5 Favorite Features On The Weber Master-Touch – Ace Hardware

Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you the 5 favorite features on the Weber Master-Touch.

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Weber Master-Touch

I'm hanging out here today at Weber HQ Giving you my five favorite things about The 26 in master Touch Weber kettle First thing is I know what you're Thinking where am I going to put my Lid tuck away lid holder now if you're Looking to do more on the 26 in master Touch Kettle imagine adding that Weber Crafted system now you can add a griddle A pizza stone a sear grate or in the Center adding a walk next up we've got Dual hinged stainless steel cooking Grates giving you Side Access to add More fuel or flavor using your favorite Chips and chunks next we've got top lid Adjustment and that beautiful bottom Control which allows you to dial it in Keeping things low and slow intermediate Or going hot and fast last but not least We've got that OneTouch cleaning system Why because cleanup should be easy Because that gets you cooking a lot Faster at your next cookout talk about An amazing day at work here at Weber HQ Now to learn more about these cool Products from our friends at Weber be Sure to stop by your local Ace or visit Us at acehardware.com [Music]

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