Does The PowerStack 5Ah Unleash The Beast In The DEWALT 8″ Pruning Saw?

Telescopic Pruners – Uses and Benefits

If you have not used telescopic pruners before, you should know the benefits and uses of owning this valuable tool. This article covers these benefits and describes the various uses of this versatile tool design.

An Overview of Welding Machines – Gas and Arc Processes

This article sets out to outline the different types of welders used in the metal fabrication industry and their respective applications. Welders can be broken down into two categories: those that use a flame for their heat source and those that use an electric arc.

Good Tool Storage Has Benefits

Have you ever been awakened by those famous words, “Oh, no it’s broken” on a Saturday morning? I know my husband has. So, he did what all loving husbands would do, he drug himself out of bed to see what the problem was. After a quick cup of joe, he headed out to the work shop in the garage to fix the problem, only to be confronted by another one. Since he did not have a good tool storage system, his workbench was piled so full of tools, that he spent a couple hours just finding room to work on the current issue! And every time he told himself this would be the last time he would do this!

What Exactly is a Metal Band Saw?

A metal band saw is a machine that is used for cutting metal primarily. There are two types of saws. One is a horizontal band saw. This is a device that is hand held. It has a saw blade that is secured between to wheel(pulleys). One of the wheels is fixed in place and it provides the power to the saw. This wheel is called the driven wheel. The driven wheel will provide power either from a motor that is electrically powered or from a combustion engine. The second wheel is the idler wheel. This wheel is used to tighten or loosen the blade in the saw.

The Essential Guide For Choosing Stepladders

Ever felt confused when trying to buy stepladders for bits and pieces around your house? A friendly but confusing salesperson has bombarded you with a lot of technical jargon which is like Mongolian to you? Some people don’t choose the best step ladder for their needs due to a lack of understanding of the choice and the standards which they should consider. Then read this essential guide.

Which Leaf Blower Should You Buy?

It’s not as easy as one might think to choose a leaf blower. “How hard can it be, I just want the leaves off my lawn” you might say. Well, first of all there are different kinds of leaf blowers meant for different kinds of work.

Tarpaulin Selection to Save You Money

There are a large range of Tarpaulin Materials that can be transformed into a countless number of uses. Fabrics in these categories are used in the manufacture of Industrial covers, insulated covers, waste bags, exercise equipment covers, screens, insect protection, light-reflecting covers and safety equipment covers.

Getting the Best Out of Your Vertical Band Saw

As you probably already know the only way to keep machinery working reliably, in tip top condition and ready for use when you are ready, is to look after it properly and perform some regular maintenance. This is true whether it is an automobile, space shuttle, mower or your vertical band saw. Looking after your band saw does not have to be difficult or take a long time, just a few simple checks and actions will keep a vertical band saw at the top its game and ready to give you a lifetime of trusty service.

New Tools For the Workshop Shed

Now that that great looking wooden storage shed is built in the backyard and you and a couple of buddies have built this really cool work bench you have decided that the shed will be better served as your workshop shed. So some new tools are in order to go along with the new workbench but you are not sure whether to buy electric corded tools or battery powered tools. Let’s consider the dilemma.

Victorinox Swiss Army Soldier Knife Standard Issue

Probably the ultimate Swiss army knife. Read on to find out exactly why – and the reason why you SHOULDN’T buy anything else…

The Garden Tool Organizer – Advantages Everyone Will Appreciate

This article covers the great advantages of the garden tool organizer. The garden tool organizer makes gardening easier and more enjoyable and keeps your work space clean and organized.

What is a Rotary Laser?

When working in construction, building or when doing your DIY at home, it is often important to know that things are exactly level. This can be easily and cheaply done using a spirit level but what happens when you want to measure the correct level over long distances, around corners or up slopes? That is when you need to call in the services of a Rotary Laser Level.

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