40v Makita Microwave Review. Yes… It’s a Battery Powered Microwave.

It’s Real! The Makita 40v Microwave can heat your lunch up at work, the beach, the bush, camping, or anywhere you ain’t got no AC power supply. You may think it’s a gimmick, but admit it… you want one.
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Foreign [Music] Well it's been a long time coming and so Many of you didn't believe me when I Showed the patent pictures about a year Ago on this channel and I talked about It so many times and so many of you kept Thinking it was like a April Fool's joke Or something but it is here the Makita X GT 40 volt microwave This Have I been this excited about a tool Before possibly but yeah it's just Something special About a cordless microwave that runs on Tool batteries But is it any good before we go into is It any good or not I'll give you a quick rundown on some of The specs it weighs 8.9 kgs with no Batteries on it two eight amp hour Batteries we'll take that weight up to Around 12 and a half kgs even though it Has Provisions for two batteries you Only need one to make it run this is not An 80 volt tool it is a 40 volt Max tool Only one battery required it's around 340 wide 340 high and around 300 deep Without a battery on it and on the Inside Foreign And on the inside she comes in at about 120 High 255 wide and 240 deep Like all good microwaves it of course

Has a USB port putting out 5 volts at 2.4 amp hours it has a removable Grille On the front for cleaning purposes so You can remove this filter give it a Quick blow bang it back in Keep it clean you don't want sawdust Getting sucked into your pie It has a rated input of 800 watts a Microwave frequency of 2450 megahertz And it is made in China the control Panel looks thusly power button on the Left when you turn it on 500 watts pops Up tap that 350 Watts those are your two Settings then we have a timer battery Display stop button start button timer Turn this 10 second increments All the way up to 20 minutes press play She starts press stop she stops Comprende right now it's time for dinner I've got my leftovers from lunch here Fits in Easy plenty of room that's good You'll notice there is no spinning tray In here it's just a standard flat bottom I've got a 2 amp power battery on the Back that's it one 40 volt 2 Amp Hour Battery that's technically the lowest You can put on this thing So how long does one two amp hour Battery last well three minutes on full Power that's it three minutes gonna Drain that battery pretty quick Now how long is it actually going to Take to heat this though at only 500 Watts

Remember the microwave you've got in Your house is likely 1 000 Watts or more So 500 watts I'm going to dial this up To shall we go right to three minutes Shall we do that three minutes and 10 Seconds how's that we'll see what Happens let's go So while that is counting down I will Get my beverage ready I'm gonna go a beer on it already and After I have had my dinner I will tell You a few more things about this and We'll put it through its Paces with a Few more runtime tests And just see how it goes now can we see Inside it with the light if you get down Low enough you can see it anyway cheers Let's speed this up a bit Three two one She has finished let's see if it's as Hot as it would be if I'd microwave that Upstairs it's just come out of the Fridge but three minutes upstairs in the Microwave that we normally use Panasonic It would be well and truly warmed Through now there's still two bars Showing out of the four on the display There and on the battery so it lasted She stinged up a little bit inside it Lasted a lot long and it has melted the Lead good and proper awesome Look she's steaming That is so cool not actually it's really Hot

So I'll um go and have my dinner and Then I will be back To discuss things further right time for Something a little bit healthier how About a California Wellness bowl with Red lentils and ginger hmm All right there we go Now I would normally zap that for a Minute and a half in a real microwave Stir it give it another minute and a Half then good to go let's see if that Will work I've got a 4 amp hour battery On here freshly off the charger Turn it on she's in 500 watts well rare Up one and a half minutes go Gonna be a good healthy lunch A minute and a half Is a really long time when you're just Standing waiting for it give her a stir Slightly warm Go again Another minute and a half Right let's see if it is hot enough Bowl is pretty warm A bit of a stir Okay this came straight out of the Fridge give it a bit of a taste there Nuts she's got to go back and Give it another let's go 40 seconds One bar has gone down on the indicator There The bowl is considerably warmer Is it the warm enough Beginning to think actually that I

Normally stick it in for two minutes and Then a minute and a half but anyway so We're up to two minutes ten so far I Think we'll give it another 40 seconds Not heating up as quick as the um the Bento Bowl type feed I had the other Night so that's now brought us up to two Minutes fifty Considerably warmer Bowl now getting Close to not being able to handle it With micros of course you're meant to Stir your food let it sit there for About a minute for all the heat to Evenly disperse from all the different Food particles to the other bits and There goes a bit of stuff on my bench Anyway let's try this now Yeah well yeah that's a lot better I'm thinking probably three minutes for That it was three minutes what I did the Other day one at three minutes ten This was 250. I'm gonna give it another 20 seconds so around the three minute Mark to heat things up so far if they're Cold out of a fridge Just before that stopped I saw the um The second bar disappear off the battery Down to 50 which is strange because the 2 Amp Hour got down to 50 as well with The same length of time basically three Minutes And 10 seconds so there we go there's my Nice healthy meal And we'll now just stick the bacon in

There To complete the healthiness All good Cheers [Music] Can I grab a Double Quarter Pounder Medium combo with Coke for the drink Thanks Right off to the beach So I'm worried my lunch is going to be Cold by the time I get there so I'm Eating the chips now of course We'll see how good the burger is when we Get there Got a feeling I'm not going to find a Nice sunny spot today for my lunch let's See if we can make it down there before It rains lunch at the beach may not have Been such a good idea after all damn it Well it certainly is duck weather today I don't know if that rain is going to Ease off enough that I'm going to be Able to have a a nice lunch at the beach So we might have to do this in the Vehicle but there's no problem for the Microwave right at this point it is now Over 45 minutes since I ordered this Burger which is gonna be Stone definitely Cold A sorry Double Quarter Pounder indeed Let's um Yeah that ain't any Any warmth there at all let's um get

Those out of the way before we zap this Thing Don't want them in there Let me know your pickle preference down In the comment section right so we're Going to bung that in our microwave Sitting on the back seat of the car here And she goes whack it in the middle make Sure it's pretty much in the middle You'll get it heated better that way now I've got the two amp hour battery on it That I use to heat up my um dinner or Whatever it was the other night and it's Still showing two bars so I'm going to See if I can heat my lunch up with it Today So we're on Showing the two bars here can you see That So we've got the two bars I think with this microwave Oh let's go a minute Why not Well let's um doing that we can um Look at the foggy wet Dreary beach view And you can hear how loud the microwave Is Oh Bummer So we got down to 44 seconds and she's Conked out even though it says two bars On the battery there let's get the Battery off the back

Yeah still showing two bars on the Battery back there too well that's Interesting hasn't drained it all the Way down well I did of course bring a Backup battery you've always got to have Multiple batteries on you when you go Anywhere So oh It just automatically started up once I Put that on She started counting down again She is heating up my lunch Here and back to the view [Music] Although the rain is just about stopped Now But I know as soon as I take this Microwave outside and set up the camera It will pour down again because it's Looking pretty pretty miserable over That way right oh she's done Oh yeah that feels good Yeah she's She's um brought back to life Is she gonna be steaming Well not that you can probably see on Camera but she's definitely warm enough I'm gonna um scuff that down and then I'll um See you back on the filming bench it's Actually too hot for me to hold Probably 40 seconds would have been Plenty the rain's getting heavier again Glad I didn't try and do it out there

I may have been a tad optimistic today Thinking I was gonna get A nice day at the beach Go for it Foreign On the left-hand side so how did you Enjoy those scenic picnic shots on the Beach uh yeah I may not have picked the Best day to go to the beach for lunch She's um she's a little damp out there But I did see joggers on the way back so I wasn't the dumbest person out there I Have to say I am liking this thing let Me show you a few more detailed inside Flat plate no rotating plate which is Good because you don't want that Floating around the back of your van Crashing about the place easier to clean Like this easy to wipe out it's got like A silicon type seal around here to stop Moisture getting underneath and into the Unit it has a light inside it's not all That powerful but it's there there's no Door release you just old school just Pull it and push it simple as nothing to Go wrong there that's good it does not I'm afraid to say run on AC in any way You cannot plug this into the wall I Know that's going to annoy a few of you But hey it's a battery microwave and Because it is a 36 volt tool and not an 80 volt tool you know this is a 40 volt Max so it runs on One battery which is

36 volts nominal Because it's 36 volt you could run it on Two lxt batteries if Makita so desired To make a lxt one in the future it would Have to be a bit different in that you Only need one battery on it for the 40 Volt system whereas with 18 you would Have to have both of those slots running All the time so you would either Just have that or you'd have to have Four So it'll be interesting to see if they Ever do that And whether they do put four batteries On because it would really need to do That because two of these is the Equivalent Of one of these and this will only give You 11 minutes which is enough run time To heat up your lunch no problem you Know you don't need 11 minutes to single Heat most things up in less than five Minutes so 11 minutes you can do a couple of Lunches for the boys and yeah then Chuck On some other batteries now this thing Has heated things up quicker than I Thought it was going to been only 500 Watts your microwave at home is probably A thousand or 1200 watts somewhere Around there so I was thinking if this Is 500 and the one that now kitchen's 1200 and we're looking at less than half The grunt so more than twice the length

Of time to heat something up but it Hasn't been that bad it's been longer of Course but only about 30 percent longer So that's not too bad this is a battery Tool after all but there is one thing I Haven't done in it yet I haven't done The Kiwi staple I haven't chucked in a Frozen pie so we'll use that 5 amp hour Battery I have just charged it so Chuck That on it doesn't matter which slot you Put it in They'll work the same either way now Because I wouldn't normally eat a frozen Pie obviously I mean I'm a YouTube Celebrity so you know it's normally Corporate lunches with tool companies Social media junkets things like that I'm not usually eating a frozen pie from A microwave I mean come on Um so let's just have a look here we've Got 1100 Watts 75 seconds 750 watts 120 Seconds so there's two minutes for 750 Watts What do you reckon we do do we go three Minutes it's definitely two minutes Ain't gonna Heat this all the way Through Not from my experience of using it so Far what do we do here do we open the End of the bag well we'll just Chuck it In three minutes see how we're going Power on three minutes go gotta push That quite hard to start it I've noticed Now three minutes

Is that gonna be enough well we'll find Out in a moment it is of course a mince And cheese pie So all going to plan that cheese will Come out at a temperature that will melt Your face see there the light it's quite Good actually depending on what lighting Environment you're already in you're Outside you can't see it that well but In the workshop here not too bad I can See whether my pie is going to boil over Is it a great idea charging your phone Like if I plug my phone in there there's A good chance of plonk the thing down on The top of this the microwave is running And your phone's sitting on top of it Is that the greatest idea well we wait Still got a minute to go this thing goes Up to 20 minutes of run time on the dial When it gets to about eight minutes it Says of constant run time it'll drop From 500 down to 350 Watts I can't Imagine if you're heating up your lunch At work that you would need more than Eight minutes that would be pretty nuked By then oh boy a couple of minutes man When you're waiting two or three minutes Standing waiting for something it's a Really long time eh I just feel like I'm Wasting my life what else could baby Doing right now Hmm okay we're below 20 seconds now five Four three two one Now you can turn that beep off if you

Don't like the beep I don't know why you'd bother Right so the machine is hot enough at The moment ah so the fans kicked off I Was wondering how long it was going to Run for Right that pie when I pulled it out felt Pretty damn toasty it certainly all Squid yeah she's pretty warm let's See if it is warm enough on the inside So not very crispy like it says on the Packet but that's microwaves for you Let's jump into the middle Is that hot am I going to burn my tongue On that it looks like it's bubbling Probably it's just check the center oh That's cheesy it's a lot of cheese Oh you could probably do with another 20 Seconds to be fair I'll give it another 30 seconds oh Better shut the door eh you've got the Door open an error symbol of course Comes up f09 looks like If an Open Door Jeez it looks like just cheese pie I Forgot to put the meat in it Oh Yeah she's warm now so three and a half Minutes from Frozen for a pie what do You reckon it's not too shabby not going To take up too much of your smoker so Three and a half minutes we've still got Four bars on that five amp hour battery Back there I wonder how much longer it

Will last okay nuke experiment time I have set the clock To eight minutes Got that same five amp hour battery on Eight and three and a half is eleven and A half so in theory It should cut out before it gets into The eight minutes Should cut out around seven and a half Minutes let's see what happens there's Pi Is going to be Mighty toasty Kids don't try this at home she's Steamed up good and proper now One minute into our eight minutes one Bar has gone down on the battery Indicator two bars Four minutes fifty left on the clock Down to one bar with two minutes 15 to Go now going by makita's numbers we've Got about 30 seconds of battery life Left coming up to 11 minutes In five four three two all the battery Indicators started flashing oh look at That Uh one second short 31 seconds still on The clock Uh shortchanged one second Only 10 minutes and 59 seconds I suppose that's all right Now let's just have a look how hot our Pie is now Oh that's a lot of moisture pouring out Of the front of that microwave crikey

That is well and truly nuked Oh the cheese is um Not looking too healthy anymore All right I think I'll just leave that To um Air out for a bit And a bit of dry it out as well and I've Only had a way of finding out how hot That 5 amp power battery has gotten While it was being tested Hmm got the Makita battery checker set up here Powered from the microwave and I've just Learned you have to have the microwave Turned on For the USB to work so that's kind of Annoying right let's see how hot this Battery is on the inside it's pretty hot On the outside Let's take away look see this battery Has had 41 charges and it is currently 55 degrees Celsius or 132 degrees Fahrenheit on the inside so you can see It's got 30.9 volts left in the tank and That's where it's cut out it'll go up About another 10 volts when you charge That up to about 41 41 and a half volt Max they could have called it that 41 And a half volt Max It's a little bit odd sounding I suppose So anyway that battery won't charge when I put it on the charger now it'll run The fan through it for a little bit First Cool it down no doubt so as you can see

This is still running if I turn the Microwave off now There it goes I'll give you a rundown on The times that the batteries run for now According to Makita two two amp hour Batteries you're looking at six minutes I actually got just over seven two and a Half's two and a half amp power you're Looking at eight minutes I actually got More like nine two fours you're looking At about 15 minutes 22 minutes for two Five amp hours or 21 minutes and 58 Seconds or two eight amp hours which Only just fit in height wise into the Microwave itself you are looking at 35 Minutes you do have another option of Course you could run it on the PDC 1200 Backpack 36 volt 33.5 amp hour battery I Don't have one of those here to show you At the moment but that will keep this Unit running for an hour and 25 minutes If you need to heat food up for the Whole work zone so that is the Makita Mw001g xgt microwave Whoever thought would be saying that Now if you think this is a gimmick let Me tell you it works well I'm happy I'm More than happy with what it can do it Heats things up quicker than I thought So I'm pleased with that unless you're Wanting to cook a three-course meal Which we would want to do that in the Microwave anyway It is perfect it's perfect for a job

Site for just heating up pies and Sandwiches and what have you and Speaking of that if you pre-order one in Australia or you go and buy one you can Get them already here in New Zealand for The month of May you will get a toasted Sandwich maker thingy that your bun your Sandwich in you stick that in there and Somehow it makes a toasted sandwich I don't know how magic so for all of you Have been whinging that you wanted a Makita toasted sandwich maker well for The meanwhile that's as close as you can Get so it's it's via Redemption here in New Zealand so mine hasn't arrived I can't show you it unfortunately now if You think this is overpriced and it's a Gimmick yeah it is a little bit like That but just think about what this Represents Going to the moon was a gimmick the First cars and things like that they Were gimmicks it was people doing stupid Things and coming up with weird looking Devices but they lead to something else And this shows just what the tool Batteries can do I mean they can you Know there's tool batteries running Right on lawn mowers now The sky is the limit there is no limit Anymore with battery tool technology we Can make just about anything if we put Our minds to it so where will tool Companies go from here what have Makita

Got in the pipeline for the next year Are we going to have a full-size oven Uh we're going to have you know the Complete Makita kitchen line who knows But this to me represents a dream and The future and just shows how far Battery Technology has come And that yeah there's nothing that's out Of bounds now a tool company could make Anything now I like it a lot more than I Thought I would thanks for watching and I will hopefully see you next week on Another video as long as you remember to Subscribe cheers guys see you later

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