The Safest Grinder EVER! Trigger Handle, Rapid Stop, Variable Speed, One Key IT”S GOT EVERYTHING!

Is this the safest Angle Grinder ever made? Today we take a look at the 2 Handed M18 Grinder from Milwaukee. And if I say it’s 9500RPM, just pretend I’m saying 8500RPM.



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Today we are going to take a look at the New Milwaukee M18 fuel 1ky 125 mm 5 in Duel trigger braking angle grinder with Dead man padle switch tool only well we Won't be looking at tool only we will of Course have a battery on it but this is The M18 FS a ges1 125 means toall only now that's quite a Mouthful but what does it all mean well Let's open the box here she is in all Her glory as she comes out of the box We've got a four mode button here on the Bottom four modes interesting we've also Got Auto Stop written there we've got Rapid stop written up here we've got the One key icon there it is of course a Fuel tool and is Brushless and it has a handle that's Already attached now I'm going to be Using this tool with a standard battery A high output battery and the new Forge Batteries now those batteries look Different to where you live it's because You live in North America and in the Rest of the world the battery stickers Look like this right let's get into this Now if you've ever bought a grinder and I'm guessing most of you have you will Know they basically come in a box with The grinder you normally Chuck on the Guard screw in the handle away you go And and the handles come directly out The side you may notice this handle is a Little bit different this handle is what

Makes this tool this tool this handle is What's going to put a lot of you off This tool but this handle is also going To be a requirement for you to use this Tool on lots of work sites so why is This handle so special what makes it Different to a standard handle well it's Attached to the tool cannot be removed From the tool as you can see it's Attached on the top here if you pull This lever back here which is basically In the position you would turn on a lot Of Grinders if you got a slide switch Grinder that's where it would be but Here it is for moving your handle there Is a few different stops you've got one At the top there nothing in the middle There no so it's just top and then Either side it locks in place so if You're left or right-handed you can use At either side but Hang On Tools it's Running parallel with the body well if You pull this little sort of ring Beast Here this here pops down so that I'm Just going to have to zoom out one Moment when this gets pulled back you Can then rotate the handle and as you Can see there is a few different Positions for it to lock in place so Just like that let go and it locks in Boom boom so you can use it on any angle To fit the particular job so most guys Are going to have it if you're Right-handed you're going to have it out

The left- hand side like so locked in Place that's your standard sort of Grinder position that any other handle Would be on any other grinder but say You're trying to get into a tight spot You can tweak that round so that you've Now got it on a bit of a different angle But that is not the most interesting Part of this Handle to show you the most interesting Part I need to put on one of these Batteries with a battery now in position I can show you why this handle is so Special so to activate this particular Grinder you need to grab both of these Triggers in your left hand if you're Right-handed obviously and then flick This little lever forward pull Up away you go now if I try and pull This again doesn't work to go again you Have to completely reset take your hands Off the tool put it back on go again Again see doesn't work a second time you Have to start again every Time so you can't Accident tap anything and get this thing To work it is very safety conscious and Did you notice how quick that Was that stop Is very very quick I mean that's super Quick that was under a second so this Tool is designed safety safety safety Safety safety that's its thing Grinders Are dangerous tools but this level of

Safety at home in your garage you're Probably not going to want this cuz this Might end up driving you a little bit Nuts plus if you need to get into Certain tight areas this handle is going To get in the way but more and more you Will be finding these on job sites your Boss will have to get you one of these Depending on your job of course so as Well as that safety feature the other And the rapid stop it also comes with a Very enclosed guard here for your Cutting wheels and grinding wheels it Can easily be Removed but it does come standard with The tool we'll leave that off while We're there the Guard rotates like so nice and easy Clicks in place if you want to remove The guard entirely you can by taking This off you're now at that point where You can get off right cuz you've got all These notches lined up with those Notches there this one's lined up this One's lined up should just pop off the Arrows are lined up right should just Come free well it doesn't because There's actually another piece of metal Under here these are obviously for Lining it up they put the back piece on First then screw this guard onto that Back piece so it can't actually be Removed without undoing all those screws As well

This is designed so you can't cheat Safety and it is going to become more And more common as time goes by on job Sites all around the world love it or Hate it it is the way things are going So it's going to take a few people a Little while to get used to that as well I've never used one of these Grinders it Has to have two hands on the tool at Once and I'll just show you again if we Go the other direction and we pull this First and then pull this doesn't work You always have to have your hand on the Handle first before you pull the trigger That rapid stop is so quick this sounds Powerful and quick at stopping now it Comes with your basic angle grinder Flange nut things flip it over one way For a cutting or zip disc and flip it The other way for your grinding wheel And it comes with this pin spanner for Getting those on and off if it gets a Bit tight this tool has variable RPMs That's what these modes are we'll get to That when we start cutting I'll show you Those and they range between 32,000 and 82,000 RPM and this tool was made in Vietnam now before we go and cut Something with this and do some grinding How about we have a quick look at one of Its predecessors and just to do a quick Little comparison as you can see the Handle screw it on that side take it out Screw it on that side some of them have

A hole on the top screw on the top this Particular one doesn't this one comes With rapid stop just like this one but I Don't think it's going to be quite as Rapid as that one I will test it this is A paddle switch as well dead man switch Call it what you like doesn't have Variable speed this particular model is The M18 F125 XP DB and it has the same maximum Speed as this let's see if it sounds the Same shall We well one thing that it certainly Doesn't sound the same as that rapid [Music] Stop the rapid stop on this one as you Hopefully still remember if you don't I'm going to do it again anyway is much Quicker oh I've got to do this Double-handed hang On I changed the mode let's put it back On mode Four that is so fast I don't think I've Heard an angle grinder stop any quicker Than that that's a very quick tool back To this [Music] One this one you hear it start to slow Before that brake kicks in this one it's Instant this is still very quick but if Regulations require it then well this One here is going to be The quickest around before we go and cut Anything I just want to test if any of

These batteries sound different so I'll Start with this we'll go through and Just see if there's any sound change Okay standard Battery high output Battery Forge Battery Without going back and listening to that In an editing Suite it sounded to me Like these two were roughly the same and That this one had a bit more oomph but We won't know until we do some Cuts so Let's [Music] [Applause] [Music] Go [Music] [Music] Oh Not that hard to stall but then again It's only an 18vt grinder let's now Change out the forge battery for just The 6 a high [Music] Output About the same possibly slightly better Than the forge but maybe my voice go a Little bit weird there but yeah pretty Similar let's try just old school now I Showed the 5 aamp power like this one Before but I'm going to use the 6 amp Power cuz the others two are 6 amp but It is an American one don't tell

Milwaukee New Zealand [Music] Okay Can hear that slowing down as soon as I Start pretty Much yeah that battery nowhere near as Good as those other two now we've got a Good oldfashioned Milwaukee grinder with A handle that look I don't have to hold On To forge Battery [Music] Well it's meant to be just an Improvement as far as I'm aware of the Safety features but it felt like this One cut out easier than the other one hi [Applause] Output wow that felt harder to stall to Me [Music] Yeah to tell you the truth I think it's Harder to stall the high output ones Than the forge I'm just going to have Another go at the [Applause] [Music] Forge yeah most definitely back to the High Output definitely harder to stall with a 6 a high output I had to put a lot more Pressure on it that's interesting to Know and with the 6 a [Music]

XC look at that they just you can just Put pressure slowly on it and it'll cut Out Yeah that cuts out real easy with the Old batteries right so we've spoken About the rapid stop that's fairly Obvious it stops pretty Quick but what about the auto stop why Is it got Auto Stop written down here is This a little light sure is and why is It a little light this has a bunch of Features to stop this thing from kicking Back at you there are three axes that This thing moves along where if it moves To violently it will cut the tool out Those are rolling like this rocking back And forward like that or in a sweeping Motion like that so I'll show you what I Mean that stopped by itself I didn't do Anything my hands are still on both the Triggers so as you can see it stops very Easily if your blade gets caught you get Jammed up against something and there's A bit of a kickback just like on Modern Drills now if there's any rotation or Anything it will shut Down let's see just how sensitive it [Applause] Is pretty sensitive that wasn't moving That [Applause] Fast So if you are afraid of angle grinders Which surprisingly well it's not

Surprising I suppose they are you know If you don't know how to use one they Are dangerous things and a lot of people Are quite afraid of them now if you are Afraid of it then this has a lot of Features that will help keep you safe if You've been using a grinder for 20 years And you know how to do everything right Then this is going to be damn annoying What about one key pull the trigger here Here you'll see this little blue light Come on that's the one key light now one Key has a bunch of different features And they're different for every tool but Basically you can use it as a inventory System so if you have a bunch of tools You don't know where they all are for Instance this thing can help track them Down so you run it by an app on your Phone of course everything's run by Phone apps these days sorry if there's a Lot of noise in the background they are Currently ripping up the road outside so It could be the odd clang and bang but Nothing I can really do about that I'm Afraid when you log this tool against Your phone you can register it with your Phone and everything so no one else can Use this thing it'll then also store Like the serial number on your phone so Whatever gets stol and you've got that Information to give to the police or Whoever you can schedule in maintenance You can leave notes about it's whether

It's available for use whether it's Damaged or getting repaired or anything Like that most of these things you don't Really need if you're just a single at Home guy doing in his garage but if You've got a fleet of these tools that You give out to lots of different guys It helps you keep track of all of those And if you've misplaced one this this Feature I quite like because I'm forever Putting down tools and then losing them Instantly and wondering where the hell They are and wandering around trying to Find the damn things can't show you all Of the screen because it has my address On it because it tells you where the Tool is you can get a history of all the Places the Tool's been so you know who's Using it and where they're using it if You've got a fleet of guys anyway if you Click find item you will come up with Another screen hopefully it will pop up And I can show you can't show you the Top of the screen cuz once again it Still has personal information on it but As you can see we're right near the tool And so pretty strong signal with the Tool you think it would be right at the Top we like directly above the tool but If I walk away this will get smaller so I'm going to put this tool somewhere and We're going to see how far away I can Find it from all right where is my Tool oh we're getting

Closer let's follow the Signal where could I possibly have put It getting closer getting closer getting Closer getting closer ah there she is I Always leave it on the edge of this bit Of garden here forever doing that man It's noisy around here Today so that's a handy feature although I have had a little bit of trouble with The app the one key app on the phone Have to restart it a few times every now And again sometimes it loses contact With the tool and so you got no chance Of finding it but what else does this App do well let's say you've got 10 of These Grinders sitting in a pile and you Want to know which one's which well I Can make the lights blink on this one so Right now lights are flashing like crazy On here so you know which one you are Looking for like I said though you know Unless you've got a heap of them that Feature not all that necessary one thing I'm not loving about the numbers here is They're all in white Milwaukee tend to Use white lights a lot on their tools And I just find that they're pretty much Almost impossible to see like how well Can you see that there's a number four On here inside once you're outside That's almost impossible to see and you Probably didn't notice it earlier when I Was doing the Auto Stop test but there Is a light there that comes on under

That bit where it says Auto stop there So that you know that the stop was Caused by the auto stop and didn't stop For some other reason I have Unfortunately been getting this message A lot which is annoying considering it's Sitting right next to the tool so you Can change the names of the tool if you Wish you can change put numbers on them If you've got like half a dozen of them Or whatever you can have purchase Information service records there's a Coin sale obviously inside the um tool Which will be to do with the Bluetooth I'm guessing and oh we can go up the top There now for moment as you can see Great life on that battery I have to Have the phone like this most of the Time because it has my personal Information at the top oh there it is Again so there is a lot of things you Can do on the app but unfortunately Every time I keep changing the screen my Address pops up so we'll leave the one Key app segment of the video to that at This stage I'd say there is a lot of Tools of course you can put on that now You can also get trackers to stick on Tools and in other things to try and Track things not the most accurate thing In the world but similar to like the the The apple one which I've forgotten what It's called it's probably called IR Track ey stalk something like that so

What else do I need to tell you about This tool before we wrap this thing up It has a removable screen that goes over Your air vents here lots of companies Starting to do that now so that you can Take that off and blow it out it is full Of a bit of Rusty colored stuff in there I don't know where that came From so that Clips on covers both sides In one go that haven't really talked Much about the different speeds let's Just listen to them shall we so speed One 32,000 RPM speed Two speed Three speed three sounds pretty quick And speed Four the full 92,000 RPM why would you Need different modes like that different Speeds well if you're doing something Like polishing with it you want it on a Slower speed speed or sanding or Something like that if you're cutting or Grinding you probably want it on full Whack with variable speed Grinders I Tend to mostly use them on full whack Very rarely do I drop them down Personally but like I say sanding Polishing maybe if you're cutting Something in an awkward position you Don't want to catch or jump or anything You might slow it down a bit or if you Don't want certain heat build up you can Run it at different speeds now when it

Comes to the forge battery there'll You'll be seeing this a lot more in my Upcoming videos I will talk about it a Lot more shortly but I didn't find that There was a lot of difference between That And be doing this one soon too that and This one when it came to power in fact I Would have said this was slightly better Than the forge but time will tell with a Few more tests um maybe also the forge Hasn't got up to its full capacity yet Cuz I've only just got it hasn't been Through the number of charges with us With um these lithium ion batteries They take a few charges before they get Going so before they get to their full Maximum capacity and everything so once This one's had a few more charges it Might come up to par or overtake this Time will tell like I say I'll be Looking more closely at this particular Battery and the new charger that goes Along with this battery that can charge This thing I do believe in 25 minutes Which is damn quick so be looking at That in a future video with that and oh Have I done a video on that yet haven't Done a video on that yet either so we'll Be doing that soon too in fact I don't Even think I've gotten around to doing a Video on that angle grinder in the back Yet either which has been kicking around Here for quite some time so let me know

Down below what you think of this type Of grinder so this is basically a safety Grinder they've done as much as they Possibly can to make this as safe as Possible which is going to suit some People and not suit others going forward This sort of thing is going to become a Lot more common there are other Companies that do similar sorts of Things uh Hilty do one with a slide Switch but if you let go of the body of The tool it cuts out think fine do one So it it's going to become more and more Common but I know it's not going to be Popular with some of you so let me know Down below what you think of this and What you think of this sort of Technology and what you think of the Safety features the rapid stop is Awesome love the rapid stop the auto Stop I would have to use this a lot more To find out whether that would be Annoying um the two handled situation The double trigger means you know if You're doing something you can't adjust Your material with your hand while You're using the grinder because it Won't run it'll keep stopping you'll Have to adjust it start it adjust it Start it which could be frustrating Depending on what you're doing also you Can't like scratch your ass while you're Using it every time you take your hand Off this or this you're going to have to

Reset everything and take your hands off Start again which yeah once you get used To it as I was getting used to it it Became you know it was becoming second Nature pretty quick so to just grab that First and just quickly release it and Grab it again when you need to to start It back up again so for some Applications it's going to be good some Applications might be a little bit Frustrating let me know what you reckon Down in the description let me know what Other Milwaukee Tools you want to see Reviewed as well milwauke always pumping Out a lot of new tools and there's been A lot recently so let me know down below Got that one in the background like I Said to do shortly if you are in Oceania Or austral Asia call it whichever you Want Australia or New Zealand these are Are just been released now in the US They're already out and in the rest of The world I'm not quite sure and by These I mean both the forge battery and The grinder if you're in New Zealand These have just come out so get out There get amongst it much more on the Battery soon so that is the Milwaukee M18 FS AG G125 or if you are in the states that's The 2986 thanks for watching I'm going to go See how big the hole in the road out the Front is and I will see you all on

Another video again soon cheers everyone Don't forget to like And subscribe and All that sort of stuff see Y

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