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In this Heartware Story, we head to Nevada to meet Scott from Raine’s Ace Hardware in Eureka. In small towns, everyday residents become first responders. Helpful never stops for Scott, find out why his role in the community is vital.

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[Music] Eure ranv at one point in time was the Largest city in the state but now it's Um about 1,400 people in the greater Surrounding area we're so far away from Everywhere else the next closest Hardware store is more than 70 Mi away If we don't support our neighbor out Here we may lose our neighbor I mean We're dependent upon each other because You're such a remote Community most People have many different roles for Example here we on the volunteer fire Department anything from here is 2 hours Away so to get resources here takes time It's not H it doesn't happen 15 20 Minutes it takes hours for stuff to get Here it could be mean the difference of The house completely burning down or Saving the structures or even life at That matter volunteer fire department Has a large group of individuals that Will drop everything they're doing at Their work and come and take care of the Problem no matter what it is whether It's a fire whether it's a chemical Spill whether it's an accident scene They'll take care of it and they're Trained to do it we have to cover for Him he's always just runs over to the Customer service section grabs his radio Runs out you know always just going as Fast as he can to go help people well You think about is what you're going to

Be doing what kind of an are you Responding to a motor vehicle accident Is it a fire is a structure fire is a Brush fire everybody on the fin fire Department accepts the risks when things Go bad it's when you got to be the best A building happened to be just right Across the street from the volunteer Fire department kept caught fire in the Middle of the night put self chained Breathing apparatus got one more guy With me we went in with fire Extinguisher we put out a structure fire Within 5 minutes of showing up the whole Structure would have burned down if we Had uh wait at any length of time it was Fully involved when we rolled in the Door they also dispense fuel there Building would have gotten fire involved Several thousand gallons of fuel right Outside their door that they sell the Hotel next door which was occupied that Very well would have lit on fire fuel Would rolled all over the place Thousands gallons of fuel going up right Next to the ambulance Bay would have Been a true disaster I look up to Scott A lot we're side by side usually so I Appreciate Scott's role in this fire Department he pushes everybody to do Better you know I want to join the fire Department help him uh do that uh you Know go into the buildings with him go Know pull hose with him you know do

Everything with him I really love my Father and I just want to be just like That do everything just like Him I mean it's an awesome place you Know everything in here is designed to Help people out know the equipment in Here you wander in you look at the truck Like yeah and with that I help somebody Helping people out at the store they Come into the store they're looking for Something and need some help we help Them Out the same thing here when somebody Calls they need help we go out we help Them out sometimes save their property Sometimes save their life people are Really really happy that you showed up Somebody's got to do It

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