Battery Ryobi Bug Zapper Review. Everyone Needs One of These, Trust Me.

This thing is not only useful, but damn entertaining! Wait for it… wait for it… bang, a flash of light and another pesky fly or mozzie is incinerated. Bring on Summer!
Ryobi Battery Shredder Review

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[Music] Foreign Guys this is a video I never thought I'd Be making I've been um hounding a Certain company to make one of these for A while as a bit of a joke so when I saw This at Bunnings one day I thought Awesome somebody actually makes them a Tall battery powered bug zapper Fantastic and so I spoke to someone from Ryobi and said hey that's pretty cool And they sent one to me to try out Now as you can see by the box here on The left this is a kit which means it Comes not only with the bug zapper but With a basic charger and a 2 amp power Battery Now in some parts of the world you'll be Able to buy this as just individual beer Tool and in the states I've seen them as Two packs so you'll get two of those in A kit and in New Zealand All I've Actually seen though is the KET version But they may have them as a beer tool as Well 100 sure he says as he knocks Something off the bench now I don't know How well you can see this but it is Actually running right now you look in There you'll see the lights those are The UV lights it's not very purple like Some of the bug zappers you see about The place it's pretty pale but it does Light up white surfaces quite purple I'll see if we can light up this in the

Background but I might have to turn off Some other lighting so that's what she Looks like at night and if I bring in a White object you'll see that it has this Cool purple glow that you get with black Light UV lights [Music] And he sort of works with certain white Things they have to be like really white For it to work That is quite cool because you only see That purple light on white otherwise you Barely notice the things on although if It is the only thing on as I've noticed When being out in the hot tub it um Looking at the light can get a bit Annoying on the eyes and the thing I Wanted this thing for mostly is for when We're out in the hot tub because there's Often a lot of mozzies out there and It's a bit friggin horrible my wife is a Bit of a mozzie magnet so if she's out There they usually leave me alone but if I go there by myself I get attacked so So I wanted one of these but I never Really had much faith that they would be Any good but before we go into whether It's any good or not I'll just tell you About the features it's currently Running on a 6 amp hour battery so the Batteries go in the base and you have a Look there If you have anything bigger than a 6 amp Hour I don't think it'll fit well it'll

Be standing at the bottom so you'll be Standing the tool on the battery raised Like that sort of thing rather than the Battery being up inside the tool Completely but I don't have any Batteries bigger than a 6 amp I want to Test that but I'm guessing a 9 and a 12 Will stick out the bottom taking a look At the control panel on the top we've Got two buttons one for mosquitoes one For the light yes that's right this is Also a lantern and it's also got a USB Charger but first up the mosquito button Push that two hour timer push it again Four hour timer push it again it'll stay On until your battery goes flat or you Turn it off which requires one more Press the light button is because this Is not only a bug zapper but it's also a Lantern see this here it's got one like That on both sides and press it once Slightly bright a little bit brighter And full sitting so three settings and Off with that button it's not terribly Bright it's enough to see by if you have To but yeah not all that bright helps Draw in different sorts of bugs if you Use that so I tend to just have the Mosquito one on because yeah I only want Mozzies and going in there I don't want To attract a whole lot of moths to it as Well if we turn the tool around We will see the USB port on the back if We push down on the light for three

Seconds one two three this is now on but I don't get anything plugged into it so Should have done a better demonstration For that really so if you do have your Phone plugged in through the USB cable It does have another cool feature if we Look up here at my phone it's held in The top so I can sit in the tub my phone Is held in position so I can watch a YouTube video and charge the phone at The same time it's great that Ryobi is Solving all these first world problems So it has this tray down the bottom here There's a bug flying around in here at The moment there's a little Sandfly come On Go to it where did you go Um I've been using this in the workshop At night bugs come in at night I've got The garage door up and so it's been Pinging off sand flies all over the show This thing has killed so many bugs but When I look in here there's very little In here so I don't know how many of them Are inside this thing because When they go up they go up with such a Bang I don't know if they just explode Into tiny little pieces Um we'll have a look in here in a minute And see that the parts They also give you a little brush here Too so if you want to clean out your Grid Make sure it's turned off there's 2200

Between 2200 and 2 600 volts going Through this wire Grid in here that is Annihilating the bugs so yeah you don't Want to get zapped but let's have a look In here and then I'll open the whole Thing up and we'll have a look see how Many bugs are actually inside because This thing doesn't seem To fill up A few dead creatures in there Not only that There's lots of just Parts there's lots Of like legs and stuff like that you can See quite a few frizzled up legs Because like I say these things when They hit this they don't just die they Explode so just turn it off and we'll Have a look see how many bugs are caught Inside it so if you want to that's where The batteries go just the bum like that Nice and easy if you wish to take the Whole top off you just turn it it can be A little bit tricky there we go You can use this to get to the bulb if You need to replace the bulb because of The bulb blows you can just replace the Bulb That's the bulb I'll put the bulb model Number down in the description if I Remember So it's for use only with this bug Zapper so you have to get one from Ryobi Hopefully they keep making them now See a couple of bugs on there tip them

Out oh and a whole lot of legs and parts If you're a fan of small tiny mosquitoes And sand flies and stuff This is not the video or the tool for You now looking up inside the actual Guts of this thing you can't Get in there any easier than that Unfortunately by the looks to clean it Out so that's why they've given you this Long reach access brush here so that you Can get in there because I can see There's a mozzie stuck just in there I Don't know if you can see them on the Camera there but we'll Get them out of there He's gone So he has a few bugs stuck in there So you might need to do that every now And again just give it a clean out But I can't believe where they're all Going because it zaps them all over the Place and yeah they just vanish So many of them just get blown into Smithereens I haven't said Smithereens For a long time Smithereens technically a word So I know there's been a lot more deaths From this thing than what we've got here But I'll empty this out now and we'll go And put it to a bit better test Out by the tub at night Unfortunately it is winter here at the Moment so there's not as many mosquitoes

As they will be in summer and some of This thing is going to be worth its Weight in gold because this thing works Much better than I ever thought it was Going to do As for runtime the stated run time on The box with the 2 ampere battery is up To four and a half hours so that's going To be dependent on whether you have the Lantern going whether you're charging Your phone at the same time I I Guesstimated before that that I got About four hours out of just doing the Bug zapper basically because that tends To be all I really use on this thing so For instance it is four hours on a 2 Amp Hour battery the 6 amp hour battery Which I think I've got a 6 amp hour in There at the moment should get you 12 Hours so this is now probably my Favorite Ryobi tool and if you like Ryobi tools I've got a few more coming Up I'm going to do a few 18 volt ones a Few 36 volt ones got a 36 volt battery Sitting in the background there so There's a few of those coming up if you Haven't seen the shredder video with That I'll put that up the top Corner Nail guns a few things that I want to Try out that are a bit odd not sort of Offerings that everyone does because Ryobi does do some really cool Oddball Tools and stuff you know and tools and Stuff is the name of the channel after

All thanks for watching I'll put some Links down in the description where you Can get one of these things if you are After one and I'll see you all on Another video wow probably about the Same time next week what do you reckon Cheers guys have a good one Come on this is when that bugs should Fly in and just end with a bang quite Literally Wouldn't it be good would you go eat a Little bug bastard oh I can see a bug Flying around again come on give me an On camera bang don't fly into it oh There's a bug flying around go on and You go if I Turned the Lights Off he'd Probably be in there but there's lots of Other things for him to fly to fly to Fly to Oh look there's another one oh come on Guys be really good of you capitulated And blew up on camera for me And that's both the Lantern and the bug Zapper both going

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