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Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, gets the full run down on the Craftsman® VERSATRACK™. Hear about this amazing garage storage option.

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Hi Lou manfredini Aces Home expert and I'm here with Brandon from Craftsman Nice to see you Um I want to talk about your Organization system I know Craftsman is Known for high quality tools and Products but you also have solutions for People when it comes to getting Organized yeah that's right with our Craftsman versus track system it's a Great way to start getting organized and Organize your tools and and supplies in Your graduate Workshop the kind of the Centerpiece of the system is this four Foot plastic rail that you would mount To the wall to get you started then we Have a variety of 16 different Accessories and hooks that will store Everything from hand tools small parts Organization we've got some different Outdoor Power Storage Solutions both for Powered outdoor and for non-powered Outdoor like stick tools we've got some Great solutions for General Um stuff you just don't know where to Put it all right aerosol cans and Cleaning supplies and then just again Just a wide variety really anything that You find in your garage or Workshop We've got a storage solution for it and The Heart of it Brandon is the tracking System right I mean you said plastic but It's like a composite material so it's Strong correct this gets mounted really

Kind of any way you want I mean Horizontally of course but then Everything just clicks on to it that's Correct yeah it is a composite plastic And actually it's load rated up to 75 Pounds per lineal foot wow you can Install this as individual strips or you Can build it out as a wall it's got an Interlocking tongue and groove Technology so they will actually Nest Together nicely to be able to full of Walls wow and the the beauty part of Doing a track system like this is that If things change or you buy different Tools or whatever you just pop it off And move can move stuff around it's not A permanent thing the track is but the Accessories you can you can change Exactly right yep these are there's no Tools or Hardware necessary to install The hooks and one other really cool Thing about all of our hooks is they Include a patented hook tight locking Mechanism so once you have the hook up On the the track you turn the knob and It actually keeps that hook in in place So if you go to remove a tool you're not Going to have the hook come off with the Tool which is a really cool thing not Going to mention it but there are some Competitors out there that have stuff Like this that don't have that and it's Super annoying yes that's good all right Well that's really cool stuff thank you

So much if you'd like more information Just go to Ace or better Yet go to your local participating a Store all right well check it out our Video coming up next is more on the Versatrack system [Music]

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