New Metabo HPT 12 Amp AC Brushless 5″ Angle Grinder Review Model G13BYEQ

A Buyers Guide to Purchasing – Screws

Screws are not as simple as they seem to be. The wrong kind of screw, for example, would fail to penetrate wood or steel and would lead to it being unusable. At worst, it could damage whatever it is trying to secure.

A Buyers Guide to Purchasing – Cable Ties

Cable ties, formerly made for industrial application, have many uses today. They used to be made for industries that had many loose wires hanging around.

Lathe Cutting Tools

A lathe is a tool that rotates a workpiece along an axis in order to perform a range of operations – sanding, knurling, deformation, drilling and of course cutting. This depends on the tools that are applied to the object – interchangeable attachments which can be used to provide various results.

Vinyl Cutters Facts and Important Uses

A vinyl cutter traces out shapes and graphics for precision cuts applicable to multiple facets of vinyl image transfers. These machines are used in the sign and t-shirt making industries and range from the small, portable desktop variant to large format machines used, amongst others, in the automobile and marine industries.

How to Replace the Brushes in a Porter-Cable Pancake Compressor

Replacing damaged parts and pieces in our power tools is fast becoming one of the most important resources for tool-users of all walks. Fortunately for those tools users, from the Average Joe to seasoned professionals, repairing power tools is not nearly so hard as you might think. Discover how to replace the brushes in your air compressor with little more than a few simple steps.

Safety Tips and Advice When Using a Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are much more powerful than regular hoses and take care of difficult jobs, requiring less time than using a normal flow of water. On occasion, they include hot water and steam options, which eliminate any kind of stains in a very convenient manner. Due to their high power, there are of course certain risks involved when using them, and one needs to be aware in order to prevent accidents from happening, as well as to prevent damage to the surfaces you want to clean.

Excavator Rentals and 5 Reasons to Rent an Excavator

An excavator rental, oftentimes called a digger, is a heavy-duty construction equipment that consist of a boom, a bucket and a cab placed on top of a rotating platform. This rotating platform, also called the “house” is on top of an undercarriage that has wheels or tracks.

Using Pressure Washers

On domestic as well as commercial premises, people aspire to the highest attainable level of cleanliness. Outdoor environments as well as a wide array of machinery used by certain industries pose difficulties when it comes to properly cleaning them, as some materials are particularly problematic to remove without a more potent method. Akin to water hoses, which are the classic tools used in these circumstances, pressure washers make use of a flow of water, only much stronger, and by applying a high level of pressure, remove the dirt that regular hoses would not be able to.

Makita Cordless Drill Repair: How to Replace Your Armature

Replacing damaged parts and pieces in our power tools is becoming a more and more common practice. Fortunately for us crafters, these repair procedures are much simpler than you might think. In fact, with just a few simple steps, replacing even the armature in your cordless drill is a procedure conquerable by all walks of tool-user. Discover how to replace the armature in your Makita cordless drill and be the master of your own power tools.

Cordless Impact Driver VS Drill

The cordless drill has become the one tool that nearly every homeowner and professional has in common. Now, there is a new tool that has come on the scene. Is there any difference between the two tools? This cordless impact driver vs drill discussion will briefly point out how these two tools compare.

Aluminum Ladders Review: The Prima Combination Ladder

Ladders used in commercial and trade settings must be extremely robust and durable. They’re built with stronger components, and the best ones carry kitemarks certifying that they have passed a series of rigorous tests, and are approved for use throughout the EU. DIYers also recognise the value in trade and commercial quality ladders, and many opt for them rather than lighter duty ladders designed for domestic use. Ladders kitemarked EN131 replace the old UK class 2 standard, and are suitable for commercial, light trade and heavy DIY use. Aluminum ladders are included in this class, and they offer an optimal combination of price, functions and features. Ultimately, EN131 ladders are a better value and a safer option for avid DIYers. Here’s some information about a quality aluminium ladder: the Prima Combination EN13.

The Reciprocating Saw! What A Great Tool To Have and Use!

Every time I use my reciprocating saw I become more and more impressed. It is one of the most useful and valuable tools that I own. Not valuable in the sense that it costs a lot of money because reciprocating saws are not that expensive compared to a lot of power tools.

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