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Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, heads to the Milwaukee Headquarters to hear about the mechanics tool set. See the features and benefits of this set.

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Milwaukee Mechanics Tool Set

Hi Lou manfredini Aces Home expert and I'm here at the Milwaukee headquarters With Ellie from Milwaukee and we're Going to talk about Mechanics Tools Something else you may not know about me But I am the son of a mechanic so I Spent a childhood and a lifetime using Tools like this and Milwaukee really has Quite the proposition when it comes to These types of tools so about seven Years ago we got into the mechanics hand Tools space and some of our initial Products we spent hours and hours out Talking to people using them doing Research and one of the biggest things We noticed was pretty much every socket That we saw looked the exact same so if You take a look at our ratchet and Socket sets one of our initial Innovations in the line was actually Having flat sides on the socket here so If you think about when a mechanic is Working a lot of times they're setting Their tools on uneven surfaces or spaces So with your classic round socket you Would see it roll right away as the People were working with the flat sides It actually does not roll so you don't Lose your sockets you don't have to Spend extra money on sockets kind of a Win-win for the for the users I love That and then even if you have to grab The socket and kind of loosen something Or tighten in your hands are oily you've

Got something on which is really kind of A nice added benefit Now you've got different sizes and and Kits available and and different Offerings I assume both in standard and Metric sizes yeah so since that launch About seven years ago we've expanded our Offering we have quarter inch drive Three drive and half inch drive with a Different range of assortments as well So we have higher piece count sets with Both ratchets and sockets and then Smaller socket sets as well depending on What you already have for your tool Collection or if you need higher piece Count or lower piece count can we talk a Little bit about wrenches because along With having really good sockets and Extensions and accessories to go with it Wrenches are a key component in that as Well yes On here on all Option wrenches in the open Combination wrench there are ridges Which allow users to get up to 25 Percent more torque when they're using This wrench they're not stripping nuts Or bolts and you're not sliding off the Fastener that you're trying to tighten And you also make a ratcheting wrench as Well is that correct yes so we have Ratcheting wrenches here we have 144 Teeth and 2.5 degrees of Arc swing so When you're trying to work in a super

Tight space if you have a higher Arc Swing you have to move the wrench that Much more to engage the Fastener with Our low Arc swing you can actually move The wrench just a little bit since They're often working in tight spaces in Order to loosen or tighten and then the Head even pivots as well right to Depending on where you need to use the Angle of that tool yeah exactly actually Flex head wrenches too so we do have the Fixed head for sale and then Flex head Is a new addition Al Um you are also very proud as you should Be of your pack out system which is a Storage solution that Milwaukee Manufactures these sets uh that are in These cases are designed to fit in that Like this uh case we see right here Correct yeah so we have two sort of Different types of We have our pack out sets that are Designed with trays that you can take Out but you can also slide it on your Pack out stuff in order to roll it Around if you have a rolling pack out And then this is a separate set if You're not in the pack out system you Can just buy this independently it comes With a carrying case for those mobile Users and then you can also take the Trail and put it in steel storage or Your toolbox as well good looking stuff

Thank you so much if you'd like more Information just go to Ace Or better yet stop by your local Ace Hardware Store [Music]

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