Amazing NEW HiKOKI and Metabo HPT Tool Releases. 2024 is gonna be a good year for Green Tool Fans!

New and Upcoming HiKOKI and Metabo HPT tools for February 2024. This is my first HiKOKI News Update thingy. If you want to see more green machines, make sure you hit that Like button. Are HiKOKI and Metabo HPT the same?

RA18DA Dust Blower
All HiKOKI Japan
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Good day everyone and welcome to another Makita update it's h CI what it's h not Makita or also known as mataba HPT in The States oh yeah today we're actually Looking at hi Ki not Makita this is the First hioki update news thingy that I've Ever done and as somebody just yelled Out hioki is Metabo HPT if you are in The US I'm not going to go into the Whole reason why it's called Metabo PT But if you want to know about that take A look at this video up here or down in The description so how this is going to Work is I'm going to look at some new Tools that have come out in the last Sort of 6 months uh not not quite as up To dat as the Makita stuff so I've got To got to catch up a bit right so we got To go back a bit and I'll show you a Bunch of stuff that you may not have Seen starting with this this has been Around quite a while now but still not Available in most of the world um I'm Not even sure if it's available outside Of Japan yet so if you you want one of Those if you're interested in one of Those then there will be an affiliate Link down in the description but what is It you ask well it is a little mini Blower it is so light and it is just Passing across my desk as it is on its Way to the south island of New Zealand And I have done a review on this which Will be up in the top corner and down in

The description as well and even though It's 18V it also runs of course on 36v But it runs on 36 volt I mean it runs on Multivolt batteries it's actually still Only using 18 volts but this battery of Course will fit on a 36v tool as well as I'm sure most of you watching will be Aware of now they've recently changed The batteries the batteries look a lot Better now in my opinion these ones look A little bit cheap they were sort of They just look like they were rushed out Whereas the newer ones are much nicer And look like This and there's also a Bluetooth model There is a Bluetooth model of this Battery as well but the new ones you can Get the Bluetooth so that you can have Apps which change not that one but this One you can change the different Settings down here so you've got more Torque different yeah change the lights All sorts of like that and why is It a funny color well in Japan they make Different colored ones and they have Released these in some markets they Released them here in New Zealand often Called JDM tools that stands for Japanese domestic market and there's Four or five different colors that were Available and there's also like other Ones in Japan that you can't get Anywhere else still as well like this One which is kind of a neat color and

Yeah I quite like that one wouldn't mind Getting that one it's got the new Battery on it there looks quite good Right I've got a lot to get through here So let's whack up some tools on the Screen here and take a look this is the Ds18 ddq installation driver this is an 18vt installation driver with four heads A drill attachment an impact driver Attachment an offset impact driver Attachment and a right angle attachment That you can attach the drill or the Impact driver attachment too lots of Companies are offering this type of Installation driver these days uh this One little bit low on the numbers I'm Guessing these numbers are for the drill Not the impact side of things with a Hard torque setting of 55 Newton M and Soft torque of only 26 newon M that's Pretty damn low when you consider top Drills are doing three times that these Days has a Max RPM of 1,700 and should be rolling out in a lot Of regions pretty soon but if you're Interested in any of these tools at any Point I will try and put affiliate links Down in the description if I can find Any you're going to have to get some of These tools from Japan because they Won't be available anywhere else yet so If you want them quick that's where you Got to get them next up the DH 3640 da And DB rotary hammer drills the DB is a

Hick shaft and the da is an SDS Max Shaft as well as rotary hammers there's Also a new pair of demolition hammers so These are only rated at 6.8 jewles which Is a little bit disappointing I have Seen other numbers up to 10 jewles so I'm not sure which one's correct if it's 6.8 that's considerably lower than the Makita equivalent which is 9.4 jewles And Weight Wise the Makita is only 200 g Heavier but once again there's a lot of Numbers on the weight all over the place On the internet that I've found so the High Coke is way anywhere between 4.8 And 6.1 kgs depending on where you look But they're nice compact looking tools I Mean if you can chip away with that and Do some decent work with a tool that's That short that's that's pretty nice Next up this mid torque impact wrench is A nice unit I've seen one of these the W36 de half in square drive impact Wrench and it has a max tightening Torque of 630 n m and a loosening torque Of 900 n m it's a good size tool good Sort of all round good for so many Things I like a good mid torque wrench It makes use of the Bluetooth battery as Well so you can use it with an app on Your phone so you can change the speed The lights the auto stop time when you Are taking a nut off that sort of thing So that's pretty nice mid torque impact Wrench that I might have to get my hands

On next up we've got a dust extractor That you might want to use with that Rotary hammer that you saw just a moment Ago so this is the rp18 da an 18vt over The shoulder style vac that you can use As a dust extractor or a wet dry vac it Weighs about 4.9 kgs with a battery and There's an lass model and a standard Hipper filter style model not quite as Compact and elegant as some rotary Hammer drilling systems for dust Extraction you know it's a bit bit Cumbersome but it's got plenty of Capacity of course you're doing a lot of Drilling could come in handy next up a Style of tool that I like a lot it is The C1805 D B so this is the 18vt version of A 36v tool you might have seen on this Channel here it is here if you want to See the full review it's up in the top Corner and down in the description it is A 125 mm circular saw that has the front Come off the base what why would the Front come off just pretend for a moment That this says hioki and not Makita Because I no longer have the high Koke One that was in this video that's up in The top corner I was just borrowing it But this tool is the same so it bevels The traditional way like so but not only That by flicking a little lever here it Can bevel the other way so now you can Bevel up to 15° on a reverse angle and

Then combine that with taking the front Off the thing that's right you could Call it the side I guess depending on How you want to look at your circular Saw this comes off and now you can bevel Hard up against a Wall boom cut out floorboards absolutely Brilliant a great renovation tool if You're cutting out rotten floors or Anything this is a must have it sure as Hell beats the Daylights out of using a Multi-tool or a reciprocating soil like People do and it does a far far far far Far cleaner job far far far quicker Brilliant design and now hioki have an 18vt version as well as a 36v from Little SS now up to Big SS the c361 12d A 305 mm or 12 in mitur has a top RPM of 4,000 and drops to 3200 when it kicks Into high torque mode if it needs it Weighs around 24 1/2 kgs which is about 5 kgs lighter I do believe than the Makita 300 mm mitur but the cutting Capacity not quite as long as the Makita Although I've seen some numbers saying It cuts to 120 Deep by 180 wide which is Very deep cut for a for any circular s They've managed to get 120 that's pretty Cool U but they've listed the maximum Cut is 107 by 312 I haven't seen any Number higher than 312 whereas the equivalent Makita can Get up to 382 for instance it comes with A shadow line rather than a laser which

Is always nice on mitur cuz the lasers Are a bit sucky right what about a tire Inflator the up8 da this is a 160 PSI or 11 bar or 1100 kPa tire inflator not Just a tire inflator though of course You can use it for inflating balls and I Don't know other stuff it has a flow Rate between 14 L a minute and 430 l a Minute it can run on 14.4 volt batteries 18volt batteries or a 12volt cigarette Lighter socket and it's about time hioki Added one of these to their lineup Speaking of other things that are about Time what about the some storage boxes That are not based on the sustain style Like they have done in the past and Makita have done and Fest tool these are More along the lines of packout from Milwaukee there's not a huge range of Them yet there's sort of about three or Four different size boxes I do believe Um and there's a few other little Attachments and things you can put in Them will they build it up to something Like Milwaukee's packout well only time Will tell oh I almost forgot there's Also a new middle cutting s a CD 1805 d This is an 18V 135 mm to 150 mm blade Take your pick Chuck one of those Somewhere in that range on there and You've got a cold cut metal saw I love Metal circular saws they are very very Cool got a chip collector there on the Top very nice nice and compact good

Little size unit now that's pretty much All I've got to say for this High Koke Update I whack through them pretty quick Cuz there was quite a lot of them to get Done I haven't actually gotten to some Of the other things I was going to tell You about well like the angle drill Let's have a quick look at that that's The angle drill there took them a long Time to get one of these out but finally They have done it haven't used one of Those yet well I have but only at a at a Show and I didn't get around to telling You about the 36v battery system the new 36 volt battery system from high Koke is They are they going to do it who knows They are looking at doing a 36v only Range of batteries so I don't know if That's because they're not able to get Enough out of these and I mean this is Their biggest battery which is pretty Small compared to well compared to Makita for instance this is the Equivalent of a 4 a power 36v battery so Makita make batteries double the size of That and now with far better cells it Put out a lot more power than these old Batteries do so maybe they're going to Make a 36v system where they can really Ramp up the battery size to compete with Xgt for the really large tools because As of yet hioki have not done any 36v x Two tools like Makita do so maybe They're going to try and compete in that

Market and that market now also has of Course MX fuel same voltage 72 volts and DeWalt have just launched their new Range as well so hioki are lagging a bit Behind on that real the real big stuff The Real Construction industrial type Tools that you need a bit more pep for And I was also going to tell you about All the range of other companies that Are now using multivolt batteries there Is quite a lot coming on board a lot of Them probably most of them maybe all of Them you've never heard of but they are Trying to do a sort of multi- platform System multi-brand system like Bosch Have just started doing as well and of Course Metabo started with the cas System which is yes the same company as Hioki now so it's it's kind of confusing I know with the two different companies With different name names and sharing a Lot of the same tools now but having a Different battery system yet both Wanting to do a battery system that Other companies can use anyway so if I Go into all of that this video is going To get way too long and I don't want it To be too long for the first one so let Me know down below if you like this Style of video let me know if you want To see more hii updates whether you want Regular hiok updates like I do with the Makita videos and if you did like it Please hit that like button it'll help

Me make more of these videos so thanks For watching subscribe buttons down There somewhere too and thanks to all These people that names are coming up The site here they helped me make these Videos if you want to be one of those People then take a look down there for Patreon that's where you can help Support the channel and make more of These videos and do them a bit more Often thanks guys for watching and I Will see you on another video of some Sort soon tools out whoa whoa whoa whoaa Hold the video I've got another couple Of things to tell you now I've known About these ones for I've known about The one I'm about to tell you for a Couple of weeks uh but there wasn't any Decent images so I was going to hold That out till the next update but hioki Have now officially released it so I can Tell you about that and the other one I Am denied about whether I was going to Put it in the video or not because it's A pretty Japanese design it's only ever Going to be released in Japan the way it Is um so I didn't bother but I like the Look of it and I want to stick it on the Thumbnail so I better put it in the Video so here we go first up the new w36 DD impact driver they've released Another impact driver it's a triple Hammer like the other ones this is the Top-of-the-line Flagship impact driver

Available in five colors as you can see On the screen 111 mm long so it's 3 mm Shorter than the last one so woohoo uh It's almost got a ring light as you can See it's got three lights that don't Quite go all the way around but Basically acts like a ring light we've Got backlit buttons as well down the Bottom which the last one did not have And you can change the settings on those Buttons with the bluetoo app as long as You've got a Bluetooth battery on the Tool as soon as I can get my hands on One of these I will review it and put it Up against the previous model that I Showed you at the beginning of this Video and the other tool is this Compressor now it's a hybrid compressor ACDC Compressor compressor It's a hybrid ACDC Compressor and that doesn't mean that You can run it on batteries or AC like You might think it is an AC tool that You can give a boost to with batteries So basically in Japan they have 100 Volts that's what they run on it's a bit Low so 100 volts at 15 amps Max they can Do so that's only 1500 wats of power not A lot for a lot of tools but with a Battery put a battery onto this as well As the AC and you can get up to 2,000 WS So in this neck of the woods on our Standard circuits in our house we can

Run 2,400 Watts no problem that's 240 Volt at um 10 amps if you've got a 15 Amp circuit you can bump that up to 3600 WS uh but in Japan it's a little low so They've come up with this design to be Able to make electric stuff more Powerful by just adding a battery pack To it Now it has four tanks as you can see Adding up to 16 L and it's got a rather Japanesey control look at this LED Screen here so I don't think this will Be available certainly not in this Configuration anywhere else in the world But I thought you'd be interested in Seeing it cuz it is quite a cool funky Looking thing anyway thanks for sticking Around for this extra little tidbit of Information at the end and cheers if you Want to see another one of these make Sure you like it and subscribe and I'll See you Later For

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