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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you the features and benefits on the Weber Summit.

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Weber Summit

Today I'm hanging out at Weber HQ and I'm going to show you my five favorite Things about the Weber Summit gas grill Check out the top- down infrared Broiler For doing things like searing off Tenderloin or maybe Browning that Casserole or maybe some oysters Rockefeller that Broiler reminds me of Life in the kitchen next up we have that Integrated rotisserie and I'll tell you Doing multiple chickens prime rib or Adding that crisping basket for the most Amazing roasted brussel sprouts next up You'll notice those amazing 9mm Stainless steel cooking grates take Those out and it brings to life the Weber crafted system now you could add In The Griddle to do amazing eggs steaks And more or I'll tell you what add the Pizza stone because now pizza on the Grill easier than ever now another one Of the great features and I know what You're thinking is I wish I could smoke On my gas grill well tell you what you Can because with the large stainless Seal smoker box I can add that to the Summit and now it's making ribs even More mouthwatering and more gamechanging Than ever you know you need a lot of Heat when it comes to a grill like this And the pure blue burners deliver that Now giving you edgo edge heat even and Consistent and that's going to be Helpful when it comes to searing off a

Steak or roasting your favorite Vegetables talk about an amazing day at Work here at Weber HQ now to learn more About these cool products from our Friends at Weber be sure to stop by your Local Ace or visit us at Ace Hardware.com [Music] F

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