Total Fail – This Worklight Goes To Half Power After ONLY 15 Minutes – Olight Odiance

Preventing Dust in Your Workshop

When engaging in a woodworking project, dust control becomes a very important part of keeping your working environment safe. There are many risks associated with excessive dust buildup in woodshops, which can damage your health, compromise your work, and even put your safety at risk. Thankfully, there are many methods that can be effectively utilized to exercise good dust control in woodshops.

5 Tips to Getting the Most Out of Your Knife Sharpening System

Do you know things that you need to know that will help you get most out of your knife sharpening system? I know you are thinking hard for an appropriate answer, well don’t waste your time and read this article to know.

How Compactor Equipment Reduces Trash Volume

When you are trying to be environmentally conscious, you often find yourself taking many steps to decrease the size of the impact your life is creating with the existing environment. One method most people take advantage of in order to decrease the environmental impacts their lifestyle creates is recycling. One of the easiest ways to recycle is by using compactor equipment.

The Possibilities For Large Tarps

Tarps can be as large as baseball fields. If you need such material, here are some suggestions for choosing a large tarp to meet your needs.

A Brief Guide For Buying Used Chainsaws

Buying a chainsaw can be an expensive endeavor, so for this reason alone it can be tempting to wish to purchase used chainsaws instead. However, due to the risk involved of buying a model that will not work for much longer many people have apprehensions about doing so. The following will look at whether or not it is worth it to purchase used chainsaws to help you make this important decision.

Why a Rigid Borescope Should Be in Your Toolbox

A rigid borescope is a tool that helps an operator to see into confined areas that would otherwise be inaccessible to view without dismantling or disassembling the equipment to be viewed. A rigid borescope is typically made up of a shaft affixed with an optic lens on one end and some system to view the image attached to the opposing end. The rigid borescope is capable of substantially magnifying images and there are video systems as well.

Sharp Edge Tools

One of the greatest steps in the evolution of tools is the sharp edge. It is the one implement that we do not have on the human body. Cutting edges have enabled us to hunt our food, carve out our homes and in recent times make grand works of art. These sharp edges come in several different types, but saw blades are one of the most useful to have in a tool shop.

Best Corded Power Polishers – The Best Quality and the Best For Your Budget

A power polisher can be a tremendous asset to your shop bringing a professional finish to your projects and a versatile convenience to your shop or workspace. Get the utmost from power polishing with one of these industrial grade power tools from Dewalt and Makita.

Rifflers, Rasps and Files – Must Have Tools For Woodworkers

With the increasing use of technology, files and rasps are not appreciated as much by the modern woodworker and are considered as tools to be used only for rough work. These are however, excellent tools that woodworkers can use for fine woodwork as well.

Head Torch – Keeping Both Hands Free

For most tasks involving manual labor it can be too inconvenient to hold a flash light at night. For situations where both hands need to be free a head torch is an invaluable asset.

Chop Saw – Quick, Easy Cuts

Also known as a motorized miter or drop saw, a chop saw is a tool that can cut a very fast and precise crosscut. They are normally used for framing and molding and are usually small and rather portable. These tools, like many other power tools around the workshop, require practice and knowledge in order to be used safely and effectively.

My Kawasaki Heat Gun Helps Me Around the House

Great for jobs around the house, my Kawasaki Heat Gun has proven to be a very useful tool. I would recommend it to all do it yourself enthusiasts.

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