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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you how to use a Weber griddle insert. See how to use it, store it and so much more.

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Hey everyone in today's video that's Right we're talking about the Weber Griddle insert now we've got two Different options for you we have a Genesis option and a spirit option but Today I'm going to show you everything You need to know on how to use this on Your grill So step number one to adding in the new Griddle insert is to go ahead and remove Your grill grates and if you have it Your Weber crafted frame kit as well Step number two we'll go ahead and Remove the plastic from our grill grate Like I said this already comes Pre-seasoned so I'll tell you what we're Going to get up and cook it a little bit Faster today okay we went ahead and Added the griddle into the grill and you Can see we've got the vent holes in the Front and the grease opening in the back That's where we're gonna push everything Down into the grill to get into your Drip tray now speaking of drip trays be Sure to check this before every cook and If you need to replace it replace it but You always want to make sure you've got Enough room in here for those griddle Memories you're going to use your three Main burners number one number two and Number three to control the temperature Of your griddle if you have a sear zone Go ahead and leave that sear Zone burner Off these three burners and those

Flavorizer bars will do a fantastic job Controlling your temperature Talk about quick and easy right super Fast and easy to get that into your Grill now like we mentioned don't forget To give that drip tray a quick Examination and if you need to replace It definitely do that before you start Cooking now as you can see here I have The lid open because anytime that I have This turned on warming up cooking or Cooling down I definitely want to make Sure that lid is open now when you think About temperature wise I always make the Suggestion to start a little bit hotter Temperature than you think you need Because I'll tell you when you get ready To add your food to this it is going to Drop temperature just a little bit so by Starting a little bit higher you'll make Sure that it can recover a little bit Faster as well now like we talked about You're going to use those burners to Adjust and control your temperature Today that makes it super easy and then When it comes to temperature your food Is going to dictate the temperature you Cook at right so think about things like Pancakes cooking those at low to medium Uh smashed Burgers think about cooking Those medium them to high temperature or As I like to always say the higher the Sugar content the lower the temperature I'll cook on The Griddle the higher the

Fat content the higher the temperature I'll cook on this griddle as well now Once you're all done cooking and you're Looking to store your griddle first Thing you can do obviously store it Right inside your grill now after you've Scraped it and cleaned it and gotten it All wiped down and ready to go go ahead And put a light coat of oil on your Griddle and then leave it stored right Inside your grill with your grill Covered you will be ready for cooking The next time you're ready to fire up The griddle and get ready to go now Let's say you're ready to turn your Griddle back into a grill I'll tell you What we've got this great griddle Storage bag for you as well so once Again scrape it clean it wipe it down With a light coat of oil and into the Bag you go now storing it somewhere cool And dry protecting it from the elements Your garage probably a good place to Store that as well but no matter what When you're done cooking we've got two Great options of storage for your Griddle not bad at all right I get two Cooking tools out of one I get a grill And and get a griddle hey now speaking Of griddles stay tuned because coming up I've got a great video for you it's how To season your brand new Weber 28 inch Griddle that video coming up next

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