Makita 40v Grinder GA050G with the BL4040F High Output Battery VS 1st Gen Grinder and Battery.

Makitas Next Gen 40v Grinders are here. How does it go with the new BL4040F Next Gen Battery? And how does it go against and 18v Grinder and the 1st Gen 40v Grinder?

BL4040F High Output Battery Review
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Recently you may have seen a review I Did on this battery when I made that Review I really wanted to review it on This tool let's do [Music] It good day everyone this is the G050 G from Makita it is a 40 volt angle Grinder it is the one that they showed All the time when they were doing promo Stuff for the battery that's just been Released that was behind this one the BL 44f which video will be up in the top Corner and of course down there let me Get out of the box so what's in the box Well in this part of the world you will Get a grinding wheel you will get a side Handle with tpe over molding nice solid Handle it's got like a solid core these These handles are nice uh you get a pin Spanner for taking your wheels on and Off old school Styles and you get a Guard a guard with a special little Attachment that I noticed Makita have Started including now they never used to Have these on Grinders in this part of The world you push that in and unclicks You take that off so that's your Standard grinding guard and if you're Cutting you meant to put this thing over It so that it helps catch all your Sparks and if your disc does Disintegrate it hopefully helps hold Most of it in there rather than it Coming out on you and then you just

Click it back on again Kind of cool but I imagine most of those Get lost pretty quickly now this is of Course a 5 in or 125 mm grinder and you Might notice it looks a little bit Different to the previous 40 volt 5in Grinders does it look a little bit Shorter I don't think it is I think it's Just because of this area changing They've shifted the name down here too It used to say Makita up here and you'll Notice there's now this what looks like A rotating Point potentially well it's Not a rotating point you you can rotate The heads on Makita angle grinders if You undo these four screws you can then Spin it 90° tighten it back up again so That way you can have your hand and the Orientation you want like this for Instance but have your cutting disc like That so you want your cutting all the Time can be easier on the wrist if you Never grind with it it's quite a good Option if you're just using the same Thing over and over again so let's just Compare it with the previous 40 volt Model just to show you what I'm talking About when it comes to the name Placement as you can see the name up Here instead of down on the handle Region Length yeah it is slightly shorter than The old one we are looking at probably About 15 to 20 mm longer this one this

Is the G5g it is the one that was released in Most parts of the world first it's the Ones that is in most of the kits it is a Good little grinder but this new one is Meant to be considerably more powerful And when matched with our new battery FR Here the BL 440f it is meant to kick Some serious ass so will it well we'll Soon find out let's just take a bit Closer look at it so as you can see the Original 40 volt one here doesn't have This black Groove in it so what is this Well it is a tpe rubbery style gasket Here and and the head unit does move Slightly you see it opening up just Here and you'll see that Moving it does not rotate at that point There's nothing to flick it open to Rotate and as you can see the actual Paddle switch goes across that area so There's no way you could rotate this it Would snap your trigger on looking at The trigger it is a paddle switch Unfortunately I like the slide switches But I'm sure known Makita the slide Switch won't be be too far away nor will The variable speed nor will the AWS this One does not have any of those things no Variable speed no AWS just a good Oldfashioned grinder with a dead man Paddle switch so it has one of those Little fck lever switch trigger safety Dealies so it's in not too bad a place

It's not too annoying I mean I don't I'm Not a big fan of these things but it Actually isn't too bad although I'd like A maybe a slightly smooth The Edge on There that point but yeah not too bad Then once you do have it down if you Really wanted to you can hold the tool Up at this point and it stays in all Right just got to be careful not to Release it the guards on 5-in Makita Grinders these days are toolless so they Have a little lever here which as you Can see opens up locks and unlocks into The holes that are in your guard so you Put this on you've got some other slots To line it up so you want it there push It down down and then turn it to where You want and then you can just push this Turn it lock it in turn it lock turn Lock turn lock pretty Simple and a big Improvement I'm glad M Got around to doing that like I said They've been like that for a while all The 40 volt ones are like that for these Size Grinders some of the bigger Grinders still have oldfashioned levers And stuff like this 18vt one that I have Just out of shot here which we'll get to Later that's still got the the old lever Style they're sticking old school though When it comes to your flange nuts here Just pretty basic with the four pin Holes there there's no no little levers For undoing it easily or anything they

Still stuck with the old pin wrench Which is reliable of course and you can Just wind these things on and off by Hand for some reason I'm having some Sort of mental block here and I can't Get it on but there you go what do you Guys think of the ones that have you Know that you can undo by hand that have Like rubber grips on them or have a Little fold up handle and that sort of Stuff or have a ratchet mechanism and Then what do you think of those let me Know which one you prefer down below I Mean I tend to use Makita Grinders so They all have these and I I haven't Replaced them um I do have a grinder With one of those though just so I'll Show you what I'm talking about if I um Do I yeah I think I do here is one I Found on an grinder now if the brand was Just bleeped out then it's because the Makita gods are angry at me mentioning Another Brand yeah so what I don't like about These is it just feels like this would Be okay for occasional use but if you Use your grinder all the time then this Thing's going to break right you're Going to end up stuffing that and then Once that is broken that is going to be Tricky to get off if you can't get it Off the oldfashioned just trying to wind It off way the old hand wind off way and That if it's well jammed on there it's

Going to be much trickier to get off you Got a couple of holes there you might be Able to get a pin spanner into but yeah I don't know let me know down below what You think of this a AEG style anyway That region is all the same as it is on The original 40 volt there so what is Different about this grinder well if we Look at the physical properties you can See if I stick them like this hopefully You can tell that this one here is Bulkier they've bunged a bigger motor in There by the looks to get a bit more Grunt out of this thing because Mak is Saying that this is comparable to a 14400 wat AC grind now I've seen so many Different numbers bandied about about This tool that I'm not sure which ones To believe so many things about this Tool and the combination of this tool With this battery um we will just test It against the 40 volt that I've already Got and we'll test it with different Batteries and we'll just see what Difference it makes over this One this is basically the New Gen 2 Style Makita 40 volt grinder it's Probably the sort of grinder that you Really want this this might be the most Powerful cordless grinder I think it Certainly might be the fastest as well Let me know down below if you've got a Grinder that runs on batteries that is Quicker than 11,000 RPM okay so this is

Top speed top grunt for a 5-in grinder Of this size you know this is up there With the AC stuff the old one by Comparison only 8,500 100 RPM that is a significant Increase in RPM but does it have an Increase in torque because RPM's all Good and well but you can have something That spins really quick but as soon as It touches anything it screams to a halt So has this got more torque than the Original one if it does if it's got that High speed the high torque then this is Going to cut through much quicker Than the original one in the back here But of course there is only one way to Find that out first I'm going to see What the RP PM is on this actually can I Even check the RPM on this my RPM Tachometer might only go up to 10,000 RPM now that I think about it and does That RPM change between this and a Standard original 4 a hour battery cuz This is the new high output and if you Haven't seen the video top Corner in the Description you should know the drill by Now if you're new and you don't know That drill well welcome aboard make sure You hit the Subscribe button so you're Not new anymore and while you're there Might as well hit that like Button as Well you know all that right Testing time now when it comes to Testing the RPM on angle grinders we

Always had a bit of a problem angle Grinders seem to be a bit more tricky Than say circular saws they're a little Bit more erratic or something I don't Know but they never seem to get to the Numbers that the companies State Particularly Makita um hi Ki for Instance I can get them to run bang on What they State on the grinder circular Saws um just using this unit here They're usually within one or 2 RPM and They consistently just sit there it's Pretty impressive but makito one's never Anywhere near it and so I figured that Would be the same with this says it's 11,000 I can't get it anywhere near 11,000 um which is kind of good cuz the Unit only goes up to 10,000 probably That tests it but I figured I would try It first with This and it didn't make it to 11,000 so Then I tried it like this just putting a Marker directly onto the flange nut that Way you don't have the drag of the disc And the weight and all that sort of Stuff on it didn't make any difference I Then thought I'll just do it off the Spindle put a bit of tape around it did It off the spindle exactly the same no Difference not only that if I put this Battery on it the new 4 amp high output Battery the large backpack PDC 1200 in The background here all of them read the Same and what is that number let's take

A look we'll do it here with the Standard 4 a battery now this number is Going to be up the wrong way maybe I'll Flip this shot up so down so you can see [Music] It 9,778 now I'll Chuck on the high output Battery and I'll show you what I mean Now these batteries have all just just Being charged prior to me doing this Test let's go [Music] Again exactly the same number exactly The same at 9,778 and just to prove the Point let's just Chuck on this one which I've just tested is more powerful puts Out more oomph than a 8 a 40 volt Battery so you would expect to see a Difference if there was going to Be exactly the same 9,770 something no battery makes a Difference which is perplexing to me Because when they announce this tool They basically teamed it up with this Battery saying with this battery and This tool you'll get a lot more Umph well RPM wise you won't so it's Just going to come down I guess to Torque with this thing spinning the way I've just done it there is of course no Load on the tool once you start plunging A cutting wheel into a piece of steel or You ram your grinding disc onto your

Piece of Steel the tool comes under a Load it has to try and keep that disc Spinning and it will slow down of course Because you're putting resistance on it But will this be able to keep that Torque much higher and keep your blade Spinning closer to that 9,700 than the Other batteries will well we'll try and Test that I haven't got anything Technic To test it once again I'll have to wait For bloody talk test Channel need to um Get in cahoots with them and start Making videos in tandem but 9,770 is still a long way from 11,000 so what am I doing wrong here What are Makita Doing that I don't understand and that Gives me a different number now some of You might say it's this well yeah this Isn't the most accurate thing in the World probably but I've managed to do Other things accurately with it and Every time I test a Makita grinder it's Always off but it's perfectly fine when I test that s in the background there And mitur and other things so what is Going on I figured that it would make a Difference when I changed the discs and Stuff but it hasn't so where are Makita Getting this 11,000 from now what about The old 40 volt here well that's exactly The same problem it's rated at 85,000 RPM but no matter what I put on it won't Go over 8,000 sits just under 8,000

We've also got an 18vt sitting down of Shot which is brand new uh the 504 very Popular model uh I think I'll try that Also rated at 85,000 let's see if that Gets anywhere near what it says new 5 a Battery it's only had a couple of Charges let's chucker on the 504 exactly the same test just on the Flange nut Here see , 70ish significantly lower 1,500 lower 1,500 lower than what it Says 500 lower than what it says and About 1,250 lower than what it says Those are major differences like I could Except 1 or 200 RPM out of whack but Where are they measuring these things From while you are debating down in the Comments section why none of these are Getting anywhere near the manufacturer's RPM speeds uh let's actually test them Against each other and see if they feel Different because one would hope one Would expect and one has been promised That this is much more powerful than This this is my go-to grinder at the Moment the the original sort of 40 volt The g00 5G probably the 01 in the US so We'll see what the difference is between These two and just for fun of course I Will include and shot of the 18vt versus This one as well so you can see why you Should be changing over to xgt Instead of sticking with 18 Vol because If you want to use a grinder the 40 volt

Stuff well it smashes the 18vt stuff Let's go have a look for the following Cut tests each grinder will have a brand New disc on [Music] It [Music] N [Music] And that noise is the new 40 volt high Output battery charged up again ready to Go for another test so let's now put the 40 volt high output battery up against The standard Battery [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] Well that was pretty conclusive clearly The new 4 Vol is quicker how much Quicker well if you take a look at the Footage basically the new 40 volt is 20 To 25% faster it cuts about five cuts to Four cuts on the old 40 volt and as for The 18 volt well she only came in at About half of the new 40 that's right 100% quicker cutting with the new 40 Volt but there's more to it than just Cutting let you think okay yeah it cuts A bit quicker but there is more to it Than that this is is a brand new cutting Disc the ones I was using in the video This is the one that I used on the 40 Volt with the new 4 a f battery so you

Can see the amount of wear around the Edge there we're looking at about 3 mm Something like that then this is the Disc that I used on that same grinder But with the standard 4 a hour battery And as you can see another couple of mil There then this is the grind original 40 Volt grinder with a standard 4 a battery Just a little bit smaller and then this Is the 18vt which is substantially smaller Again so we take those away and we put The 18vt one on there you'll see how Much difference look at that that's Quite a lot so if from there to there Was five cuts there to there was five Cuts on the 18vt I mean it's twice as Many Cuts you're going to get and it Cuts twice as quick so the longer you're Cutting the more of your wheel or disc You are grinding away so it's not only Quicker it's cheaper so if you say that The 40 volt is just too expensive Compared to the 18 why are they so Expensive well you are going to save on Your discs every one of these you buy For the 40 volt you're going to have to Buy two for the 18vt so using it all the Time that's going to add up pretty darn Quick not only that of course you're More productive you can get more done in The day and it's a nicer cut you notice The 18 rocks back a bit more I mean I Was rocking them a little bit of course

As I was cutting but it catches more and Wants to pull the tool back and forward Whereas the 40 volts got that power to Just keep spinning and not catch on the Material which makes a big difference so It's got the speed it's much quicker not Only that we had the um 4 a hour battery Of course and the new 4 amp hour battery Of course the new 40 volt tool was 20 to 25% quicker than the old 40 volt tool And the new 40 volt tool with the new Battery was around another 20% faster Again from my calculations so you will Get up to once again you get close to Around four Cuts with this to five cuts With this so this one is quicker but Does it have more torque right now we're Going to do the stall test I'm going to Use grinding wheels for this and I'll do The 18 just for fun so we'll do the 18 The old 40 the new 40 and then the new Battery let's do it St test 18 [Applause] Volt St test 40 volt original and Original battery Jeez new 40 volt grinder original Battery Wow easy to stall stall test with new Battery and new Grinder well That's interesting so this test was a Bit more surprising when it comes to The Cutting Cuts quicker uses less material On the disc you're basically going to

Have a similar result in a way with the Grinding wheels in that it'll remove the Material quicker so you're going to go Through less Wheels um you you can tell When you watch these videos just by the Amount of Sparks that come off the 40 Volt tools compared to the 18vt tool but The real interesting bit in the stall Test was the stalling obviously 18vt Stalls fairly easily the 40 volt Original pretty hard to stall good tool The new 40 volt I was hoping was going To be even harder to stall than this but Often when things go faster they stall Easy it's hard to have that high speed And high torque lower Torque higher speed lower speed higher Torque that's roughly how it works out Just because of the gearing and tools if You reduce the gearing on this thing You'll bring the speed down and you can Ramp up the torque but this they've done The opposite and they have ended up with A tool that is not as Tor in my Experience as the old 40 volt nowhere Near as Tor this new 40 volt much easier To stall than this one but because it is Going faster you don't need to put the Same sort of pressures on it so in a way You don't have to work it as hard and so You shouldn't be stalling it anyway so That's going to come down to a personal Issue depending on how you use a tool if You're a bloody gorilla and you're

Pushing down hard all the time then Maybe you want to stick with the Original 40 volt grinder get one of Those it's a great tool great little Tool and once you've used a 40 volt one Over an 18vt one you'll never go back to The 18 volt one again that's for sure They are completely different beasts but Between this one and this one well you Saw it yourself this one Cuts much Faster but this one has the higher toall So I guess it's up to you what sort of Thing you like and um I need to do more Testing really to really come to grips With this um especially with the Vibration you need you know you need to Use something for a long period of time Really to notice vibration dampening and Stuff but I haven't got the time for That in this video and I also haven't Tested this have I haven't tested the Old 40 volt with the new battery which I'm reaching for oh is that it over There there we go haven't tried it with That that's another test we haven't done But I think I'm running out of time Again for this video this videos always End up just getting too long I often Think oh am I going to have enough Footage to do a Video am I going to be able to get up to Like 10 minutes or something to make it You know a decent sort of length have I Am I only going to end up with like 5 or

Six minutes of footage and then when it Comes to editing it's like half an hour Long it's like oh anyway enough of my personal YouTube problems thanks for watching That is the ga 05g in the states I'm not sure what Number that one's going to be but it's It's a nice grinder but I did hope for a Bit more in the torque area and it's a Bit disappointing that that speed that 11,000 is so different to what I'm Reading off it but maybe you guys will Have some insights into that and you can Leave that down in the comments I'll put Some other links down there like the Link to the video of this battery I Pulled it apart we took a look at the Cells had to play with it on a few Different things it's a good little Battery that is an awesome grinder this Is an awesome grinder don't get the 18 Volt get one of these but yeah links to The review for that down there links to The review for this down there there'll Be a bunch of other links down there as Well of course and I'll see you on Another one soon don't forget to hit That subscribe button on your way out Cheers

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