Mirka Creates Perfect Sanders, Every Time. Mirka Deros and Mirka Leros Review.

I finally Review the Mirka Deros Random Orbital Sanader, and the Mirka Leros Drywall Sander.
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00:00 Introduction
03:13 Deros in Action
10:20 Deros 150 in Action
11:05 Leros in Action

Good day tool fans we've got something a Bit different today something new for The channel a brand I have not reviewed Before on this channel and here it is And what is in the bright yellow box Woohoo look at that that's a nice Looking and nice feeling piece of kit And for those of you who want a sort of Preview of what the Makita ones might Look like well they're going to be Similar to this because even though this Hasn't got a cord on it it's not a Cordless tool it has a cord that goes in The back here and you've got your vac Going on the bottom there very similar To what the new Makita ones will be but We're not talking about Makita today we Are talking about Mera got to be careful How you pronounce that Mera could sound Like something rather dodgy but not only Am I looking at this today we're also Going to take a look at this this is the Drywall sander or sheetrock sander jib Sander plaster board sander whatever you Wish to call it and it doesn't really Fit on the screen here let's just spin It around so you can see the other end Nice Sleek looking unit and we will be Putting this to the test but Unfortunately I don't have any jib that Needs to be done at the moment I will Have shortly but I've only got these for A limited length of time because I Didn't buy them I'm just borrowing them

From someone and so it's a beautiful day The sun is shining I feel good no one's Going to stop me now oh yeah let's go Outside and see if we can find something Else to do because it's not just a Drywall sander I mean it's just a random Orbital sander on a stick right so you Could sand anything with it you could Sand your deck with this or you could do What I'm about to do now I am going to Sand this screen here which I oiled with A pigmented Oiler and I have learned Over the years look at that I've learned Over the years that pigmented oils are a Bit of a pain in the ass because as you Can see hit it with the water blaster There try and clean it and it just Stuffs up the pigment and yeah they look Awesome to begin with but as it starts To wear off the um pigment makes it look Even worse than if it wasn't there and If you've got it on a deck if you're Walking on it it just wears off too Quickly and your deck ends up looking Like so I now only use Non-pigmented oils whenever I oil Anything outside anyway these two screen Areas here I'm going to hit those now Did I do a video I think I did a video When I built these um oh there's a big Moth look at that big moth what are you Doing moth what are you doing right what Are you doing um I am going to hit them Both with both Sanders and just have a

Play see see how good they go and Hopefully I mean this one I could do Without the um long pole sander but if I Can use it to sand the bottom without Having to bend over then sweet I got the 125 mm or 5 in pad on here at the moment I'll show you how easy it is to change To the 150 or 6 in shortly got an 80 Grit disc on here and we're going to Give this a sand now I've got it hooked Up to a vac got it hooked up to the Makita vac because personally lent me This didn't want me dirtying up there Their mer vac fair enough I can be a bit Grubby sometimes they know I might end Up sanding asbest or something so anyway I'll turn on the V and we'll give this Thing a Will sounds so nice and quiet let's ramp It right Up right must be on Top that's got some well e let's go [Music] As you can see that's coming off pretty Damn quick that's Vex there this is aqua That needs a bit more work than the Vitex to get everything back to looking Good want to get it back to that color But holy moly first thing you notice a When you use a good quality product so Comfortable to use so little vibration Does the job well and does it Comfortably we'll talk more about that In a minute and how important that

Is look at that just one simple pass it Took that back so quick oh real nice Let's try that same thing with my Favorite little cordless sander here so Same diff same exact pad uh it's a 125 Mil all identical same speed same vac Settings let's see how this does just a Slow pass like that last One that's pretty good didn't seem to Have taken as much off but not bad and I Don't know you know how fast I did that Compared to the first one having the Extra weight of the battery though bit Annoying what about the 18 volt Ma on Full Wax certainly the most uncomfortable to Use it'll be nice once the new 40 volt Ones come out is there anything like That Mera in video once again not the Most scientific test in the world but The Mera one in the middle here I can See significantly better on this Vex Than these ones were Um but of course a lot more testing to Be done so let's get into it but I want To try out the sander on a stick so with The pole sander we are of course bumping Up the diameter of our sanding pad we Are now coming in at 230 mm that is a 180 grit abranet 180 I know the last one Was 80 that I was doing but only got 180 Ones for this I'm afraid let's wind this Puppy up [Music]

At 180 grit going to take a few passes Wish I had some grantier discs Unfortunately I [Music] Don't still coming off nicely and the End user vibration So I just timed that see how much work I'd get done in 10 minutes just realized I having um the top up here didn't do The right hand side of that anyway That's 10 minutes worth each one of Those boards is 90 mm wide and just over 2 m long so it's about 18 linear met There uh in 10 minutes of trying to get Off old Grime and oil and just Withering uh yeah so I'm pretty happy With that got a little bit of tingling In my right hand but I get that very Easy these days anyway due to my bloody Tennis elbow and stuff so not too Worried about that at this stage and That's about how many have I got to Go thanks Mr motorbike about the same Again to go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 yeah so We're Halfway hopefully when I put the new oil On this that isn't pigmented we'll be Able to see some of the color variations Better because the pigmented oil muted That somewhat and of course weathering Has done that as well but the um Aqua It's board here every second board they Alternate so it's Vitex and aqua and the Aqua when it's sanded right back is

Quite pink so hopefully this will pop a Bit better once I've sanded it and oil It without the pigments in it but now I'm going to try the 150 mm disc on this And just see how that feels I will of Course go over this again with a finer Grit I can see the swirl marks on this We'll talk about that more shortly so Come inside with me and I'll show you How to change that Spanner slipper in find the Locking Point there it is and then done simple As that give her a flick of the wrist And you're away take the 125 Off so let put on our 150 shove that back in There done let's go we Will first put this on now look how many Holes are in this I mean so many Sanders Have nowhere near as many holes as that If we take a look at this This is the Bosch je that's stuck on toght good Velcro on There as you can see that's a pretty Standard pattern for dust extraction on Random Orit Sanders but this one here Look at all this not only that we've got Holes in the side of the pad to help That air flow really shoot through Nicely and get as much dust as Possible Right how on Earth am I going To line up that many holes This pattern isn't 100% sort of in line

This is in line and that one's out of Whack these ones sort of in line so it's You got to really have a good look at it Before you get it in the exact right Spot like So Now got a few different abinet pads here So we're going to go with this one it is A Mera branded one p80 so 80 grit same As what we were doing with the 125 let's go see how the vibration is With that see how she cuts the wood and See how comfortable it [Music] [Music] Is you definitely feel the extra weight Bit more vibration bit more noise and Quite disconcerting just seeing the Yellow and black constantly flicking and Changing as this spins around I wish They made that all one color so it Wasn't quite so annoying to look At now of course what I'm doing is not The ideal application for this Tool uh Because these boards are are not all Level so this one tends to hit the high Patches and not do so well compar to the Small random orbital sander for doing This particular job but like I said Don't have any um jib to do at the Moment but maybe we can have another Look at this another day with some Plaster board if I can um convince Someone to lend it to me again right

Getting there I of course can't get in Tight in these spots here because it's a Round disc and it's orbital so it keeps Bouncing off of course so I have been Sanding that area there with the little Makita there and and um yeah coming up Pretty good I'm going to go over it all Another time with sort of 180 grit and Um I need to go along with the detail Sander probably and just do the tops of Here do it with that little quarter Sheet sander probably that I've got Sitting on my foot here um just cuz out It's going to look shite won't bother Doing the undersides but we'll do the Top of each one and I was potentially Thinking about leaving this bit so that When I get the new Mak xgt ones we could Test it out on there and I could see how Different it was put them side by side In the video but it might be a couple of Months or so yet before I get my hands On one of those and by that time this Will have faded a bit weathered and It'll also look like so I'm going To have to finish it off hopefully I get It sanded before it gets too Dark so it was about 18 minutes Including a pad change to do that bit There Pretty damn good to get it to that level Um I will I'm going to run out of time To get oil on this today unfortunately Cuz it'll get too cold overnight cuz we

Starting to come into winter here in This part of the world but I'll um do a Bit more sanding on it and then oil it First thing tomorrow Hopefully well I think that looks pretty hot even if if I do say so myself Probably um give it another coat later On today in a few hours time so I can See it's soaking in a fair bit Especially in the Aqua and then yeah hopefully won't have To touch it for a few years anyway while I'm waiting for that to dry let's go Back to the bench and I'll tell you some More features about these things now When I was using this larger 150 mm pad I noticed it was a bit more vibrating You know I can feel the vibrations more Particularly on the top speed so there Are ways to get around that a I just Lowered the speed and that just dropping It down one setting seemed to make a Massive difference and I just carried on Like that cuz I couldn't be bothered Doing the other method at the time I'll Show you the other method now I'll just Turn this Off still got a light going on there That's because of Bluetooth which we'll Talk about in a moment so shove our Little spinner in there once it's locked On just give her a bit of a tweak and Off she comes Nice and easy

Like now under here we have three let's Zoom in three little holes here and Comes with small Allen key three screws And three little hex nuts and by putting Those in those holes depending it tells You all in the manual how to like where To put them depending on what you're Doing and stuff so you basically put a Screw in there or a screw in a nut Depending on what you're doing basically You don't need it if you're not using What they call an interface so like this I've just been using it and as you can See we have an interface here see I Don't need that when I'm using the style Of pad this is sort of designed for Those abet pads these Ones So as you can see you can see straight Through these so the dust goes straight Through them so you put this on to save Your main backing pad from getting too Dusty and stuffed uh not only dusty but These are basically see through and so The little hooks and everything can go Straight through these and you can just Sort of end up grinding them straight Off so you put that in between when You've got that in between more Vibration so that's why you may need to Add one of those to this but if you're Just doing it straight onto the backing Pad without this interface this Intermediary pad you just going straight

On bang you shouldn't need to do those Not on the 125 not from what I've found Anyway I found the 125 was all good but Once I got to the 150 year maybe might Need to start doing those it'll all Depend on the application the grit the Type of pads you're using all sorts of Stuff but yeah if you want to really Nail down that vibration and get rid of It so that it's not going if you're Using this all the time you're going to Want to do that just to make sure it's As comfortable as it can possibly be It's a nice little feature very simple Um and if that's all it takes to get the Vibration working perfect for you then That's pretty good now let's talk about The Bluetooth and the app actually Before I do that I'll show you one other Little feature we better put this back On it's very easy to stick on and off Bang on there wind it back on tweak done Easy as that whack on your pad line up Your holes boom now while I was using it In the video that you've just watched um I was using these to control the speed Because I think that's the best way to Do it if you're not used to the sander Because just going up and down when you Feel you need to and then you push the Down on the trigger thing here on the Top with your palm and Away you go but There is another option which is what It's currently sit on so if I turn this

On now and I push down on [Music] Here you can hear that's a bit vibrating It's because somebody stuck this pad on Very crooked look at that it's the first Thing to sort out if you um have Vibrations a lot better like that as you Noti just then I'm controlling the Speed with the trigger entirely these Now do nothing the lights won't flash See I'm not going up and down with the Speed push the plus and the minus Keys Here at the same time and you will Toggle between the the two modes so now It should just be all On you can see That on or off whereas push it Again got a little flash of red light There now it should be Gentle so I would call that mode Professional mode because you've got to Be well used to the tool before you want To start controlling it just by wiggling Your hand around Because can be a bit disconcerting at Changing speeds on you as you adjust Your hand but we can just push that Again and Then no matter where you have it once it Starts full whack or whatever setting You now put it on bya these we can go Right down to Low that won't go past that and when you Have it hooked up to the app

[Music] You can see the vibration is normal so That's good it's going to be because I've got no pad on there or anything at The moment and we're not actually doing Anything uh the RPM of the tool and the Total usage time you can see I've been Sanding with this thing for an hour and 16 minutes could have sworn it was Longer than that but that's the run time Of the tool according to this now under Settings there's just an always on or Always off feature for the Bluetooth and Under details it's got the serial number Of the tool your account if you've Signed in for this thing and logged in And everything so I won't show you that Cuz I don't want you to see my detail And the model of the tool and all that Sort of stuff and if you want to know The model of the tool let's have another Zoom in here there it is the Mera deros 650 now there is a lot of different ones Some are designed just to be 125 or just To be 150 or 77 mm as well I think and This one is designed for both the 125 And the 15 it's 350 Watts which doesn't Sound like a huge amount but plenty of Power you know I tried stalling it and It better turn off and it um didn't Stall with the small disc when I put the 150 on I could feel it slowing uh but I Didn't want to damage the tools see as It's not mine so I didn't push it too

Much but it's a nice little tool and it Would have been awesome if we'd had a Another couple of tools to compare it to But the one I want to compare it to Hasn't been released yet but I would Very happily own one of these complaint Wise well there isn't really any apart From this isn't for the price this isn't The nicest clam shell in the world um The plastic is good quality of course It's pa66 30% glass um so it's you know The over molding is nice it's just got It where you need it no fluffing around No extra stuff it's a good size um might Even be a bit small for some guys I sort Of stick my fingers in there when I pick It up and then whack my hand on there And sort of have my two fingers there as You can see it's a nice light easy tool To use but just this clam shell here is A bit sharp it's okay at that area there But there like there's a little Ridge They could have um finished that off Filed that off a bit nicer for the price Of this tool because this is not a cheap Tool this is not an entry level tool This is for your pros this is for the Guys that are sanding all day every day As part of their job and want a good bit Of Kit one of the best around and when People say things are ridiculously Overpriced or expensive they're not if You use them all the time and you like The tool and you're comfortable with the

Tool and it gives you less vibration and It gives you less service downtime and All that sort of stuff then it's 100% Worth it and the dust extraction on this Is very good I know it looks a little Bit Dusty here because I just did a Quick little bit without the dust Extraction on it um and that's dirtied Up the tool but the tool still look Brand new while I was using it um Through sanding that whole screen and Everything because the dust extraction Like I say is very very good look at all Those holes there's a lot of holes here Very very good for dust extraction now Let's have a look at its longer mate now Unfortunately I don't really have the Time or the job available at the moment To test this thing but they're both 5mm Orbital as I'm sure I already mentioned Quickly just talk about this one again So 5 mm this is B basically like a rough Sander so if you're doing finishing Stuff you wouldn't necessarily use this One you're better off getting the 2.5 mm So like I said before how these Different pad sizes is's also different Degrees of orbital action so this one Goes 5 mm I mean you saw the pad Spinning around there before and a finer Version would only go half that so you End up with not so aggressive sanding so If you want to sand stuff quick you want To rip off a lot of material then you

Better off with the five if if you want You're doing fine finishing stuff then You might want the 2 and 1/2 ideally Have both of course um the 2 and 1/2 if That's the only one you're going to get Is going to take a lot longer to remove Material than the five the five is Quicker but the 2.5 is going to leave a Nicer finish give you a bit less Vibration in your arm and hand as well Anyway back to this one so like I say I Haven't really got to use it the way it Should be used uh maybe I'll be able to Use that in a future video we'll see uh It doesn't have an extendable handle but It's a bit tricky cuz of the length the Thing let's see if we can just SLE this Over here but if we take a look down Here at the handle end there is a hole Where you can put a pole up so that You've got an extension on this thing so I did a quick little test and can Comfortably sand 2.7 M high if you're 6t Tall um at a push you can sort of get it Up to about 2.8 2.9 M so around the up To the 10t sort of Mark buang a pole in There I bunged a pole in there but kept One hand on the tool that gets you up to About 3 3 3.4 M so if you were just Holding the pole and you were balancing On the pole well it's as long as you can Hold it you could do it sort of thing But you're not going to be able to get Much pressure on it so the best with one

Hand still on the tool to control it Nicely about 3.3 M or 11 ft or so but Maybe we'll get to look at that sander Again in another video but for now I am Done hopefully coming up after this Video is going to be the xgt version of One of these Um that'll be out tomorrow if Everything's gone to plan I'm filming This a long time before the xgt one Comes out so fingers crossed everything Lines up and I get to put this out the Day before the xgt one uh that's why the Xgt one was not compared to this in this Video when you watch the xgt one Tomorrow and you go hey tools why didn't You compare it to the Mera that's why I've had to give this back to its owner Long before I got my hands on the xgt Version anyway that's the deos that's The loss I'll put some links down below If I can find any and there's patreon And all sorts of other things down there Thank you for watching yeah nice tools What else can you say they're good tools It's a good little finish finish sander HH come on see what I did there

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