Milwaukee M18 Forge Batteries Put to the Test #MilwaukeeForge

Part 2 of my Milwaukee Forge battery testing. Pt 1 –
Milwaukee Battery Diagnostic Hack

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Get a tool fans in the previous Milwaukee video I put this supercharger To the test charging batteries comparing It to the old charger the rapid charger Here seeing how long things took all the Stuff that's in this video was going to Be in that video but it just got too Damn long so I had to end up making two Videos so in this video we're going to Put the batteries up against each other On tools as opposed to the charger if You want to see all about the charger Take a look at the video up in the top Corner and down in the description but If you want to see how good it goes on a Plunge saw and some impact wrenches and Grinders then well watch this video Right now let's start with this the new High torque half in impact wrench this Thing is a beast and will it drive Screws into Timber any quicker with this Over these two are you going to be more Productive with a forge battery on the This tool let's go take a look right We're doing these big long buggers first No pre-drilled holes we're driving them Straight into all this treated pine here Which I had to meticulously go through And find bits without knots in so let's Do the forge battery in three 2 1 6 a high output in 3 2 1 12 aamp high output in 3 2 1 now if you were to ask me right now Which one I thought was quicker I would

Say it was the 6 amp high output I these Two felt the same to me pretty much but This felt like out a little bit more Pip it's not what other people say but Hey that's what I'm getting maybe my Forge batter is not quite as good for Some reason or maybe everyone else was Testing with really old high output Batteries either way I mean I haven't Watched a lot of tests to be honest too I don't watch YouTube videos on tool Reviews why would I I make tool reviews All the time I don't want to watch them As well Anyway let's all watch them together Here and see which one is actually the Quickest so those long screws are good For showing speed and how over time that Might make a difference if you're Driving a lot of them whereas this test With this big boy here will show how Much power how much grunt they've got How much torque that sort of thing see If they can do these any quicker because They're going to struggle a bit more Doing this and so one of them might take The place of another one that it didn't Do in the last test who knows let's take A look once again I'm not going to Pre-drill holes this is a 20 mm coach Screw requiring a 30 mm socket that's 3/4 of an inch in diameter Forge in 3 2 1 [Applause]

So that was a bit of a struggle with the Forge If we're honest six high output in 3 2 1 not sure if it beat the forge that Time or not let's take it back Out yeah I can't physically tell the Difference with that one like I could With the longer screws let's take a look At the battery lights still showing four Bars 12 amp high output in 3 2 1 Well that one split our whole top board Oh and our second Board that was smashing at this poor bit Of wood got to pull this back out don't I let's go Now that was probably a bit easier Because as I say the board Split how about we go again in the Center more where it's less likely to Split let's go right here 12 a high Output Take 2 3 2 [Music] 1 Right now I'll go look at some footage No what still going to take it back out [Music] Again right footage Time Just out of curiosity here I'm just Going to see what sort of we're running Let's have a look at the front here it's Pretty warm on the hand there around the 40

41° that's too Shiny Oo over 100° C yikes she's pretty warm There hovering at between 105 to 110 Cel ouch I wonder it burnt when I picked It up all right where are we at the back Here bit hotter than the front looking At 54 on the vent there that's where all The heat comes out so pretty toasty There let's have a look at these coils On the top here see if we can get a shot Of those yeah we're going over 60 there Right in the very top so she's pretty Toasty what about the batteries is there Anything obvious on them let's take a we Look see here at the forge 26 pretty good considering the ambient Temperature in here the room temperature At 22 whoa look at the color difference Between that green through the red here So 31° 5° warm up and the 12 not even Showing up we're picking up the impact Wrench over there but look at That barely registering Anything so the high up outp put 6 a Really considerably warmer than the Other two by the looks so that's good The forge definitely running cooler with The pouch Cells versus the 21700 Cylindrical cells that are in this Interesting to see it is one of the Claims of course so I've got the track Saww here set up on a track we're

Cutting through or attempting to of Course it won't go all the way through Two pieces of 2in thick timber here it's Been dressed so it's actually only it's 45 mil uh so the saw is set to its full Depth which is about 54 mil so it'll cut Straight through the top one and part of The way through the second one going to Try and push them at the same speed Fairly consistently all the way along at Top speed and yeah I have not got any Dust extraction on so you can see if There's any change in dust coming out The back if it's shooting out quicker on One battery or another let's go 6 amp High output [Music] A 12 amp high [Music] Output 6 amp hour [Applause] Forge [Applause] Did that cut a bit quicker felt a little Bit better not a huge difference Though Let's try it with just a standard 5 a Battery Having trouble trying to get it to cut It all let's just try plunging it in the Middle [Applause]

[Applause] Here Sh him one bar straight away oh jumped Up to two not a happy battery right Let's try a standard six see if it does Any [Applause] Better Wa totally overheated just from that oh Yeah we've Got now it was doing the back and Forward flashing lights now it's just Doing one light flashing so essentially Went from fully Charged to Flat this Run's recovered to three bars [Applause] It's pretty Slow Oh now it's got the double flashing back And forward light thing won't be able to See it from there I suppose so let's go Back to the bench to talk about that so Back inside few minutes later this Battery is still overloaded that's what Those lights mean it's very unhappy it's Very Hot the six six performed even worse oh It's come back a little Bit not hot but seemed to die much Quicker than the five did um although it Did have a bit more power when it was Cutting than the five I think but this One's very hot so this 5 a hour battery

Is hovering around the 50° Mark that's On the outside of the plastic remember So on the inside it's going to be Considerably warmer I don't think I'll Be charging this one anytime soon we're Going to have to let it cool down a Little bit another go here with the Forge [Applause] Yep the forge kicks ass I just want to Test if any of these batteries sound Different so I'll start with this we'll Go through and just see if there's any Sound change okay standard Battery hi up put Battery Forge Battery without going back and listening To that in an editing Suite it sounded To me like these two were roughly the Same and that this one had a bit more Oomph [Music] Not that hard to stall but then again It's only an 18vt grinder let's now Change out the forge battery for just The 6 a high [Music] Output [Music] About the same possibly slightly better Than the forge but maybe my voice go a Little bit weird there but yeah pretty Similar let's try just old school now I Showed the 5 amp power like this one

Before but I'm going to use the 6 a cuz The others two are 6 a but it is an American one don't tell Milwaukee New Zealand okay [Music] Can hear that slowing down as soon as I Start pretty Much yeah that battery nowhere near as Good as those other two now we've got a Good oldfashioned Milwaukee grinder with A handle that I don't have to hold on To forge Battery [Music] High [Applause] Output wow that felt harder to stall to [Music] Me yeah to tell you the truth I think It's harder to stall the high output Ones than the forge I'm just going to Have another go at the [Applause] [Music] Forge yeah most definitely back the high Output Definitely harder to stall with a 6 a High output I had to put a lot more Pressure on it that's interesting to Know and with the 6 a power [Music] XC look at that they just you can just Put pressure slowly on it and it'll cut Out yeah that cuts out real easy with

The old batteries so for me the jewry Out with this uh it's a good battery but If you already have these batteries then It's not a massive increase or anything In power some tools it feels better some Tools it doesn't feel as good so you Know if you're currently using old School non-high output batteries then This will be like a totally different System all togethere I mean it is Massively ahead of that so yeah if you Want to up grade from the old school Stuff then that is the way to go I would Say for the future particularly if these Do as Milwaukee say last longer than These and I'm not talking about runtime I'm talking about the overall life of The battery if you can get more charges Out of this than you can out of that Well then that's great so these Batteries are definitely better than These batteries are they better than the High output batteries well like I said Some things they are some things not so Much uh but there is other things other Than just the power that batteries put Out in runtime and stuff like that There's also how the batteries are made So this one is lighter than this one This one is slightly smaller than this One this one is made of nicer materials It's made of pa66 instead of Polycarbonate now polycarbonate is great Um but they've decided to go with a pa66

Nylon because of its abrasive properties And gives it a different look it's a More matted out finish than the glossy Poly carb one of the best differences Between the old batteries and this new One is the lights these are really hard To see outside and they don't show up on The camera much either when you're Making YouTube videos whereas that Stands out so much better and they also Have a trick up their sleeve as do some Of these other batteries depending on How old they are if you hold down the Button here you'll get some flashing Lights and if you want to know what These flashing lights mean then I did a Video on that a couple of weeks ago up Here might been a week ago up there down In the description I am a little bit Worried that when this breaks around the Edge here which it will eventually from Pushing it too many times then you can't Replace it this you could replace it cuz It's a sticker this you cannot because It is molded into the actual battery It's like the tpe over molding that you Would get on a tool or on the base of The battery that's what that is there so You can't really change that once it's Gone it's gone and you'll end up with a Hole in your battery but they're good Batteries and need more time though Really to test them to know you know it It needs well this time next year

Probably before we really know whether These batteries stand the test of time And whether they hold up with their Power up against the other batteries Because my favorite battery before this Was the 6 a high output and yeah this is Still a great battery and basically I Would probably use these just evenly you Know I wouldn't pick one over the other For being being greatly more powerful or Useful or whatever um yeah so I'll check Back in with you in about a year and I'll tell you whether I think that's Heaps better than that or whether these Are still a way to go now there'll be Some new Forge batteries soon as well um I think an 8 Amp and a 12 a which from What I hear are not going to be pouch Cells this is a pouch cell battery these Are cylindrical cells the new Forge the Higher ones are going to be cylindrical Sals like this but they'll be tabless And that's another whole video I've Talked about that before in previous Videos but this video will be getting Too long now as well so if you want to Know more about that make sure you Subscribe check out the other videos That are up in the top Corner if you're On something that has them showing and Down in the description and I will see You all on another one soon please Consider subscribing patreon's down There as well if you want to see things

Early and not have to watch ads cheers Everyone see you Later

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