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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you how to make easy and delicious St. Louis ribs on a Big Green Egg.

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Hey everybody Chef Jason Ras Hardware Grilling expert today man I've got one Of my favorite things to make on the Big Green Egg that's right it is St Louis Style spare rib day on the Big Green Egg Now first things first we're going to go Ahead and go out and get the egg fired Up then we'll come back in here talk About ingredients and get our prep done So let's head out to the egg let's get Cooking all right so we went ahead and Stirred the Ash off the charcoal Refreshed it and now we are using our Egg nighter to go ahead and get the fire Started we are going to bring this up to 20 100° at that point we'll add the Convector in let all of that ceramic Heat up and then get ready for today's Cooking temperature so we'll come back Here when we're right at 200° and get Things started we just reached 200° so We'll go ahead and add our Conor in We've got it in the convector basket Which is part of the expander now we Also have uh two drip trays in there we Have everything clean and ready to go Important to note once we add the Convector in this extra ceramic we're Now going to close this adjust the Dampeners the top and bottom and uh Drive this up to that 250° cooking Temperature today but we want to give it Time to heat up because we just added a Lot of extra parts in here so we'll go

Ahead and close it hit the top vent Bottom vent we'll adjust it to today's Cooking temp 250° while the Big Green Egg is heating Up let's talk a little bit about our Ingredients today we're going to start With two racks of St Louis style spare Ribs we do have a little bit of prep Work to do don't worry about that we'll Show you that here in a second today's Binder which is going to help the rub Stick my favorite bacon up bacon grease Giving pork a little more pork Flavor Now speaking of making the rub stick hey You know we have a lot of different rubs And Seasonings available at your local Ace today we're going to use some of our Ace exclusive wo there little sweet Little smoky lot delicious then we are Going to glaze these ribs today with That amazing barbecue sauce right there That's right boom shakalaka that's going To be that Apple habanero and it is Going to make these two together Absolutely amazing so let's dive in get Our prep work done first thing we need To do on these ribs is go ahead and get That membrane I always like to use a Teaspoon now I'm going to give you my Chef advice uh maybe life advice pick One of your cheap teaspoons don't pick a Good teaspoon you got from one of those Fancy kitchen supply places or you'll Get yelled at so uh I'm going to take my

Cheap teaspoon I'm going to go right Here onto the bone with the handle part And we'll wiggle that down there like That we will pry up just a tiny bit kind Of make a hand hole if you will then Watch this hopefully and you know maybe This will work uh we'll just peel that Membrane right off like that now we have A little bit left so we'll do the same Thing here we'll take that spoon we'll Go right on that piece of uh rib right There and we will get our hand under There and get that peeled off as well so We'll go ahead and get all these peeled Then we will get the ribs trimmed we'll Show you that here in just a second so We we've got the membrane all peeled and I like to go through and just if there's Any stuck to the back that I think's Going to kind of hang off I will get That trimmed as well uh and then I just Want to go through and make sure that I Don't have any non rib pieces you can See this is pretty uh floppy here right There's not really um much more than About an inch of bone there so what I Will do is I kind of square off the end And then I will save this because this Goes great in the slow cooker when you Want to make some shredded pork so uh And I do ribs enough to have you know a Good collection of that so we'll go Through and just get this trimmed here And then take a look at it make sure

We've got it all ready to go but we want To kind of square it off make it look Nice just like that next thing I do is Go through with a paper towel and just Get some of that excess moisture off There like so I kind of want to dry that Out just a tiny bit and then we will get In here with the bacon up bacon grease And I'm almost out of this so I'm going To just use my hands and we'll go Through and put a light coating on the Top side like that and then we'll get in Here and hit that with our rub so that The rub sticks now we're going to season Both sides of the rib why because guess What when you eat your mouth goes on Both sides of the rib so we will get This all seasoned up flip it over show You what we do on the back side all Right front is done let's go ahead and Flip that over to the back side and Guess what same thing again again we're Going to hit it with some of that bacon Up to act as that binder and we're going To season the backside like we always Say season as light or as heavy as you Prefer all right we're sitting right at 250° let's go ahead and add both racks Of ribs now we're going to close the uh Big Green Egg leave it alone won't even Come back here and check on these for About 2 hours here we are right at that 2hour Mark let's take a check uh on the Ribs now one of the things that's

Important to remember we're not spraying These because one of the benefits of the Big Green Egg is the amount of moisture It retains so we're not going to spray Them or wrap them because today we're Really looking for ribs that have a Little bit of texture now uh I can still See we have a ways to go because I don't Get to see any of what we call the teeth So I don't see any of the ribs starting To show yet so we're going to let them Go for another hour and a half we'll Check in at the 3 and 1/2 hour mark Where we're going to show you how to Take the temperature of these ribs to See how close to being done they are Time to check on the ribs here we are Sitting right at the 3 and 1/2 hour mark So we're going to start tracking Temperature and we're sitting at about 178° and I know from my experience that When I get ribs with bark and bite and Some texture right a little bit of chew I know that those are done about 198° so We're sitting at the 3 and 1/2 hour Mark We're going to let him go for another Half hour check them in uh again at the 4H hour mark see if we're close to ready And time to Sauce them here we are right At that 4H hour mark I'm going to track Temp we're at 189° so we are really good at the 4H Hour mark so guess what we're going to Do time for a little boom shakalaka so

I'm going to hit a first little bit on Each rack like that and then we will go Ahead and get the basting brush on there And get these glazed up nicely so I'm Thinking we probably only have about 15 More minutes on these ribs so we should Be pretty close to that 4 and a half Hour mark but I'm going to hit this uh First coat of sauce well look at that Right there 4 hours and 15 minutes in we Are done temperature finished right at About 198° very wonderful can see a little bit Of those bones time to get them off head Into the kitchen for the reveal well That right there is a h pile of Happiness they came juicy delicious and I'll tell you what boom not mad at that Sauce at all now about 4 hours and 15 Minutes cook time which is great Happened a little bit faster than I Anticipated but I'll tell you what it's A testament to the Big Green Egg because One of the great things about it is it Really retains that much more moisture We didn't spray them we didn't wrap them They cooked a little bit faster they're Juicy and Delicious not bad at all now Speaking of Juicy and Delicious if You're looking for another amazing Big Green Egg video stay tuned because Coming up I'm going to show you how to Braid some short ribs after I uh get After that guy right there cheers

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