Milwaukee M18 RedLithium Battery Product Overview – Ace Hardware

Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, provides a product overview of Mfr # 48-11-1812. Hear the features and benefits of this battery.

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Milwaukee M18 Red Lithium Battery

Hi I'm Lum manfredini Asus home expert In this video I'm going to talk to you About the M18 red lithium high output 6.0 battery I know it's a mouthful but It's going to help you get the job done Now the biggest thing if you look at the Smaller battery this is a 2.0 versus a 6.0 is longer runtime more power that's The whole idea behind it and the thing Is you can see while it is a little bit Bigger it doesn't weight you down Depending on the types of tool tools That you use it in so typically you know You could put it inside of a a blower Like this would be the perfect battery For a tool like this help you get the Job done pop that out and you can stick It in the back of a a circular saw like This same thing actually it doesn't Weigh you down now if you took it out And put it inside of a cordless drill It's a little big but you can use it That's the whole idea behind these Batteries if you're on a job and you Can't take all the batteries with you But you can take all the tools this 6.0 Battery is going to help you get the job Done coming up next another great tool From Milwaukee

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