Hudson’s Healing Space – Ace Heartware Stories

In this Heartware Story we see how Tifton Ace in Georgia helps a local boy recover after a brain mass was removed.

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Hudson is a one-of-a-kind kid he um Always has a smile on his face even Through everything that he's been Through in the last Year last summer Hudson started Complaining of some brief headaches and Um we took him in to the doctor ended up Getting an MRI done and they found a Mass on his brain it's probably the Worst thing that I've ever heard as a Parent he had to undergo a craniotomy to Remove a portion of that tumor my Husband actually asked the surgeon what Happens if we don't remove this tumor And the surgeon looked at him and said Well your son would Die so after surgery he was just a Miracle uh they could not believe how Quickly he was talking um how quickly he Wanted to walk Sam does a contract Business so we become one of our good Customers sometimes he'll just come in Hang out cuz he's been having a bad day So he'll just come hang out for a few Minutes and talk when you find out about A kid struggling with with something Like that you're really inclined to help Out and your heart goes out to him you Know we decided to get a care package Together for him you know we put Together a tackle box and a fishing rod For him and then uh we decided that Because he's not going to be able to get Out and actually use the fishing stuff

For a little while we wanted to do Something that uh he could use inside And that is when I got my miniature Disc Off thing I can play in the house it Gave him something to do besides just Stare at a screen and then as soon as he Was able one of the first things they Did was get him to the park so he could Start playing the real thing it's pretty Much the only sport I can play because I Can't get hit in the head unless someone Throws it and hits me in the head but That's an unlikely chance it actually Turned into something I think that uh That his parents didn't foresee was Something they would fall in love with As well and something for them to do as A family so Ace reached out to my Husband and said hey there's going to be A disc golf tournament here in tiffon And we'd like to sponsor Hudson so the Sponsorship basically is just a free Ride in inside of the tournament to make Sure that you know he got in and can Play I am not the best at Aim I'm the best at distance most likely That one little Seed that we planted has turned into What we have now and that that's what We're here to Do Hudson got really big into Garden Year before last when we got back from The surgery all my plants were dead we Set out $1,000 package to get Hudson

What he wanted and what we found out was That he wanted a garden in a matter of a Couple of days they had all the Equipment they needed raised beds soil Plants wheel Bears storage buildings Irrigation pretty much everything he Needed to get it going seeing his face Light up and hearing him when he gets Home from school wanting to go check on His garden it's just it just really Brings back joy to our lives this was The helpful place that they chose to Come to to come and relax for a moment Maybe take all those things that they Were worried about take it it just all Goes away for the 5 10 minutes they're Here and I'm honored by that and and I'm Glad to know that that's how we do St Thank you so much Ace [Music] Tipon

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