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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you how to make a peperoni pizza on a Gozney Roccbox. Get familiar with your new pizza oven with help from our chef.

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Hey guys in today's video we are going To show you how to use the brand new Gosney rock box and make an amazing Pepperoni pizza so let's talk Ingredients first then we'll show you How to start the Ghazi up then Pizza Time all right part of the ingredients You need when you're making pizza are Tools now the Rock Box comes with a Small pizza peel that's going to be Super helpful I have a couple optional Items that while you don't need to uh Make successful pizzas will actually Make it a lot easier for you now I have A digital infrared thermometer this is Going to be great for tracking that Cooking deck temperature to make sure we Are spot on I always like to double Check the onboard thermometer with my Infrared to make sure we are good to go Now when you become uh even more bougie And fancy making pizza the Turning peel Is always kind of nice because you can Actually do a little dance with that Peel and get your pizza to turn now you Need to cut your pizza right so you can Use your standard Pizza roller you can Use a chef's knife or you can use the Pizza rockers so definitely don't have To have but makes it a lot easier now Our ingredients for pizza making today Are pretty simple because you don't need A lot of ingredients to make an amazing Pizza now we're starting off with a

Mozzarella blend and we went with low Moisture high fat mozzarella because low Moisture means we're not going to have Pools of milk in our pizza which is Fantastic we're using pepperoni and then Your favorite red sauce so literally Pick some great cheese pick your Favorite red sauce and a little bit of Pepperoni now you need exceptional dough To make an exceptional pizza so you have A couple different options there are Some great Neapolitan style dough mixes That are available you can make it Yourself or you can buy convenience Dough from your local grocery store or Even pizza restaurant we made this Ourselves and today's dough balls are Nine ounce weight or 255 grams so that's Our ingredients now we're going to show You how to make pizza and I have a Little trick I'm going to show you on The best way to make sure your pizza Dough doesn't stick to your pizza peel My Chef's tip of the day is you always Need to dust your pizza peel with Something to help it release today we're Going to use a blend of polenta and Pizza flour then we'll go ahead and mix This up we are doing a 50 50 blend 50 Polenta because it's nice and thick Grind fifty percent pizza flour that Polenta is going to act like ball Bearings that pizza though is just going To slide right on there that's it time

To make pizza now one of the most Important things when it comes to dough Is allowing your dough to come to room Temperature so we pulled our dough out Of the fridge this has been sitting out At room temperature now for about two Hours you definitely want nice soft Pizza dough when it comes time to make Pizzas because then it will be nice and Pliable so I'm going to grab my dough Lightly lightly dust it in a little bit Of pizza flour I'll tell you what look At that that pizza dough just hangs and Sags that's exactly what we want now I'm Going to go ahead go ahead and lightly Dust my pizza peel and then Grab this guy and start stretching my Pizza dough nice and easy around the Edges I'm going to stretch this dough Out once I get it where I want it I will shape it a little bit make sure We're perfect listen don't worry about It yes I know you want your pizza round But if it comes out oblong but it tastes Delicious it's not a bad thing all right Come in close we're going to show you How we make pizza now we literally go From stretch onto the peel and we are Making pizza as fast as we can because Guess what see that how that pizza dough Moves we want that to happen from the Start of the process into the oven all Right I'm going to go ahead and add that Pizza sauce now I don't want to go too

Heavy right I don't want that sauce to Soak through my dough I always tell People Neapolitan style pizza means less Is more then we're going to go ahead and Add that mozzarella cheese again less is More we want to give it room to spread That's what that pizza cheese does when It melts so we'll add our pizza cheese On there like so we'll make sure we keep Our pizza peeled good maybe a little Pinch of cheese over there and now time To add the pepperoni one two three never Can have enough for four five six seven Like that now here's what you want to do Give it a test wiggle we look like we're Pretty good right that's what we want That moves along nicely I'll meet you Out at the oven Okay time to launch and I want to go Right in the middle of the deck we'll Get that set just like that and we're Not going anywhere this is literally Pizza in about 90 seconds so we're going To keep an eye on this when it starts to Bubble and do some leoparding we'll show You what that looks like now it's time To rotate it here we are right after 20 Seconds we're going to carefully catch That and look I want to show you this See how we're already starting to get a Little bit of color time to rotate it Back in the oven every 20 seconds or so We're going to rotate this until we have Perfect color all the way around the

Edges and that pepperoni starts to Cup And catch a little bit of that delicious Pepperoni fat all right rotate time Again we catch it look at that Leoparding that is pure magic back in The oven all right another 20 seconds Let's check that oh look at that dough So nice back in the oven we go all right Let's take a gander look at that right There that's how I like it a little bit Of leoparding a little bit of pizza Char Final 15 seconds or so we should be Perfect here okay time to catch it for The final time look at that ah Mama mia I'll see you in the kitchen there we go Sliding in for the wind time to uh cut That and I will tell you what who's Disappointed in Pizza not me that's for Sure look at that amazing juicy Wonderful delicious lunch time Pizza Yeah Pizza in 90 seconds at 950 degrees On the Rock Box doesn't get any better Than that now if you're looking for Other amazing videos stay tuned because Coming up I'm going to show you all There is to know about getting started With your brand new rock Box cheers

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