Milwaukee Super Charger and Forge Battery Make a Great Combo

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If this description contains links to Amazon or Ebay, as an Amazon Associate and EPN Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases. This doesn’t cost you a thing! But it means I can make more videos for you.
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This is the new Milwaukee M18 Supercharger and it is the latest and Greatest charger from Milwaukee it was Designed in conjunction basically with These the new Forge batteries so this is Optimized to charge these these charge Very quick on this thing and we will see Just how quick shortly we'll not only See how quick they charge on this Charger but we'll stick them on a good Oldfashioned rapid charger like this one And we'll see how long they take on that Not only that we will compare it to how Long it takes compared to a 6 a high Output a 12 a high output and what about Just a good oldfashioned well I actually Tried to get a new 6 a Milwaukee Standard battery or XC battery but they Don't seem to really sell them anymore Certainly not in this part of the world So here is an older imported one this is Not this is what they look like in this Part of the world this is a North American Battery and yeah so there we go We've got three different sixes we will Test and the 12 as well just cuz it's The biggest one now this Forge battery If you're not aware uses pouch cell Technology whereas other batteries Previous to this like this one uses Cylindrical cells they're both lithium Ion just packaged differently and Presumably they've been able to manage To Chuck electricity into one of these

Pouch cells a lot quicker than they can Chuck electricity into a cylindrical Cell because this thing charges this Thing very quickly this thing will Charge it in 24 minutes now I haven't Looked up all the other numbers cuz I Don't want to look them up I want to Test it all myself find out what they Really are but on the box it says this One 24 minutes but that's only if you Charge one of them now this is as you Can of course see a charger but it's not Jewel Equally it is and it isn't okay this It's it's kind of a little bit weird I Haven't come across a charger that Charges things quite like this before It's not sequential and it's not evenly Rapid this thing pumps out 18 amps worth Of charging power where as the old rapid Charger this one here which as you know Is a sequential charger if you put this In first it'll charge that and then if You put that in first it'll charge that So you got both of them in there Whichever one you put in first it'll Charge it then it'll jump over to the Other one this one kind of does that but This one here for 18 volt is only 6 a Whereas I just said this is 18 amp right But it's not 18 amp hours coming out of Each one of these because that's just Going to be too much for your power Supply at home to handle this charger if

You Chuck a battery on here Will charge At 12 amp if you've got another one on Here at the same time it'll charge at 6 so half the speed so does it take Twice as long no because once this one Is charged the 12 amp of power will jump Over to this one so what that means 12 Amps of current coming out of there Charging this particular battery 24 Minutes for a battery like this very Very quick but if you've got it on this Side it will take 36 minutes now that's Not double that because like I say once That one's charged on there all the Power jumps over to that one and so you Get 50% longer time not double the time Because if this side is charging at 12 And this one is charging at 6 the once That one's finished this one is in Theory half charged already and then it Jumps up to that full charge so that Next little bit whacks out in double Time but it's only charging half the Battery in double time does it make Sense is it getting the gray mattera Working so I'm now going to plug it in And see what it sounds like cuz look at The size of this this has a big chunky Bit in the middle this is a this is a Big charger the middle is Hefty weightwise it's pretty solid I Haven't weighed it yet I'll do it in Just a moment I haven't even used it yet Haven't plugged it in but I want to plug

It in and see if any fans kick on Straight away cuz this is going to have A bunch of fans in it cuz that's the Other thing that is new with this Charger compared to the old school rapid Charger that I'm going to keep showing You T this has no fans in it to blow air Through your battery nor does it have Any fans in it to keep the charger Itself cool I'm assuming this thing has Both this is going to blow air through Your batteries as well as keep itself Cool with a fan so I'm going to plug it In and see if that fan kicks on without A battery on it 3 2 1 and we are on Nothing happened no sounds no Lights So this battery isn't completely flat But we'll just see how it goes what's Going to happen with the lights and the Fans Woohoo so you can see the red light There the lights of the battery are lit Up and I can hear fans of course I can Feel coming out this Side as well as the red light we've got A white one up the top There can feel a little bit of air Coming out both sides from the Fans can't Feel any coming up here maybe cuz the Fan's not turned on let's see what Happens if we stick another battery on How loud is this going to

Get not very loud cuz that one's fully Charged it says so we need a different Battery this battery is completely Flat and there's the other fan kicking In now interesting we've got a white Light on the left and no white light on The Right nothing here saying what the white Lights do but it looks like some sort of Power thing or is this a forge battery It knows it's a forge battery maybe These things I would probably know had I Looked at the manual before playing with This thing anyway I'm going to take this One off because I want to time it take This off and see if the fan stop Instantly so that's the fan of the unit So we got three separate fans going in There we got one for the unit to keep The unit cool and one either side for Each battery charge and if we take a Look on the bottom you can see just like Looking at the bottom of your laptop We've got two fans here that are Directly below suck air straight up and Through your battery now Wait On Tools How does ear get through a milwauke Battery because I'm pretty sure there's No holes in them right well you've Probably seen these holes in the bottom Of your battery before around the edge So we got three on this side three on This side two on the front and back and Nothing on the top there is no holes on

This standard battery so there is is no Air getting through there the only holes We've got are the contacts and there Ain't going to be much air getting Through where the contacts are on the Charger so how does air get through the Batteries basically it doesn't if I Stick this battery on the charger I Don't think we're going to get the fan Going we might get the main fan for the Unit going but we're not going to get The fan for The Battery especially when once again it's Already fully charged not only does this Five not have any holes in it it's just Come off a very hot router so will it Even charge probably not but I want to See here what lights come up when the Thing is too hot we've got four dots There which is presumably some sort of Flashing light we'll get the charger fan Come on but will the fan come on for the Battery scene as it doesn't have any way For that air to get in there let's have A Look Solid red light Indicates normal Charging so it doesn't think it's too Hot we're charging as per normal and Have we got two fans going or One Two so we had the fan for the charger

And we did have the fan for ear coming Out of Here there isn't really anywhere for That ear to go cuz as you can see Something blowing up the sides here is Just hitting solid Plastic battery is not touching any Holes with the Charger so why does it have a fan well It's not for this battery and it's not For any of those old school batteries It's for just a select few batteries That can Supercharge this can supercharge and This And this one here as well the new Forge Battery has three holes here three holes Here as do both of these so air can get In here or are those actually holes at All because they kind of look like they Don't go through in which case air is Just basically blown around the outside Of any of these batteries whether they Are high output whether they the Original batteries any anything M18 it's Just blowing air around the battery just To help cool it a bit which is better Than nothing of course but do these Holes go all the way through well if we Take off the lid here we can see they Don't if we take a look in the area Where those holes are I'll just zoom in A bit you can see we have holes here Along the side of the rail as well and

Underneath on the rail there as well as These ones on the top surely ear can't Be getting in all of those if we take a Look inside we have a couple of slits Here and they have something in them Like what's going on there and also the Same Here it looks like graphite or something Similar so we give this a bit of a Scratch Here definitely seems like something a Bit more solid than the plastic casing Of this thing it seems to be a metal of Some Sort so there ain't any cooling being Blown through those holes onto that is That metal there in the plastic for a Structural purpose speaking of plastic We've got the codes here we take a look At those while we're here pa66 gf25 That's nylon basically And it's got 25% glass filling in it and It Is52 which I do believe is a flame Retardant rating pa66 most tools are Made of pa6 you know good quality brand Tools pa6 plastic with glass fiber of Some description usually 15 to 30% um pa66 is a little bit better when It comes to abrasiveness I do believe so Some something that slides in and out of A tool for instance over and over again Is going to have a lot of wear on these Parts so it's a bit better for that and

It's not quite as good looking though if You take a look here you get a lot more Bad flow patterns and stuff um and yeah You don't get as smooth that doesn't Take the color the dieses and stuff as Nice as pa6 does but it is a very good Plastic it is solid too man it is like Yeah I can't get this thing to flex Let's just zoom back out for a moment it Is a good quality very tough I mean it's You can't Flex This more than a very very small amount Um it is a much nicer buttons as well Than the old ones these work so much Nicer so many of these old ones they're Very clunky and even sound Wars um this just nicer on the buttons They release easier they don't catch I've got so many batteries and they Stick like they go in and they'll like Stick in there this one haven't had any Problems very nice uh but the PA 66 these older batteries here like this One the high output take the lid off That one and we have a look it is Polycarbonate and it's JH 830 Polycarbonate whatever that means I Think that is also a flame retardant Rating basically they've got to have These these things be able to take a Fair bit of heat and a fair bit of flame Because they get hot while they're in Use and if there's ever an issue with Them you want this to

Withstand a lithium ion battery going Bung as much as it possibly can but back To the metal that's in here the graphite Or whatever it is this here if you know What this is please let me know it must Be molded into the plastic it it's not Put in afterwards because you would Never get a piece in here you have a Look actually on this one I do believe You it's much more visible there so They've got strengthening there I mean They've also got these strengthening Bars on the polycarbonate but they've Also got a piece of metal or something In there and it's it's quite rough can You hear That so yeah if you know what that is Looks like goes through the rails to Strengthen this area both in the top Section and in that vertical section There and in this back piece and that Must be molded in place the plastic then Runs over the top of that but they've Left some gaps I'm guessing because of Contraction and stuff when it cools down You had that completely covered it might Cause problems stays too hot and doesn't Cool in that area would end up leading To a deformed battery case potentially See on this piece here it says PC and Abs polycarbonate and abs underneath There that just looks like ABS that Plastic there it's definitely different To the polycarbonate on the rest of the

Tool you can see the different color and The shininess you can see the different Gloss level there polycarbonate much Shinier they do also have TPS sbes which Is a styrene which is the um on this one It's the button here on the top and it's Also this rubbery mold around the Outside so it's not rubber it's actually Styrene I can't remember exactly what Scbs stands for something styring Styring something but styring I think it Is um yeah yeah that's what that rubbery Stuff is but these batteries are much Nicer these Forge batteries they just Feel tougher and better made than some Of the earlier M18 batteries anyway got A little bit sidetracked there where Were we at we're going to see now how Long it'll take to charge it is pretty Damn flat as you can see so I'll Chuck That on we'll put that on the left side And I don't think it will supercharge That's what this light stands for if You've got two batteries on there you Got this one going at 12 amp this one Going at 6 amp like I said earlier this One will have the supercharge light on Cuz if it's over 9 amp hours going into The battery then those lights come on With only one battery apparently it can Charge up to 18 amps but anyway I will Set up a timer and we will Chuck this One on to charge so will this battery Charge quicker on the supercharger than

The rapid charger and will it charge it Higher than 9 amps will this light come On let's take a we look see now don't Worry I'm not going to make you sit There for the full 45 minutes to an hour Or whatever this takes we'll um speed Things up no supercharger light now if There's no supercharger light I'm Guessing this thing's charging at about 6 amps which is the same as the rapid Charger I've been showing you so it Should be about the same length of time I am however of course going to have to Use this for something flatten it and Then charge it again on the other one With a timer so that we can Confirm right stick it an Overdrive the green light is flashing so We are getting Close there it is the light just I heard It click and the light is now staying Green fan is still going full blast on This Battery but feels much cooler than it Was when we started so we're showing About 30° on the outside now so it's Dropped about 10° it's 30 on the outside It's going to be probably 50 on the Inside always much warmer in the Center but that took a long time 58 Minutes wow that is not a quick oh the Other fan inside the main unit of the Charger not actually Running 58 minutes I'm sure it doesn't

Take that long on the rapid charger Bearing in mind though that was pretty Hot going on and if you want to know the Air temperature in here it is about 20 6° C or so I'll deplete that battery Again and Chuck it on the rapid Charger so we've dropped nearly 20° sitting at 32 31 to 32 at the moment So we'll Chuck it on the charger now and See if we can beat that 58 minute time What Youon I think it's going to be about the Same See you Soon and there we have it 58 minutes and 48 seconds I think it was so pretty darn Close to the supercharger basically both The same time no advantage on the Supercharger with the old school Batteries you need a forge battery or a High output battery to see any real Difference but that difference is pretty Big okay two of Milwaukee's biggest Batteries now this is the biggest one They make on the M18 platform 12 amps They are both flashing one bar they are Completely flat now we're going to put This on here see if the supercharger Light comes on and see how long it takes To charge two of these batteries and We'll see if that's any quicker than Putting it on the other rapid charger Well it'll be quicker than the other Rapid charger that you've seen me show

Before because that's only got one slot On it so anywh who now there's nothing On this to indicate that it's actually Turned on you don't know just like the Other rapid charger whether it's Actually plugged in or not until you put A battery on it so let's put one on and See how things Go red light supercharger light come on Couple of fans it's the other one on Let's set the Timer so we've got one supercharger Light going here so this is charging Above 9 a this one is charging at 6 a I'm going to go off and do something Else now and I'll come back later when This is closer to being done so we've Just passed 48 minutes and both Batteries still got a solid red light One on the left still with the Supercharger light going are we going to Get a battery done in less than an hour Not looking like it at this stage in Theory when it gets to 80% the light Will start flashing green and and then We'll be solid green of course once it Gets to 100% but we haven't even got to That Mark yet of the 80% so I'll keep You posted okay I'm confused now battery On the right flashing green even though It's supposedly charging slower what's Going on there this battery should have Taken about 50% longer than this one I Would have thought because that one's

Charging quick this one's charging slow That one's going to finish and then this One should have taken over I'm a bit Perplexed okay okay so about the 54 and 1/2 minute Mark the battery on the left Started flashing green will it be able To beat the battery on the right they're Both going to be charged at basically The same time going against what I Thought this thing was going to Do will they make it to under an hour Well they both be charged in less than An hour if they both charged in less Than an hour I'll be pretty happy okay So the battery on the right was charged At about the 57 minute Mark and the one On the left that was charging the Fastest in theory still going the Supercharger light has just turned off So little odd little odd but they both Charged at basically the same time That's good but I don't know why the Supercharger light was on okay we are Done hour and 5 minutes to do both Batteries I'm happy with that hour and 5 Minutes to do both batteries but I am Perplexed at why that one took so long Because this one on the right should Have if my understanding of this charger Is correct taken a lot longer but hey This is a newer battery and may need to Be charged a few times to get to the Same level as this one which has been Charged a lot more so maybe that's got

Something to do with it or maybe there's Something else going on now that was a Considerable saving in time using the Supercharger over the rapid charger when Charging two of these batteries because The time it took to charge the two of Them on the supercharger is half the Time it takes to charge one on this Charger these take over 2 hours each to Charge on here whereas we got two in an Hour and 5 minutes on the Supercharger So if you want things done quick if You're in a hurry if you're a tradier Who can't waste time the supercharger is Way better how about we now stick On this the forge battery 6 a forge this Batter's only had a handful of charges Maybe five so As you can see it's fully dead and not Dead but flat and ready to go now in Theory 24 minutes now if you had two of Them this one should take 24 minutes This one should take 36 minutes so 36 Minutes in total to do both of them I've Only got one forg battery at the moment Unfortunately so we'll just have to test Whether it takes 24 minutes okay let's Do it now this battery and the previous Two batteries are both cool they have Not been used today so they've been Sitting on the bench here for well Overnight at least so they're all the Same temperature just room temperature Nothing needs to be cooled no it's not

Cold it's about 26° in here at the Moment so yeah here we go the red light On of course and the supercharger light Is on so I'll leave it to it I'll come Back in about 23 minutes okay now this Is impressive somewhere around the 16 Minute Mark the green light started Flashing we've got all four lights lit Up on the battery so we might beat 24 Minutes according to this you could take It off the battery now it's 80% charged Get on with your work after only 16 or 17 minutes that is awesome for a 6 a Hour battery very very cool we are 30 Seconds away from that 24 minute Mark will the charger oh thought it was Done then this light flash is so slow That it's hard to tell sometimes you Glance over you think oh it's done and You walk over then oh no it's Not 15 Seconds oh I just heard it click the Lights went off on the battery so we we Made it with about what 8 or 9 seconds To spare okay very cool it did it in the Time specified which is always nice to See right what are we going to test next Okay time to see how long the forge Battery will take to charge on the rapid Charger let's Go show you we've got the red light Going there show you it is charging no Fan seems so quiet after the other Charger anyway I'll come back later and

See how long that took one thing I Already don't like with this battery on This charger is just this really high Pitch tone while it's on the charger Which most people probably won't hear But you know I've still got the um the Hearing of a of a child And all those high pitch noises that They use to try and keep teenagers away From shopping malls and bats away from Old Folks homes and stuff like that I Hear all those things and drives me nuts Um and I can hear this thing you Probably wouldn't hear it so much if it Had a big fan in it but it's just high Pitch tone kind of Annoying never really noticed it before Cuz I've never sort of stood right next To it watching it charge in Silence so there we have it 1 hour and 1 Minute let's just call it 1 hour so well Over double the length of time that it Takes on the Supercharger so that's a Big difference and Milwaukee could you Stick a noise in your chargers cuz it's Annoying not knowing if you can hear Something beep from the other side of The room you know oh good batter's Charged you can run over grab it get on With your work Just just a beep so what it needs some Sort Of you know s l that'll do but I haven't Heard one in any Milwaukee charger yet

This one completely flat one flashing Bar so we need to see how long that is Going to take to charge on the new Supercharger so let's go right ahead and Chuck that on There I'll come back in half an hour or So when that is nearly done strange it Was one flashing light it's already two Solid lights showing on the battery After a mere 20 seconds and the Supercharger light is on we've got the Double fans going everything Optimum for A 6 amp hour high output battery charg Is going as good as it can be and so This should charge a lot quicker than it Does on a standard charger obviously and Even the old rapid charges but time will Tell I'll see you all again at the end Okay 12 minutes in and the fourth light Is on already she's getting close to Being charged surely not after any 12 Minutes we have a flashing green light 20 minutes in so 80% charged it's pretty Good okay well that's pretty damn quick I think this um charger thinks that's a Forge battery or Something I mean that battery was so Flat wow 25 26 minutes which is the same As this now this according to Milwaukee From what I've seen 35 minutes they're Saying but there you go you just saw it From dead flat and it's not like it's a Really old naked battery or anything so Interesting interesting interesting

Interesting when I started this video I Intended it to be a video about this Charger and this battery up against all The other batteries to see how well this Goes on tools and against these not just On the charger but looked at how long This damn video is holy charger and Battery videos kick my ass they just Take too damn long and so I'm not going To fit all that other stuff in I've Already filmed it all but it's not going To fit in this video because I mean Christ we like at half an hour man come On what is going on so there'll be Another video in a few days time that Will put this up against these other Sort of high output batteries and maybe I'll even Chuck it up against that one On a few tools rather than just how they Go on the Charger but how do they go on the Charger well the charger is much quicker Much much quicker than the rapid charger It's also much noisier but hey you know Tradeoffs of course and I'd rather have A fan going in them personally anyway Just for the just cuz it's better Right it's going to make things last Longer and all that sort of stuff and You can charge quicker quicker you Charge something The more you need to cool it so makes Sense of course to have the fans in There now this battery with this charger

Super good super quick 24 25 minutes Full charge I mean that's awesome and it Also makes these oh I haven't screwed The top back on that one also makes These high output batteries as well if You've got the six the 8 and 12 Etc if You've got the high output batteries it Basically cuts the time in half so that Is fantastic if time is important to you And it is of course important to all of Us I know a lot of you like slow charges Though a lot of people don't want they Want to look after the battery although I do find the people that want to look After the battery and have you know want To charge it slow and all that sort of Thing are never going to wear the Battery out anyway um they're not using Them enough the guys that use them all The damn time want the fast charger and They're the ones that are going to wear Them out the ones that are doing the Slow charger seem to mostly be the DIY Guys that like I say aren't going to Have a problem with wearing it out Anyway it's going to die other things Before you ever wear it out and I know I'll get some hate down in the comment Section for that comment so as I say in The next video we will put these Batteries up against a bunch of other Batteries on tools if you also want to See why this battery is now doing this And why these other batteries also do

That then check out this video up here And down in the description if you Haven't already and I'll tell you what All these flashing lights on here mean And how to make your tools do it your Tools your batteries I should have said Because some Milwaukee batteries new Batteries and some of the older ones do It I'll tell you the dates in that video That's up there and down in the Description and so the other video also Will be up there and down there once I Have done it it will probably be out in A few days time maybe a week so what do I think of the charger yeah I love it Compared to the rapid charger it is Basically twice as quick on all the high Output and Forge batteries the same when It comes to Old School batteries like This one um It's a little bit noisy but hey as I say You know that's what you get H there is One thing I wish though I just Wish you know and then I could get rid Of that any who thanks for watching Check out those other videos if you're Into Milwaukee stuff up in the top Corner down in the description along With my other channel my patreon all That stuff I know this has been a long One and I know a heap of people that Don't watch my channel are going to have A winge about that down in the comments Like people always

Do anyway to the regulars to my patreons Thank you very much thanks for watching And I'll see you on one of these other Ones soon check out these ones at the End here Cheers

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