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Handsaws – Tips on Using Them Properly

An 8 or 10-point crosscut saw is a good all-around saw. The number of points indicates how many teeth per inch are on the blade of the saw.

Renting Machinery and Other Tools and Equipment – Things You Should Watch Out for Before Rental

Most people do not have bulldozers, bobcats, or even jackhammers at their disposal, so the only solution to obtaining some of this equipment for a large project is to rent it. The scary part about this is that the operator, or renter does not even have to have a license to operate these machines on private property.

Screwdrivers – Buying and Using Quality Equipment

You should have at least two screwdrivers in the toolbox: a standard and a Phillips. You may have other junk screwdrivers that you use for chisels or putty knives when no one is looking, but be sure to have two good ones.

Levels – What They Are and How to Use Them

An 18- or 24-inch level is a good size for around the house. There are two types: those with the vials puttied in and those with the vials screwed in. The former is more expensive and usually of better quality–that is, it stays level longer. If a vial breaks, you can find replacement screw-in vials in the hardware store, whereas the puttied level must be sent back to the factory.

Push Drills and Electric Drills – How to Use Them

A push drill is an excellent tool for starting screws and drilling small holes. It looks a little like a screwdriver and is held the same way.

A Little Explanation on Air Compressors

An air compressor is a piece of equipment that increases the amount of air in a particular space by compressing it. Packing in more air, air pressure is increased which then creates a force that is very useful for different purposes.

Circular Saws – How to Use This Power Tool

A circular saw is a hand-held power saw. The saw table rides on the wood and can pivot around the blade for bevel cuts. It has a spring-loaded guard that rises as you saw and snap back to cover the blade when the cut has been made. The depth of the cut is determined by how far the blade extends below the table. The depth-adjustment screw is at the base of the handle. In drop-foot models the depth-adjusted knob is in front of the bevel-adjustment scale.

Hammering Techniques – Basics of Buying and Using Hammers

The best hammer to have is a 16-ounce curved-claw hammer. For pulling out nails, a curved-claw hammer offers more leverage than a straight claw, and requires less strength. Hammers come in three sizes: 13-ounce, 16-ounce and 20-ounce. The 13-ounce is a finish hammer and can be too light for some jobs; the 16-ounce is an all-purpose hammer; and the 20-ounce is for driving 16d nails all day when you are framing a house.

Metal Cutting Bandsaw

If you are going to get a new saw then it is essential to believe the right one for the material that you will be running with. There are dedicated saws for both metal and wood which assemble the task much quicker and safer.

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Fix Your Lawnmower Yourself

How do you fix your own lawnmower? Here’s some hints to help you on your way.

Step Ladders – Basic Safety Tips

Step ladders, also known as a-frame ladders, are usually short and designed for low-lying to medium areas in the household where a step stool will not do the job. They can help out in basic tasks, but they can also pose a danger if not properly used.

Drum Sanders – A Useful Power Tool

Are you a handyman? Get a drum sander.

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