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Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, shows you how to install a grommet.

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Hi I'm Lou manfredini Asus home expert And in this video I'm going to show you How to install grommets into material It's very easy to do it's as easy as one Two three Okay grommets like this can be very Useful for a whole bunch of different Projects you want to hang a banner and You need to poke some holes in it or You've got a tarp that you need Additional places to Anchor it this kit Comes with everything you need the Grommets the actual setting tools even a Block of wood to use underneath the Material all you need is this kit and a Good Hammer what I'm going to do is Install a grommet on the corner of this Tarp now the first tool you're going to Use is this cutting tool and if you look Closely you can see there's a sharp Tapered Edge right on the end of this And I'm going to actually use the hammer To hit on this Edge I'm going to go Right in the corner here and they give You a block of hardwood that you're Going to place underneath the canvas and Then using the right side of that Cutting tool you're going to place it Right in the corner And then with the hammer you're going to Tap on this to cut the material Then to install the grommets you'll see That there's two pieces this is the base Plate that's going to go under the hole

And then this portion of the tool is What you're going to go through there to Set the ring onto the lower part to form The grommet so you take the part that Has the edges raised up and you place That onto the base portion of the tool And then you poke that through where The Grommet is going to go then the ring You'll see has kind of two sides to it You're going to place that down over the Top then this shafted portion is what's Going to squeeze the lip of the lower Portion over the top you place that in The hole Then you take your hammer and give it a Few taps You've just created a grommet it's that Easy Coming up next my video on how to choose The right rivet for your project Foreign [Music]

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