EGO Power+ Wet/Dry Vacuum Product Overview – Ace Hardware

Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, heads to EGO’s headquarters to learn abou their new battery powered wet/dry vac. Hear the features and benefits from product expert, Barnaby.

Hi Luman forini Asus home expert here at The ego headquarters with Barnaby a Brand new 9g wet dry V from ego uh I I Love the look of it but it isn't just About the look which I know is something That ego uh kind of focuses on but it's The power and uh the capability yeah we Do endless research before we release a Tool and listen to the consumer and one Of the bugaboos with people is like I Just want everything to be tight when I'm not using it so yeah check out the Hose management right here everything Just stays tight and right and then it Gets right down into the storage of the Attachments everything is where it needs To be so you can find it from up top Here with the brushes to the wet back It's got the squeegee back here and the Hose extensions but check this out Lou The business end of the tool right we Have a remote control that comes with This we simply put it on and now when You're doing your work in places that You don't want to have to extricate Yourself from and come back and shut Them sheine off if you get a phone call If your kid goes hey Daddy I got a Question for you you can actually turn It on or off raise and lower the speed But also there's a button for an LED Light right here which then gets Translated through what I call the Lightsaber channel right here on your

Crevice tool so now when you're into Dark spots you can actually see what You're picking up is so cool yeah and You know sometimes when you're using a Vacuum it's just so much power I mean This has got 110 CFM and so maybe you Want to lessen the power you can Actually wield this back and forth and It's going to just introduce a little Bit of air so it doesn't get stuck on Things so it's nine gallons um it both Has the ability to suck up water and and Dry material too but you also have a Very high performance filter so that You're not creating a bunch of dust and It's capturing everything that that can Be cleaned and replaced correct yeah It's a cool feature because you would Take this take the attachment off dead End the hose right here turn the machine On and press this button and it's going To reverse the flow and kick it all off The filter it's got a rectangular Pleated filter and also a bag inside and The lift on this is insane with 110 CFM You're going to have 100 in of lift so This is as powerful or more powerful Than any other battery powered uh vac Out on the market it's just a dream when 9g wet dry vac that is available at thanks so much Yeah [Music]

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