Traveling In Place – Ace Heartware Stories

In this Heartware Story, we meet Harry Adler from Adler Hardware in Rhode Island. See how his morning run turned into a photo exhibit to benefit the community.

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[Music] During the Pandemic I was going for morning runs Which I found helpful with the stress Level I would get out early and what I Was seeing was beautiful and helping me I thought why keep it to myself so I Started posting things on social media While I wasn't thinking myself as a Photographer others were that's where Traveling in place was [Music] One my name is sorl divine and I am the Organizer of the traveling in place Photography exhibition that featured Harry Adler's photos really I knew him As a hardware owner I did not know he Was a photographer so I saw these photos And I think I was the first one to say Hey harry these are really good I love Them you should do a show s and I first Met she said you know if we do do this It would be nice to donate some of the Proceeds to a nonprofit and then he said Hm I don't know if you're going to put Work into this it's my photos but you're Going to do all of the leg work maybe it Should be in support of an organization That you care strongly about and that's When I said Oh how about the Edgewood Village the Organization provides services that are Hard to get someone might need a ride to A doctor's appointment if they member of

The Village common someone will give Them a ride they might need a light bulb Changed and they can't climb a ladder The Village common will send someone Over so they really their mission is to Keep people in their hopes when the show Started on the first night something Over 350 people showed up that was kind Of overwhelming in the best way when Everything was said and done he donated Close to $4,000 we haven't gotten a Grant that big so everybody was very Grateful to Harry a couple weeks ago I Was telling some new homeowners I said You know you need to build your little Truck tribe of of Handy people and I Said the person you need to talk to is Harry Edler because he knows all the People and he knows their reputations And since his his um desire to be honest And and practice Integrity in this is is Going to help you I recognize very early On that working with somebody like Harry He sets by example he makes a difference In even small ways he almost never turns Anyone down whether they be a school Group or an individual just trying to Raise money It's critical to support the community I Mean you can't be a Business in a community without Supporting the community because the Community is supporting [Music]


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