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In this Heartware Story we head to Justin, Texas. See how an Ace honors their team members in the military oversees and veterans back at home.

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With your child being overseas in the Military right now is there like a Message you'd want to send in No and so father it's a great day to Give honor to these men and women who Have served you and Lord you brought Them here to Ace to continue their Service in serving People we were opening up the store and Looking for good faithful workers and We're fortunate enough to get about Three veterans out of that along with Extraordinary high school students and These older gentlemen were able to Mentor and just share their life Experiences with them it intrigued them Enough to where they felt like they Wanted to go and serve their country as Well Spencer started working at as at 15 He was the first 15-year-old we ever Hired he was a really good student his Grades were good so I had assumed College was in his future and he changed His mind he didn't want to go he ended Up enlisting in the Marine Corps and Then right after he graduated high School he shipped off to boot camp my Son Samuel Smithers uh worked here he Started in 2019 and then he joined the Marine Corps in the spring of 2020 after Coming here he just felt really grounded And I feel that Ace uh was just a huge Part of that since 2019 this store has Sent nine Young people from the store

Right into the military Mah gar is in The Air Force now but he was a cashier Kaden Fuller is in the Army Taylor who's Actually a manager here and enlisted in The Navy and Carson Brazzle is in the Air Force the one common theme that You'll find among the veterans that we Have here is that I really don't think There's anything they would not do for You they've got stories but they've got Insight and knowledge too and they can Just pull from that and that helps our Customers when they come in with Questions and I think they share that With the kids and I think the kids want That and it helps them grow I think That's what inspires them to join we all Carry ourselves in much the same way Clean squared away when you walk in the Door you've got your tape on your belt You've got your pen in your pocket You've got a pad of paper and you're Ready to go to work and you're ready to Help anybody else my name is John frie I Served 10 years in the United States Navy I started here when we were still Setting the shelves on the bare floor so I've been here since the beginning James Stevens con USMC Richard span I was an E6 and I was aboard a Destroyer Escort And I left the Navy as an ST1 there was A lot of things I learned in the Military a lot of uh self-discipline it Taught you to be responsible and uh

Those kinds of things Carry On from Military to your civilian life as well Teamwork you're not going anywhere Without those people on the right left Of you and behind you you have to trust Every one of those guys cuz your life is In their hands that's been the way we Try and do things here and the kids Watching us work together I think that Helps them in the military you don't Have a time off you finish the mission And they see that and they say hey how Can I be like that we told them all the Fun stories about being overseas but we Also told them you know there's a price To pay cuz one stupid move could get you Kill that's not a vacation that's work Every bit of it I like to think that by Example we've shown them something they Can do and that's that's how we Influence it when the first student said He was going to enlist in the Army and Then the next one a little while later And then the next one and next one and I Think part of a family is how can we Honor them how can we thank them and I Called all the veterans that used to Work here and then I called wives and Children and families and I invited them All here today we printed the banners With their branch and a service photo And then we also put up a wall of Honor For our active duty kids uh we want to Thank you as a company and also just as

Citizens of this community for all that You've done for us working here at Ace And so in in just a moment we're going To have a very special [Music] Reveal I had no idea I had no idea I was Very surprised when you see his Tears Start to fall he was very moved very Moved he'll never forget It no and how my wife and family showed Up I have no idea but they were here and That felt good what really got me was The heroes wall out here that of the People who are currently serving what I Did was just a job but the people who Sacrificed the people who were injured Who who paid the price who Really did the Work they're the ones to be commended my Son is deployed right now so um it's a Little emotional makes me feel closer to Him um and it makes me appreciate all That Ace did for him I want to tell my Former coworkers are currently in the Military enjoy your military life it's One of those fleeting moments in time You'll always look back to come back and See us you bring your stories back to us Old guys we haven't been out traveling And raising hell for a long time so come Back and tell us where you've been and What you've been doing I think it's Really really important to honor our Military it's really a different life if

You haven't served if you haven't had a Child that served it's really really Hard to understand it and they give up a Lot to serve our country and putting Some pictures on the wall is about the Least we can Do [Music]

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