and SDS Rotary Hammers.

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