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Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, heads to Milwaukee headquarters to learn about the hole saw. Hear the features and benefits of this tool, right from the product expert.

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Milwaukee Hole Saw

Hi Lou man fernini Aces Home expert I'm Here at the Milwaukee headquarters with Caroline from Milwaukee hi there hi uh I Think we're going to talk about hole Saws and uh we're gonna make this super Interesting because just like anything When you're drilling or cutting whatever It is it's all about the accessories and In Milwaukee you have solutions for just About every material absolutely so we Really pride ourselves on being a full Solutions provider in the whole side Category and that really starts with the The bread and butter of our business Which is our bi-metal hold those are Whole size so we actually produce these In the USA down in Greenwood Mississippi We've been down there for 20 plus years And have invested heavily in our Operations and continued innovation in The category and really what a bi-metal Hole size is going to be your Workhorse Of your tool bag right it can do all of The general purpose applications from You know PVC things that are softer to Cut through to Wood even wood with nails All the way to you know mild steel as Well so it's really going to be the best General purpose hole cutting solution we Also have it in a number of different Configurations for our consumer so you Can buy the hole saw itself you could Buy it with an arbor which is great for Anyone who may just have to make one or

Two holes oh right they've got the full Solution and then we also offer a wide Variety of kits so different sizes for Different applications and different Trades and we really span the whole Gamut of applications and things you're Going to use these by metal holes now The average person looking at the Bi-metal blades and then you compare it To your step up which is your carbide You probably wouldn't know just by Looking at it absolutely there is a huge Difference in what these tools with the Carbide teeth can do absolutely yeah so Well Great general purpose solution if you're A pro who's going to be you know doing Holes all day long or getting into more Of those tougher applications really That's when you're going to want to step Up to carbide so it's going to give you The ability to cut longer in some of Those easier applications like mild Steel or nail embedded wood but as you Get into cast iron or stainless steel More abrasive applications that's really Where you're going to see the benefit of Carbide so expanding that material base As well as being able to cut faster We've got an aggressive tooth form on There for that reason to be able to Handle those tougher applications and Then as you can see across all of our Wholesale range we've got our all access

Slots which helps with the frustration Of plug removal so I'm sure you're very Familiar with that right it's something That's digging in there trying to get Out of there you're trying to get that Plug out and we have holes all the way Around the hole saw which allows Leverage points you know wherever your Plug is stuck into that you can get into And get that plug out and continue Moving on with your job so we've got Bi-metal we've got carbide now we've got Materials perhaps that are really hard You know tile Granite porcelain you have Solutions there as well right yeah so Very excited to talk about our Diamond Max Diamond hole saws so the diamond Grid on these is really intended for Exactly what you said those those tile Cutting applications so anything from Ceramic glass all types of tile even up Into porcelain which is extremely Difficult to cut even into more of those Thicker materials like granite Countertops marble really anything that You're having to drill into those harder Stones this is going to be your absolute Best solution there and as you can see Also has the all excess slats on there And that diamond grit technology which Really allows you to get the job as as Quick done as quickly as possible hole Saws you're you know especially if You're someone that's working a lot

Where you got to drill multiple size Holes you've got some kits available and Way to keep it organized yeah absolutely Number of kits Sprint diameter so Plumber they're going to be using Specific sizes of holes the electrician The remodeler so we've got you know Small piece count kids from nine pieces All the way up to our 28 piece kit which Has 22 different diameters in it so a Wide variety of solutions for any Consumer whether they're a plumber Electrician a remodeler even a diy-er And finally what about the warranty yes Absolutely so our bi-metal hole dozers We probably offer a limited lifetime Toothbrake warranty we are the only one On the market to do so so if you have an Application that you break a teeth on Your hole saw we're going to take it Back no questions asked and that really Just shows how much we stand behind our Product with durability really being the Number one end user need that's super Important and we back that up with a Limited lifetime toothbraker and that's What you want right you want to buy Tools that you know are going to perform For you and have a company standing Behind it absolutely Caroline thank you So much thank you if you'd like more Information just go to Ace Hardware Com Or better yet stop by your local Ace

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