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Dust Extractors – Cleaning Up Your Workshop

Not that many people realize that working in a woodworking shop can be quite dangerous. The truth is that the dust generated inside a work shop can be hazardous to a persons health; moreover, it can also be a cause for fire. The dust that is created from using various tools inside a wood working shop can cause serious respiratory problems which can lead to long term or even permanent damage to your lungs.

Ten Top Tips For the Safe Use of Power Tools

Power tools contribute to many serious injuries every year, both in the workplace and at home in the hands of enthusiastic DIY’ers. Most of these accidents are easily avoidable. Read these ten top tips to make sure you are not the next casualty statistic.

Adhesive Packaging Supplies

Adhesive packaging supplies are required for safely packing fragile as well as non-fragile goods. These come into regular use in all household, commercial and industrial settings.

The Best Block Planes For Furnituremaking and Every Woodworker

Block planes are called block planes because they were originally tools used by butchers. A butcher’s block was a slab made up in various timbers but made up with the end grain showing on the surface of the block.

The Marking and Measuring Tools Every Woodworker Needs

I have spoken elsewhere about overcomplicated marking and cutting gauges and marking knives that don’t work as well as others. I now want to look at a very important area of squares and other measuring tools.

What Are Plasma Travel Cases Lined With?

It goes without saying that plasma travel cases have to be sensitively designed, as they need to be able to protect plasma TVs from damage. This sensitivity extends to the materials used to line the interior of such cases – foam made from polyethylene, polyester, or special anti-static materials are three possible choices.

Turning Rolls Are the Best Welding Supplies

Have you ever wondered what single welding tool can make all the difference in your professional welding career? It’s a turning roll, believe me.

Choosing Your Pneumatic Pin Nailer

Pneumatic pin nailers combine strength and precision unlike any other tool. Define your search for the best pneumatic pin nailer for you and your needs with these reviews on some of the industry’s most impressive and most affordable pin nailers.

The Best in Aluminum Truck Boxes

If you own a pickup truck and like to keep your tools in their for projects you might do on the road or at friends homes or maybe even you are a professional then a truck tool box could be just what you need. Weatherguard is a name that is known world over for having high quality and durable products as well as some great tool boxes for your pickup. Their newest model is a Low-Profile Aluminum Truck Tool Box and it comes in two different models, the 121 and 131.

Care of Wood Lathe Tools

Well maintained wood lathe tools are very important in wood turning. This article provides tips on how to care for your tools and keep them sharp and in good condition.

A Gas Air Compressor Gets the Job Done

A lot of shops and garages all over the world have gas air compressors. They are very popular and powerful tool that allows its users to use different kinds of tools to get things done cleanly and more efficiently. You can do different complex tasks like sanding, painting, power washing and simpler ones like inflating bike tires, all with the help of one gas compressor. In the middle of this important category of tools, you will find Ingersoll Rand 24 CFM @ 175 PSI, 12.5 HP Air Compressor.

Top 2 Pneumatic Brad Nailers

A quality pneumatic brad nailer both enhances and simplifies the work of craftsmen, carpenters, and anyone looking for a good-old air nailer. Ideal for crafting, cabinetry, furniture, trim, and etc, one of these high-performance pneumatic brad nailers from Senco and Porter-Cable is certain to take your craft to a higher level.

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