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Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, gives you the features and benefits of an impact driver.

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Impact Driver

Hi l manferdini Asus home expert so You're thinking about an impact driver And why you want one well these are Really versatile tools the idea behind An impact driver is that it has uh these Fittings on there that are very specific Right so you have to use bits that are Designed to go into an impact driver and That can be screw bits all different Types of screw bits that can go on there Even drill bits but the real benefit Behind an impact driver is in the name It not only turns but it forms an impact So depending on the type of bits that You're using if you're driving into Masonry or into concrete or into steel For example the idea is that you get That little hitting action which helps You to drive those screws or Fasteners In uh with more force and precision this Particular one by devault is part of Their 20 volt Max battery system and it Has a mode selector on there which is Really nice a 1 two and a three that uh Actually changes the power at which you Use the tool and this particular one is Shorter now where that comes into an Advantage is if you're working in tight Spaces remember you're going to have a Bit on the end of that and the longer The tool and the bit combination are uh The less likely you are to reach into Tight places so if you're going to build A deck if you're going to be driv

Fasteners into masonry or concrete and Impact drivers the way to go all right Coming up next my video on the many uses Of a [Music] Jigsaw

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