Is This The BEST Milwaukee Jigsaw Yet? Milwaukee M12 Fuel Jigsaw review

Is the new M12 Fuel Jigsaw the best Jigsaw Milwaukee make?

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Whoop whoop whoop Whoop good day guys today we are looking At the Milwaukee fuel M12 jigsaw this is The M12 fjs fuel jigsaw easy peasy Remember that or if you're in the US It's the 2545 now this is basically a baby Barrel Grip jigsaw and first thing you notice It's nice in the hand feels nice and Comfortable I love the fact that I can Get my hand all the way around it one Thing I don't like about some Barrel Grip jigsaws is they're kind of fat and Your hand sort of is like that you're Not actually like gripping the tool jeez My fingers are looking a bit wrinkly There whereas this you can get all the Way around which is nice it's nice and Compact it's a little bit long it's a Lot longer than the non-fuel version I Don't have one of those here to show you At the moment I'll stick one up on the Screen here e as you can see this one Got a far Slimmer head on it much nicer Looking tool and a nicer grip a longer Grip which is good for your hand the Other one was a little bit short that First one was very short and had the Battery Jam right in there so it wasn't As comfortable as this one this is a Nicely ergonomic tool ergonomic is a Word surely before I show you the Features I'm just going to quickly weigh It with a 2 a hour battery on board it

Comes in at only 1.75 Kgs pretty good basically the same Weight as a small impact driver with a Battery on it so I'm happy with the Weight for sure let's just try it Quickly with a 6 Amp and if you want to know the um other Measurements they'll be down in the Bottom corner but this is metric land so With a 6 amp coming in just under 2 kgs Will it stand up like that look at that Awesome then again will it stand up with Just the two woohoo now if you are a Regular of the channel you will possibly Be aware that I'm not a great fan of Barrel grips I prefer D handles um if You don't know the difference this is a Barrel grip and a d handle has the Handle on top and you hold it like this With a trigger whereas this you have a Trigger on the side let's just give her A quick Whack that's on the a mode anyway we'll Get to that in a moment so you turn the Whole thing on and you use it you can Move your hand around on it's Permanently on whereas with a handle you Have trigger finger control so you can Speed it up slow it down as you wish Which I kind of like but this one feels Sort of like a nice compromise between The two and seen as Milwaukee center to Me for free along with some blades it

Would be rude of me not to have a quick Look at it Ain so let me show you all The features that it has it of course Has an onoff switch which as I say Permanently on or permanently off it's Not a trigger it has a 22 mm stroke That's how much the blade goes up and Down per RPM how many RPMs does it have Well it has between 800 and 3,000 Depending on what setting you have it on Up the top here because this is a Variable speed tool so you can just Flick that to whatever you want as You're using it so five being the top 3,000 and 1 being 800 but we also have An A we'll get to the a later on now we Have orbital modes on this thing too so You have it whacked up on zero you're Basically just cutting straight up and Down your blades going like this but Then we've got 1 2 3 4 orbital functions What do I mean by orbital well instead Of your blade going like this it starts Going like This that helps cut your material much Quicker the downside of that though is It's nowhere near as clean of a cut as If you just did it as a straight cut Without the Orbital this will give you the nicest Finish but it will be a lot slower so Between this and this you can pick Whatever is the right speed and the Right orbital liation for your

Particular material and the particular Cup that you're doing it has a light on The front which can be turned off and on With the button on the front of the tool So that's nice and on this side we've Got a blower blower On blower off that helps keep all the Dust clear from your cut line looking at The bottom of the tool here I'm just Going to whip the battery off looking at The bottom of the tool we've got a Splinter guard in there that comes out It's a nice thick chunky Splinter go Look how thick that is it's a lot Thicker than a lot of them it's got a Little marker in the middle there too so You can follow your cut line we've also Got a guard to go over this area in the Front here which I haven't put on yet Which way around is that going like that So that'll clip on there not going to Clip it on cuz I'm not going to use that Probably I never use those things cuz I Want to be able to see where I'm cutting Perfectly and it's a jigsa it's not like It's that dangerous let's face it this Lever here opens up where you put in Your blade which is a little bit tricky To see in there pull out Splinter guard See if we can get a look in there still Awfully difficult to see especially when Everything's black in there but there's Where your blade goes in you'll see It turn

There we'll show you more of that when I Stick a blade in it speaking of blades Speaking of blades we have a nice Feature here in the base the removable Protective base here we take this off And oh one's falling out we have area in The base to store blades a sort of slot In the side so you can have a couple of Spare blades always with you so that You'll always be ready to go with your Blades and not have to worry about going Off to find one cuz you've always got a Spear one on you staying looking at the Base we have built-in tool storage Allen Key on the back here to get in there and Adjust your base bloody hell She's Tight she's tight ass so on the base Here we've got some pretty clear Markings 0 15 30 and 45° in either Direction so you can slot it in Whichever one you want it's got a a sort Of detent in each one and then lock it Back in place with the Allen Kit there's not a lot of back and Forward movement in the base as there is With some jigsaws okay what else do I Need to tell you oh it also comes with a Dust Port big long dust Port here see This groove in the back just slot that In there like So shove it in there does stick out and All for long way could be a little bit Cumbersome but might also help keep the Hose from getting too close to the edge

Of your work piece which might be nice Time will tell I will hook it up to a Vac shortly and we will see how that Works we'll see what the a mode does on The dial here um yeah enough talking I Think hey let's go put it to the test Right for these first Cuts we're going To be on the top speed and I'm going to Go through all of these settings so you Can see the orbital Functions Zero fairly smooth right orbital setting One oh but setting [Music] [Applause] Two sitting Three and sitting For so sitting three and four pretty Rough on the cut on this side I can feel It's much smoother though on the other Side there wasn't a huge amount of Difference though it didn't start Jumping up and down like some jigsaws do When you get a bit bit fast and a bit Too orbital it's pretty smooth tool to Use now we're going to stick it on a Okay let's check out what a means Presumably it means Auto I've got the setup a little bit Strange for the camera I'm going to have To do it Left-handed but this sort of B saw you Can do it left-handed Cuz wow you know not that hard to just

Do [Music] That okay did you notice what it did it Didn't go back off again but it started Off slow let's try it [Music] Again see that was a nice gentle start And then it took Off [Music] But it stays going [Music] Fast it doesn't change once you take the Pressure back off that was actually the Nicest auto start I've felt on a jigsaw That's for sure because yeah I Particularly don't like some of them but That I could actually use That [Music] That auto is very good such a light easy Maneuverable Tool and there hasn't been any jumping Yet we'll we'll try some different Timber later on but now I will just test Out the different speeds so we'll go From fastest to Slowest starting at number five which You've already seen we'll do it on Straight cut Z we'll do it Left-handed so that's fairly moderate Pressure I was putting on that down to Number Four when I tried to push push that a

Bit faster it did get a little bit jumpy On it oops wrong one number Three Wow this is going to be pretty slow Number Two Wow that was slow and we haven't even Got to number one yet so here we go Number one on the Dial you might want to fast forward this Bit well that was one of the slowest Cuts I've ever made with a jigsa Personally I can't see myself really Using this on anything Below five maybe four this is back on Number five and I'm going to put the We'll do a test without the blower on And then with the Blower Well the blow worked but I wasn't Getting that much of a sort us build up Even without it cutting through this um 10 mm chipboard here uh we'll go try Cutting something else eh this thing Being rated for up to 70 mm through wood 3 mm through steel and 3 mm through Alley got some 19 mm pine flooring here Got it set on zero straight cut highest Speed let's [Applause] Go Who rough as gut now we'll bun it on Orbital mode Four you saw how much quicker that was

On the orbital Mode 4 but it's also Pretty pretty chippy there although she Was pretty chippy on just the straight Cut I'll go a bit slower so we can do That a bit [Applause] Nicer Still very chippy but no one near is bad Haven't got the chip guard in it at the Moment and of course the different Blades you put in there this is not a Fine tooth blade finer the teeth on the Blade the nicer the cut you will get so I'm interested now on just seeing how Good it would go at a deeper depth how Good is it going to be through framing Timber which 45 mm here let's try that All the um cuts you've seen so far all Done on the same battery still showing Four bars right piece of Timber is just Under 45 this way and just under 70 this Way this is maximum stuff for this Jigsaw can it Coke we'll have it on full Orbital mode highest Speed wow did that no problem at all so This is the maximum depth of cut are we Actually going to be able to use this Blade yes we will you've always got to Have your blade coming out the bottom When you're using a jigsaw else you'll Start the blade if it doesn't come Through the bottom will hit the bottom Of the Timber and fire your jigsaw up at You bend your blade usually stuff things

Right up so can it do 70 mm like they State no worries didn't like it when I Did that second curved cut there but That's pretty Good so that was on the full orbital Mode bouncing around a bit let's try Straight Cut As you can See much nicer cut beautiful cut on that Surface there that's nice even the back Where we came out it's not too bad but Very slow when you've got it on that Zero or straight mode so the main Difference a lot of guys like d handles Over Barrel grip and vice versa is the Way that you use them with a dgrip you Basically have to use it on top of the Material just like you saw me do with This and that's fine but a lot of guys Like going from underneath so if you Want to reach around and go from Underneath then you want a barrel grip Because you can just leave it tuned on You can put your hand in whatever Position is comfortable and go like that Now why would you cut from underneath Though well if you've got your blade Coming up through your workpiece like This you can see your cut line easily so You can just follow your cut line with The blade directly on it when you're up This way you've got a lot of other You've got to look around and it can be

A bit hard sometimes to see your line Whereas up this way there's nothing else In the way all you've got is your line And a blade so that's why a lot of People like it but a lot of barrel grips Are very heavy when you're cutting like This the material is supporting all the Weight of your tool you don't have to Have much pressure on the tool with your Hand because everything's been held by The timber you can just have a little Gentle cut whereas under You've got to make sure you don't drop This thing if this is the surface area Of your piece of material cutting you Can't have it drop like this and be Banging around you have to have it hard Up against that and so the lighter this Is the better in a way cuz cuz all this Weight's pulling down remember with Gravity so this was another kg or two It's pulling down getting very heavy Whereas this nice 12vt weight could be Quite handy so let's go do some cutting From the flip Side [Music] You didn't follow that line too straight Tools let's turn down the vibration on That So light and easy for doing it Underneath right who wants to see a Plunge [Music]

Cut Too easy plunge cut into a piece of [Music] [Music] Pine no bother at all next up let's try Cutting some metal I have removed the Base I've done this just to protect this This shoe cover here just because I want This for Timber and nice stuff and metal Can be a bit scratchy and right Especially if it's a bit Rusty and stuff Like that and the filings get caught so I've removed it as you can see I've Already cut some steel and stuff with it Um there's a couple of little lips here Like where this base is screwed in this Bit's actually plastic and it sticks Below the edge of the aluminium base There so you just got to be careful it Doesn't catch when you you first go to Start your cut it is further forward Than the blade so as long as you plun it Down in the right place it's not too big Of a problem but if you catch and then Why is it catch it and push forward you Might hit the blade and damage the start Of your cut so just be aware of that I Might actually just sand those off a Tiny little bit anyway let's go cut some Alley and then we'll try some steel what We have here is a failure to communicate What we have here is some 3 mm angled Alley so 3 mm stick which is the top According to Milwaukee that this thing

Is rated for so we'll see how it goes Now earlier in the video I think I said That I don't like the low speeds Probably wouldn't use the low speeds Only going to use five and four Basically now that was for Timber when It comes to metal you want the lower Speeds so we're going to go number one And we're going to have no orbital Function we're just going to slowly Cruise might have to bump it up to speed To we'll see how we Go ni Quiet right so while that's cutting all Right it's a little slow let's Crank It Up speed [Music] Too So I was happy at Speed 2 it's a little Bit slow but you want to take it easy With aluminium it can sort of clog up The teeth on your blades and but Let's just for fun let's take it up to Five well let's let's put on auto Actually which will start off slow and Then ramp [Music] Up [Music] No worries what about 2 and 1/2 mil ctin Steel let's give that a wh going back Down to speed Two try speed Free

[Applause] [Music] [Applause] At the end there tried to give it a bit Of a a turn but this Blade's a bit bit Thick for that but yeah cut that no Problem speed three perfect now of Course when using a jigsa you make a bit Of dust as you do with any woodworking Tool so how does it go with the dust Extraction so for the dust extraction we Of course need to put on the dust Port Let me just zoom out a bit here that's Better right so this just shoves in the Back like So and makes you realize why it's so Long now because it needs to get past a Big battery on the back such as the 6 a There now I'll go and hook this up to The Milwaukee M18 * 2 vac see if it Sucks up the dust eh I think for this We'll only need the VAC on setting one And we won't want that on Blow will we Cuz we don't want to blow it away we Want to suck it up I have put on the G Here if that's what we want to call it a Guard it's Um a little bit scary putting it on a Little bit flimsy a little bit like just Worried it's going to break as you put It on don't know how long that thing Would last anyway let's go cut something [Music] Else so it sucked up most of it but

There was quite a few biggish chunks That sort of jumped ahead from the blade As it was cutting that jumped ahead of The VAC so it couldn't quite get it but There was certainly a lot less of the Fine dust like that stuff So it works but didn't catch everything No dust extraction ever Does but that's pretty good yeah there's No fine dust it's all just big chunky Stuff Yeah the vacuum was actually doing quite A lot okay so it's been a few weeks and What have I learned about this thing Well it's a good little jigsaw I like it It's nice and small and Compact and Light and just feels good in the hand And it's just easy and maneuverable not So maneuverable when you've got the big Stinking dust extractor on the end Especially if You' got the big hose like I was using then then you know it's Pretty long and when you turn you're Sticking out a long way so far you Couldn't even see my hand then Could you Um so yeah with the dust extraction She's pretty big the dust extraction Though does work well so if you want to Use it that's good does the job fine um What else do I need to tell you this Here uh the way that the blades go in And out I'll show you how it comes out That's how she comes out she fires Herself out but to put it in this has

Been the hardest thing for me to get Used to cuz I'm used to just shoving Them straight in but you can't do that With this cuz it's facing that way so You have to flick the lever right over Which is hard to do when you're trying To hold it on camera here and then slide It in make sure you push it all the way In if you let it go without letting go Of the black thing that's what happens Got that little spring in there which Will fire it out so shove it in hold the Blade tight let go of the black lever And you're in and then flick the black Lever and out she pops so you just got To remember to flick that lever over Each time it's not a biggie but you know It it Was annoying to get used to when you're Used to just shoving them straight in And not touching the Lever but that's about it really like Apart from that this thing when it's in Focus is a very nice little Tool and another great add to the M12 Lineup which leads me to a bit of a Question here M12 versus M18 what do you Reckon like what is your favorite which Platform do you prefer M12 or M18 um I tend to go M12 CU I just find The tools are a bit more interesting in A lot of ways these days they seem to Put out things on M12 that they don't do On M18 I mean they do a lot of M18 tools

Of course that they don't do M12 but There's some that you think like this For instance why is there no M8 18 Nibbler but there's an M12 Nibbler I Mean you don't really need an M18 Nibbler powerwise because this thing is A brilliant little tool um it's got Variable speed and this turns in Different angles which is cool you can Just that 90° and stuff like that very I've stuck It back to where it's meant to be and a Little sack on the end great little tool Nice light compact little Nibbler the um rivet tool of course Course the first oh they've got an M18 Now but the M12 was first and the planer Which is better than the M18 planer So what do you prefer M12 or M18 just as You know just as a little side question There anyway this thing cheers Milwaukee For hooking me up this is another yeah It'll be a favorite little tool I I have No issues with it thus far oh I don't Like this Thing I know I'm going to stuff that Anyway I'm surprised it was even on It now that it's off it probably will Never go back on anyway let me know any Other Milwaukee Tools you want to see Down there and tell me M12 or M18 thanks To my patreons as usual if you want to Be one of them have a look down in the Description otherwise I will see you on

Another video probably about this time Next week and there'll also be some up On my other channel which is up in the Top corner here builds and stuff Trying to put out one of them every week As well they they'll go up within 24 Hours of this one going up on tools and Stuff so thanks for watching see you Next time out of Here

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