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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you how to use the Big Green Egg Pizza Wedge. See why this Eggcessory is a must for your grill!

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Hey guys super excited for today's video Because I get to use the brand new Big Green Egg Pizza wedges we're making a Take and bake pizza because I wanted to Keep it easy it's my first time cooking With the pizza edges let's get the egg Started make some pizza all right we Went ahead and filled the egg up with That beautiful Canadian maple charcoal Now we're gonna go ahead and hit the uh Igniter get that fire started once we Get a nice little bit of fire down there Time to turn on the fan kick in the Afterburners now what we're going to do Is go ahead and bring this up to 200 Degrees at 200 degrees I'll show you What we do next All right here we are right at 200 Degrees time to add my convector basket My convector the grill grate and the Pizza stone we're going to add that all At once because now we're going to bring Everything up to Temp together now that We have everything loaded time to add The pizza wedges so we'll slide that guy Into place we'll get this one into place Like that we've got everything set we Are good to go now we'll go ahead and Close this and I'll tell you what we're Going to leave the top closed and we're Going to use the Bottom now to adjust to Today's cooking temp right at 450 Degrees Now for my ingredients today I'm using

One of my favorite Take and Bake pizzas Why well I'll tell you what it's first Time cooking with these pizza wedges so I want to make sure I've got them dialed In I want to make sure everything is Working perfect this gives me a great uh Palette to start with then after I Perfect my skills I'm going to become That backyard Pizza Ola I've always Wanted to be okay we just reached 450 Degrees but wait we're not ready yet now That we've hit 450 we are going to go Ahead and let it sit at 450 degrees for Another 10 minutes to make sure the Convector the grill grates the convector Basket and the pizza stone have all Reached temperature that is your Chef's Tip of the day all right here we are Holding strong at 450 degrees and I'm Going to add my take and bake pizza in There making sure it is centered over The stone and we are good to go now what We're going to do is keep an eye on this And it's going to go for about 16 Minutes but we'll keep an eye on it if It starts to Brown we'll give it a Rotate but I'll tell you what how easy Is that All right so here we are nine minutes in And I started to see a little color so Now time to uh check this adjust it and If we need to rotate it a little bit We'll keep cooking it now until the Crust is set the top is brown we're good

To go here we are right after 20 minutes And oh my look at that all right I'll See you in the kitchen time to cut time To slice time to eat pizza 20 minutes 20 minutes absolutely perfect Charcoal fire pizza with the pizza Wedges now today we showed you how to Cook on the pizza edges but if you're Looking for more information on how to Use those pizza wedges be sure to stay Tuned because that video coming up next Now the only question is do I fold my Pizza in half or do I just eat it

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