TTI Framing Nailer Showdown. Which one Drives Nails the Deepest?

3 Framing Nailers, all from TTI (TechTronic Industries). Are they the same? Which one is best for you? Why not take a look and find out.

Milwaukee Framing Nailer

AEG / Ridgid Framing Nailer

Ryobi Framing Nailer
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The Milwaukee Framing Nailer in this video was gifted to me by @MilwaukeeToolsNZ
The Ryobi Framing Nailer in this video was gifted to me by @ryobinewzealand

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G'day everyone and welcome to what I Hope is gonna be a cracker of a video I Am a big fan of battery nail guns and Battery framing nailers in particular And so this is oh it's a fun one On the bench today we have three Different nailers that I'm gonna put up Against each other just compare the Features and compare their punching Power now I didn't buy any of these Nailers outright the Milwaukee was given To me by Milwaukee some time ago to do a Different review that will be up in the Top corner I had a look at all the Different Milwaukee nailers and in that Video this one was the only one that was Supplied to me the Ryobi was given to me By Ryobi for purposes of reviewing also And the video before this was a closer Look at that particular nailer and the AEG was a Redemption promo I bought an AEG kit of four tools and that was a Freebie that came with it and I bought The kit just so I could get that as a Free because I wanted to try the nailer Out so they all cost me nothing except My soul and so I guess we're on an even Playing field you could basically call This a TTI framer Showdown what is TTI Well TTI is ticktronic industries that Is the comp company that owns all three Of these Brands so you're gonna see some Similarities between these if you didn't Already know that they're all the same

Company each brand is basically just a Different sort of price bracket at the Back we have the Milwaukee which is like The pro grade of TTI tools so this is What you know most Builders will be Using out of these three and Milwaukee Have a great range of tools and this is A very popular nailer at the front we Have the more DIY style tool the Ryobi And more easily accessible brand to a Lot of people and a lot more people Around the house are going to have Ryobi Tools so this is like your budget DIY Version and then in the middle you have The AEG which is as I've just said Basically in the middle high-end DIY Tool or lower end Pro Tool take your Pick prices on these things are Different all around the world but Basically in this country there's about A 100 jump from this to this and then About another 100 from this to this so Let's take a look at at the similarities First and then we'll take a look at the Differences all three of them will take 90 millimeter framing nails between 30 And 34 degrees all three of them fire The nails with an ear piston type system All three of them have a belt hook all Three of them on the other side of the Tools have a rafter hook with this one Being plastic this one being metal and This one being metal all three of them Come with a Nomar tip can you guess

Which one's which all three of them will Fire Nails between 50 and 90 millimeters Or two inches to three and a half inches And all three of them are very good nail It I like all three of these tools but There are some differences which I will Now point out taking a look at the Differences now we can put these nailers Into sort of two categories we have Ryobi and AEG on the left and Milwaukee Here by itself on the right so why have I done that well this tool is as you can See it looks different to the other two The other two very similar design this One it's got a few differences it's got A few obvious ones like nicer hooks it's A bit Slimmer than the other two it's Not quite as tall and chunky as the Other two has a different magazine Design there's just a few differences it Has a very different nose tip design Compared to the other two this one Milwaukee as you can see very thin Very different design compared to these Two which are both round Ryobi and AEG Pretty identical in the front Now the only really difference is that The AEG is orange now I say AEG but in The States this would be called a rigid Or the same company all the same exact Tool and the other difference here is That we've got a couple of bolts exposed Here which Ryobi have chosen to cover up

With the plastic here but apart from That it is the same magazine and same Nose firing tip design The only difference here with the Magazines once again the color this is a Black aluminum and this is a silver this Has a g written on it and this they have Um omitted the word AG you can see where They have changed the mold there is a Slight difference in design to the Bottom of the magazine here but once Again the plastic on the back is Identical just in a different color now The Ryobi is the newest of the three Guns and it has something the other two Don't have and it is a shock absorber For The Battery area which is quite Interesting I haven't seen a shock Absorber quite this obvious quite this This much movement So that's something the other two don't Have so that's good AEG has a light at The base here Makes it easy to see when the Tool is Ready to go or has an issue whereas the Ryobi they have put it In here a little bit harder to see but Those lights have the same purpose green Ready to go red low battery you'll need Maintenance flashing red it's a jam I Haven't had much problem with the AEG in Regard to the red light coming on but The Ryobi in the short term I've had it Much more in the way of red lights

Coming on I don't know why there hasn't Been any jams there hasn't been any low Battery issue it just doesn't like Certain angles we've been firing for too Long and stuff it just wants a a 10 Second break sort of thing now the Feature that I like about these two that I think is much better than the Milwaukee is that when you pick it up Your finger automatically touches a Trigger under here On the AG it's sort of About that finger Whereas on the Ryobi it is this finger So middle finger on the Ryobi and the Next finger down whatever that one's Called on ring finger depends on what Hand you're using and stuff I suppose Um on the AEG or rigid now what does That little button do that little button As soon as you pick it up and grab the Tool like you're going to use it it's Now active because that little trigger Has turned on the tool and bang you can Fire once you've pushed the tip down Obviously both of those do that and it Is a great feature you don't have to Remember to turn the tool on with a Separate button like you have to on the Haikoki or the Milwaukee you just pick It up and go and that's great if you are A DIY and you're not using the nailer All day you're sort of putting it down You're going off cutting a bit of wood

Coming back getting it in position then Picking up your nail up bang it's damn Annoying when you do it with one of the Other ones and you do all that and then You pick up the nail it and you go oh oh damn it it won't fire And you're holding a piece of wood at an Awkward angle and you've got to put Everything down so that you can push the Button on the dam nail it to get it Going again so I love that feature and I Wish all nailers did it like that let's Now take a closer look at the Milwaukee So this is the more premium of the three And you can sort of feel it when you Pick it up it does just feel slightly Better built than the other two magazine Is a bit different as you can see it's a Bit Slimmer in places but easier to get Into different angles with this tool Different tighter spaces than the other Two and when we look at the firing tip Here the nose design very different like I said than the other two and a much Nicer dial for getting your dip setting The magazines load the same on all three Tools slide your nails in from the back Pull this lever forward Let It Go and it Automatically pushes them into place now When it comes to taking Nails back out It is much easier on the Milwaukee Because there is nothing at the back to Stop the nails from coming out now Normally I would just pick this up and

Tip it up and they would slide out the Back but because we're on a bench makes It look a bit awkward they just slide Out so there's nothing to stop them Whereas the Ryobi and the AEG You have to push in this little metal Tang here Because it is stopping the nails from Being able to slide back out now the Other notable difference is of course The power button area like I was just Talking about so with this tool you have To push the button for a few seconds it Turns on stays on for quite a long time A lot longer than the hikoki or matabo HPT so that's good but not as easy as Just picking it up and having that Trigger down there like the other two Have now this one you can see has a Single nail there and a group of nails Here and a mode button so you push the Mode button and it will switch between Single fire so that means sequential Mode push the tip down pull the trigger Take it off push the tip down pull the Trick here you have the rapid fire or Bump mode which means if you have your Finger on the trigger as soon as your Tip touches your Timber it will fire Every time just bang bang bang bang no Having to take your finger off the Trigger now the other two tools do have That also but not these particular Models because this is New Zealand and

They don't like bringing in those ones Here even though Milwaukee have brought This one into New Zealand but there are Some sites where you might have a Certain person who comes to inspect that Doesn't like bump fire because they Don't actually understand the rules and They think it's against the rules when It's actually not so to play it safe Most companies don't bother bringing in Bump fire ones and as far as I'm aware Milwaukee the only ones that have got The guts to actually do it Ryobi AEG Haikoki don't do it they're only single Fire in New Zealand don't worry in the Rest of the world you can get a bump Fire we're not going to test the bump Fire in this video This is all just Going to be how deep these fire what Angles they fire at and you know well How much do they weigh yeah we haven't Done that yet weight is very important When it comes to framing nailers because You could be holding this thing all day If you're a professional and so you want The thing to be light unfortunately none Of these tools are light not yet they're Working on it no doubt but at this point In time with the technology we currently Have they're heavy things can I get this To stay on here 4.4 kgs for the Milwaukee about 20 grams Lighter for the AEG and the Ryobi also 4.4 kgs in between the other two so

There's only 10 grams between each one AG the lightest 10 grams to the Ryobi And then another 10 grams to the mill Walking surprised they're all that close Because this Ryobi one I've just been Using and it feels pretty heavy and if We compare that to the high koki or Metabo HPT we're looking at just over 4 Kgs 4066 grams so about 350 grams lighter Without a battery than the other three Quite surprised at that right I'm going To Chuck a 6 amp hour battery on each One of these now because that's the only Amp power that I have with all three of These tools and we'll go fire into some Homemade LVL I'm going to fire a full Clip of 90 millimeter framing nails with Each nailer flat out see if they stop See if they jam up see how deep they go And see how consistent they are firing Full clip speed test into LVL let's go Foreign Overload light Back to green And we are done full clip so it did About 30 odd Nails I think before it did That red overload this is the AEG All right So all of those nails are consistently Deep a couple of little pauses there in The firing that's because I was just Going a little bit too quick for the gun To handle but nothing to worry about

Overall very good performance and Last but not least the Milwaukee Halfway through that I could see that These weren't going in as deep as the AG Ones and I realized I hadn't wound this All the way up so we'll do that one more Time Okay Milwaukee take two And it's even worse always remember to Wind it the right way Let's try it again Considerably deeper considerably Considerably all right we're going to Try some angle shots here Foreign [Applause] Test Ryobi Recoil test a g Recoil test Milwaukee Now I know a lot of you are dodgy Buggers and you love firing framing Nails straight through brackets and Joyst hangers and what have you so I'll Chuck some 50 mil Nails in these things And we'll see how well they fire Straight through a bracket Ryobi 50 mil nail Through bracket No bother at all AG 50 mil nail through Bracket Don't bother at all Milwaukee 50 mil Nail through bracket Well all three of those smash that okay Final torture test we have some color

Steel 0.55 millimeter flashing here and On top of that we're gonna put three Pieces of H3 treated 18 millimeter structural ply So we've got to go through three sheets Of ply in through the steel and then Into the ply again are they going to Have the guts to do that first up the Ryobi with 90 millimeter framing nails Let's go Not a problem a g Finally the Milwaukee Well all three of them had no problem With that when it came to showing you How deep these nails punched I was going To show it to you from the top once I Picked up the piece of wood here I Thought it actually looks better from The bottom so I measured my piece of LVL Here and it's 90 mil And I might have said it was 100 earlier So this is the Ryobi Nails here and They are not Protruding from the bottom just slightly Starting to come through we jump across To the AEG you can see they're splitting Through the base a little bit better and Then when we get to the Milwaukee had a Little what do we got going on here they Are well and truly through the bottom Very very clear to see let's have a look At the top so the Ryobi consistent good Depth penetration all good AEG we're Going in a bit deeper here than the

Ryobi surprisingly even though they're Pretty much basically the same tool you Would think but maybe we need to put a Few more PSI into the Ryobi and then Next to that we have the Milwaukee on About half depth setting And then these ones here are the Milwaukee with the dip sitting at its Highest and then once we've got it at Its deepest you can't even see the nails There so far in there it has really Pushed those deep as we just saw from The other side much better penetration From the Milwaukee than the other two so Basically in the order you would expect Milwaukee AEG Ryobi if we take a look at These ones next to each other we can see It just a little bit better the Ryobi And the AEG pretty similar although it Looks like the rubies did slightly Better job there Which way around did I fire these But the Milwaukee as you can see Well and truly in there so this was the Test for The Recoil and definitely less Noticeable recoil even though it's Punching in deeper the Milwaukee not as Bad on your tennis elbow as the other Two and at the moment my elbow is not in A happy place unfortunately my tennis Elbow is the worst it's been in the last 10 years for some reason I chose this Period of time to test nail guns when my Elbow was killing me before I even

Started so it was actually quite a good Time to test it probably for overall Knowing of you know how good it is Because the Milwaukee definitely less Recoil and less Kickback into my poor elbow so on a 45 as you can see The Ryobi not bad but still sticking That a little bit if you're putting Something over the top of that you might Have to hammer these in first the AEG Doing a little bit better that one there Is just about in that one as well that One there almost as bad as one of the Ryobi's but the AEG does a little bit Better and and then the Milwaukee once Again they are buried good and proper so When you're doing Framing and you're Wanting to do a lot of angle shooting Which you will be doing if you are a Builder then the Milwaukee is the way to Go DIY purposes you probably get away With the Ryobi right well there you go They are all great nailers but we'll Just talk about a couple more things and Wrap this thing up when I spoke earlier About the trigger under here I think I Better just clarify That turns the tool on you don't have to Hold your finger on it the whole time so It's on it now stays on for about 20 Minutes so if you're in a weird angle or Something and you're holding the tool up The other way and sometimes you don't Have your hand on the actual handle like

I do anyway you can still pull the Trigger and it will fire a nail you just Need to trigger that sort of once every Whatever it was 20 minutes something Like that that's the same on the Ryobi And the AEG the Ryobi and the AEG both Stand on their heads like that quite Easily Which is a a way I like to put nail guns Down because it means when you're Standing above them you just grab them And they're ready to go you're sort of In your hand waiting to go The Milwaukee sits like that on an angle That kind of makes it look like it's About to fall over all the time Just it's on quite a slant More of a slant than actually looks on That screen anyway And it looks like it would do it on its Head as well it's got a couple of Bumpers there but it is not going to Balance on its head I'm afraid Foreign Piece of cake now when all is said and Done most of you are probably going to Buy the nailer that you've already got The batteries for right but if you're Starting out if you are going to be a Builder if you're an apprentice that Sort of thing go for this one this has Got the most power you can get in on the Best angles it's a good nailer they make A great range of nailers now Milwaukee

Too and there's more on the way there's Even another generation of the framing Nailer not too far away so I'm told so It's a good battery platform to get into If you like nailers although all three Of them do have a pretty good nailer Selection now a lot better than say a Teal company currently has and all three Of these framing nailers much better Than the yellow ones he says as he Braces for the attacks in the comment Section if you're interested in getting Any of these I'll put links down below If you're in Australia and New Zealand These of course available at Bunnings if You're in New Zealand and you want one Of these and you want a bonfire one I Suggest tradie Republic down in the disc Description they stock them not Everybody does if you're elsewhere in The world I'll put some rigid links some Ryobi links to Home Depot and Amazon Whatever in the UK and Milwaukee Wherever I can find them they'll all be Down in the description so thanks for Watching and we'll just finish with a Tip timeout test what I mean by that is When you actuate the end of the tip You've got to certainly at the time to Pull the trigger before the tool tines Out and then it won't fire the nail and You'll have to lift it off and go again So are they the same on all three of These tools or is one better than the

Others let's take a look TTT time now Tip timeout test Ryobi is up first let's Go one two three four five six seven One two three four five six seven eight Nine ten Nothing A e g One two three four five six seven One two three four five six seven eight Nine ten Nothing Milwaukee one two three four Five six seven eight nine ten One two three four five six seven eight Nine ten eleven twelve Thirty As you can see the Milwaukee can last Twice as long at the tip test timing and Believe it or not that is super handy if You're working by yourself trying to get Into tight spaces and gaps and stuff and You're holding wood by yourself you want That to last as long as possible because If it turns out it can be very Frustrating thanks for watching guys see You later And don't forget to hit the Subscribe Button and tap the like button Too oh yeah Not still recording am I And cut

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