18v Battery Work Light Head to Head. AEG VS Bosch VS DeWalt VS Makita VS Metabo HPT VS Milwaukee

Are Tool Work Lights as bright as they say they are? Which one is the biggest? Which ones run on AC also? And do any have a USB charger built in? And which one will come out on top.
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So the light from the Sun hits this Panel that energy from that light then Travels down that little thin wire there And into this battery box then there is A cable coming out of that box which Runs all the way along the floor around Around in circles there and shoots along Here and what happens it Powers a light Inside the workshop so I can make my Video about lights It's the circle of light just like Elton John sung about Foreign G'day everyone as you'll know by now This review is about work lights in Particular I wanted to do a video of 4 000 Lumen work lights now unfortunately Tool companies don't make it easy to do That because they've all got slightly Different ones so there's quite a few Around the 4 000 but some are a little Above and some are a little below and Some are just a bit weird so six brands Of work lights and they range between Three and a half thousand lumens and 5 000 lumens so we'll go through some of The features and the build quality of These tools and then we'll have a look At the lights themselves and how much They throw out if it triggers you that These aren't all 4000 lumens then please Stop watching now for the sake of the Rest of us most of the light lighting up These lights right now is also another

Work light it is the Metabo 10 000 Lumen Light but that's a bit too big for this Video if you're wondering what this was And this was at the beginning of the Video well that of course is a solar Panel and this this is an ecoflow power Station and I'm currently using that to Charge this up so that I can charge my Tool batteries for free I've currently Got five batteries on there which are Using 700 watts of power to charge now Unfortunately trying to film the screen Of this thing is a nightmare I had a Problem when I did my review of it as Well because it's just so reflective and So you won't be able to see it I've Tried it from so many different angles I Can't get it to work so it's currently Fluctuating between about 135 and 150 Watts it was on about 180 before when I Had it somewhere else but to set it up For the shot for filming I've lost a few Watts this is a 220 Watt solar panel With 150 available also to come in from The back so I guess maximum you'll get 370. is that how this works so if you Had something reflective behind it like A white wall or a mirror or something Then yeah you can get a lot more bang For your buck But if you're interested in one of these I haven't finished testing them yet but They're on special at the moment down in The description if you're in Strayer

There's the end of financial year sale So go check that out there'll also be Links down there these guys are going to Be I think at um field days as well Which I'll be going to in a few days And so I'll check them out there as well See what other gear they've got so I'll Probably do a bit more of an in-depth Review of this later but at the moment If you're interested take a look down in The description and let's get back to The lights so let's go through them all One by one in alphabetical order and see What they come with all right let's Start by turning down this Metabo Lighter bit she's a bit bright how about There all right let's start with the AEG Light which at first glance doesn't even Look like a light because it has its Little wings covering its face we fold These out You'll see it's got this sort of batwing Design And these rotate down up and even all The way around which is pretty cool I Think because you can stick them on all Sorts of angles and help not only light Up sort of one side of a room but a Whole room with this light you can angle Those two up to the ceiling to reflect Light off the ceiling while this one Lights the floor it's quite a cool Design But there is a limited amount of light

Coming out of it especially compared to The other ones this is a three and a Half thousand Lumen light it has three Light settings like most of the lights In this review it is very light it is The lightest of all of these lights that I'll be reviewing it feels very Plasticky the base is all completely Plastic It has adjustments here to tighten the Angle of this so as well as angling Those side ones you can of course angle Like so through about well it looks to Be just over 100 degrees it's only got a Small tripod thread in the base more Like what I would use for my cameras Rather than large tool tripods you can Use these points to hang it up on screws All around quite a versatile light Because there's one more thing that Makes it really cool that I like if we Zoom on in there to its bum if we have a Look down in this dark recess here We will find a couple of prongs so you Can plug an extension cord straight into The tool which I like so this is a Hybrid tool it will run on AC and Battery and it is the a18pl that's the Model number if you're in the States This would be called a rigid and the Model number would be And that ladies and gentlemen is light Number one next up the Bosch Gli18v-4000c this is one of two lights

In the test which comes with Bluetooth capability I am turning this Light up and down with my phone so you Can download an app that not only Controls this light but some of your Other Bosch tools has a little battery In it so that doesn't actually need the Tool battery to make adjustments it's Got its own little button cell battery In it and you can as you saw turn it on And off and change the light settings Personally I've never used that why would you need To use it if you're on one side of a Building and this is on the roof of Another building or something and you Don't want to have to climb all the way Up there to adjust the light level then Maybe it's handy I know somebody's going To say that that's the most amazing Thing ever and they use it every day Fair enough but I don't really see the Point if you're within the Bluetooth Range it's not that hard by the time You've got your phone out of your pocket And everything you could have clambered Across walked across whatever and just Turned the damn thing off It is of course fun to mess with people And of course it says in the app do not Mess with people with this thing it's Dangerous but that's sort of about all There is to do with it and I wish my Phone had shut up as for the build

Quality of the light it is solid this is All metal this is not plastic and Instead of sort of multiple little Lights over a large area this has this One big bright one in the middle which Is really quite annoying to look at We have this sort of rubberized guard Here at the front I guess it's a sort of Guard to help protect things from Hitting the light Um it's got rubber All Around The Edge Which comes off very easily and as for The stand it's odd very odd so you go Like that and it sort of tilts forwards And then it's on the battery and then if You flip it up the other way You want to angle it it then will fall Over that way So yeah stand wise this one probably the Worst of all the ones we'll be looking At does have the large tripod thread There it's got a heap of heat fins on The back and on the back you've got the Controls in case you can't find your Phone to turn it on and off So we also got a battery indicator on The back there which is quite nice and It'll flash a couple of times when it's Getting low to let you know that the Battery is getting low it will dim the Lights gives you a bit of time to go Find another battery before it Completely cuts out next up the DeWalt Dcl074 now as you can see this one is a

Little bit different from the other ones You'll see in this video it's a Completely different design but I Couldn't find a 4000 Lumen DeWalt light That was made in a in a normal shape so Today on the bench we have the commonly Referred to DeWalt giant nipple light And if it wasn't commonly referred to as The DeWalt giant nipple light it will be Now all the lights in this video will Run on an 18 volt battery but if you're In the States this one will say 20 volt There it's exactly the same batteries Nothing different about it it's just DeWalt Marketing in the US we had a Power cut the other night and I put this Straight to use after getting it that Same day and I put a freshly charged 5 Amp hour power stack battery into it and It didn't even last two hours on full Whack which I was pretty disappointed With to be honest we will take a closer Look at the runtimes of all the tools Shortly this is the highest Lumen rated Light in our test but it also has three Settings just like most of the other Ones one two three there's the brightest Lowest mid bright this light throws out Light a bit different to the other ones In our test in that it's got this big Bulbous nipple on the top and so it Throws off in pretty much every Direction so you can't sort of focus it At a wall or anything like you can with

All the other ones in this test so Because of that this light Doesn't really put out a lot of bright Light in any particular area it's it's Good for lighting up a room for tidying Up at the end of the day just overall General lighting but to work by not as Good as some of the lower Lumen lights And it is the most expensive one in this Test and as you can see on the front Here it also has tool connect now I will Not be downloading the tool Connect app Because just like so many DeWalt tools These days it has so many negative Reviews that I don't want to end up Locking out this tool and never being Able to use it but the tool connect for Certain tools you can control the tool Or you can turn them on and off so other People can't use them you know lock them Out for security and theft reasons but I Won't be testing all of that in this Video because as I say Read the reviews on on the Google Play Store or something and just see just how Bad that happens also like so many DeWalt tools now there really isn't any Metal on this thing it's just lots of Bulbous plastic they seem to just love Putting giant plastic bull bars on Things these days this kind of looks a Lot like the radio I've got and the Whole thing's just your big plastic Monstrosity this is the smallest light

In our test not in lumens but in Physical size it is a very nice compact Light compared to most of the other ones Available it is the haikoki or matabo HPT or Metabo they're all identical the Same lights those three companies are Not identical not all their tools are Identical their batteries are not Identical but the tool itself is Identical between haikoku Metabo and Matabo hbt this is the Metabo HPT which You won't have seen a lot of on this Channel because this is the American Version of a high koki and where I live And where most people in the world live This is called a haikoki not a Metabo HPT mataba HPT just a North American Thing you'll want to know more info About that and the difference is take a Look up in the top Corner up here I like The look of this I like the size of it I Like that it's got a lot of metal around It for heat sinking all around there the Plastic base even though it is plastic Is really rigid and solid it's like on a On a different level to the AEG one and DeWalt you know this is tool quality Plastic even this cover here is super Thick and solid and it's also got a Silicon seal or rubberized sort of seal In there so that it will keep moisture Out of your battery I still haven't got Used to this though I keep going to pull It up and all you do is just push it

Down it opens and then just slam it shut So this is an 18 volt tool so it'll take The haikoku your Metabo HPT 18 volt Batteries but it will also of course Take the multi-volt batteries which are 18 volt and 36 and it'll just run it as An 18 volt and as well as all that it is The first one in the test Actually it's the only one in this test That has a USB port that's right up the Top here you can plug your phone into This and charge your phone up while you Are lighting up your work area next up The Makita now this is another massive Light just like the dewalts pretty Chunky has a movable handle on the top None of the other ones have that it can Swivel a bit further than most of the Others right around like that shut it on The floor that way spin a background Shine it on the floor that way or lock It any other place in between with the Knob on the side like all the others it Is three different settings And as well as that it also has this Diffuser on the front so that's a bit Bright on the eyes which it is you can Put that over and it's slightly nicer to Look at and it diffuses the light and Throws it around a bit more in different Directions it has a very sturdy base These are metal and we've got areas here To attach it to a tripod but not the Thread like the other ones you've got to

Put the bolt right through the tripod a Little bit more time consuming some nice Rubber feet on the bottom now in some Parts of the world some Asian countries At least have a couple of hooks here Where we have these blanked off pieces Of plastic and those hooks you wrap the AC lead around but this one does not Have AC in this part of the world but it Does have this So if we look in the back we have an 18 Volt battery But on the right hand side we have a Spot for an xgt battery so this tool Will run on either can't put them both In there at the same time unfortunately But basically it's an 18 volt tool that Will also run on a 40 volt Max battery Has a nice seal around here to keep Moisture out anyway that's only a 3600 Lumen light so it's about 10 percent Less than some of the other ones in this Test and last up we have the Milwaukee Which is sort of mid-size in this group When it comes to physical size and as For lumens it's a 4000 Lumen light it's Quite plasticky feeling a bit like the DeWalt and the AEG unfortunately It doesn't have the threaded base there So you can't thread it directly onto a Tripod it doesn't have any rubber feet It's got some holes here to hook it up On a wall on screws it can fit a 12 amp Hour high output battery it has three

Light settings just like the others head Moves like so from straight up at the Ceiling two down on a sort of 45 degree Towards the ground sort of angle not a Lot more to it although it does have one Very good feature on the side so this One runs on DC or AC but you need a Dedicated lead for that you can't just Plug in an extension lead like the AEG Model so unfortunately you've got to Keep that lead somewhere else because it Doesn't have storage on the tool maybe If you always use that you just wrap Around it of course but I don't like Things that run on AC but don't have the Cord attached or stored on it in some Way because you know you misplace the Lead all the damn time and then you Can't use it for AC maybe in a future Video we'll get to look at the big boys The 10 000 Lumen lights and compare Those Because that's a big step up right let's Now take a look at them all together I'm Going to talk about something now that I Don't normally talk about and that's Price I don't talk about price because I Don't know where you live I don't know Where it costs where you live and prices Fluctuate all the time but at the time Of making this video the AEG clearly the Cheapest by a considerable margin next Was Bosch next haikoki next Milwaukee Then Makita and a big jump up to the

DeWalt the DeWalt is around three times The price of the AEG the high koki comes In as the smallest most compact nice Little unit then the Bosch is the next Smallest followed by the Milwaukee the AEG and then these two big monsters here And if all those intros confused you About which one had the most lumens and What have you well the AEG is the lowest With 3500 then the Makita with 3600 These three at the front all four Thousand and the DeWalt jumps up to five Thousand what about getting them wet Well The Milwaukee the Bosch and the AEG Don't have any protection for the Batteries the batteries are Exposed on The back of the tool the Milwaukee is Sort of underneath not too bad the Bosch Is quite Exposed on the back and the AEG As well as having an exposed battery has A lot of vents along the top edge of the Tool where moisture could go straight in If it began to rain it is however very Good where it plugs into the AC that is Well protected on the AEG not so well Protected on the Milwaukee because once You have it plugged in This is open So if that's sort of jammed open There's like no way for the lead to get Out of there that I can see so it'll be Jammed open like that bending your lead Over which isn't great either and

Letting in moisture so even though this Tool looks very good for keeping Moisture out it's a very solid well put Together but the battery on the back There Rather exposed the Metabo HPT or high Koki the DeWalt and the Makita all have A battery compartment that is sealed the DeWalt doesn't have a gasket around it To help keep moisture out but the Metabo And the Makita do the Makita and the DeWalt however have vents on the top There's a lot of holes in the top of the DeWalt starts to rain the water is just Going to pour straight into that thing And also the Makita has vents on the top Of it in the front here which also will Let in moisture of course the Metabo HPT Or high koki it balances nicely on that Funny little angle there is by far the Most waterproof looking no vents or Anything that are accessible to moisture It's got the well-sealed battery in the Back just a good little unit now we get Down to the important features run time And how bright these things really are We'll do the run time first now the Runtime is a bit tricky because it seems That these companies don't really want You to know what the run times are they High it or they just don't put it there At all or they give you the run times in The lowest Lumen setting to try and make It sound like they last a long time the

Makita is the only one that in the Manual tells you every battery that they Make and every setting that the tool has And how long it runs on every single Setting on every single battery which is Great some of them give you the runtime Per amp hour which is good I wish they All did that then I can work it all out And everything would be hunky-dory and So when it comes to runtime it's a bit Tricky because I'm not going to test Every single one of these on the lower Setting and on every different type of Battery and yeah it'd just take forever And I do have a life outside of YouTube Videos not much but I do So a combination of my testing and what These tools say they do or what I can Find out about some of them I'm putting It this way that this one lasts the Longest in the lowest setting followed By the Milwaukee then the AEG then the Makita then the Bosch then the DeWalt so If you're going to be using these all Night you're going to need a lot of Batteries or an extension lead if you've Got Milwaukee or the AEG and if you're Interested on what country each one is Made in well I can tell you they're all Made in the same country and on the Count of three that country is what one Two three A nice group effort there exit for that Guy up the back there's a bit dodgy

Right now how about I grab a lux meter And we see how many lumens we can get Out of each of these from a set distance See if they are up to what they say they Are right first up for no other reason Other than it's the one I used to set up This This basic test so I have the Metabo HPT As you can see one meter here away from A lux meter down here this fluctuating Between four thousand and four thousand And twenty lumens so pretty much spot on Now this Lux meter of course not the Greatest thing in the world not a flash One but and you know I don't know the Exact Exact way they test these things but I've got that one meter we're in a white Sort of area firing the light straight At them I'll try and get the lights Angled so they're perfectly pointing at The meter And we'll see if there's any that stand Out as being a bit off Anyway that one's meant to be four Thousand I'm going to do all the four Thousand ones first so up next is the Bosch I can't seem to get the Bosch over 3 300 lumens the Milwaukee although it Doesn't look as bright as the Bosch it Sort of throws over a better area and is A much warmer light and is fluctuating Between 3980 lumens and

4020 lumens that's pretty much bang on Now this one is a surprise because the Makita is coming in at 4 320 lumens And it's only meant to be rated for 3600. So that's interesting it's got the Biggest face on it so far of any of the Lights we're using and I haven't got the Diffuser on it let's put the diffuser on And see what that says it's interesting With the diffuser I'm getting around 2620 lumens So a massive drop with that diffuser Next up AEG so the AEG Blocking my shot of the meter there AEG Rated at 3500 is coming in at 3200. it's A little hard to know exactly which way I should have the little wings angled But I can't get it above 3200 Fluctuating between about 3180 and 3200. Last up the DeWalt nipple light okay This one's going to be a bit tricky to Test because with it sitting like that I Can barely even see the meter because The light's not going anywhere near it But it's fluctuating around 860 lumens So we need to flip it on its side and Angle it a bit more towards the light I Think gonna be pretty much impossible Getting this right but I now have it Angled directly so the Top's pointing at The meter and that's you know there's Still light of course coming straight up

From the sides all the way around so Pretty much impossible to test coming Straight out the top one meter away We're looking at 2100 lumens this thing Does not seem very bright when I had up In my house the other day during the Power cut not very bright at all five Thousand lumens hmm it's scattered so Much that it's pretty hard to tell it is A slightly warmer light than most of the Others with the exception of the Milwaukee I'll now try and show the Light patterns on the wall or in this General area somewhere this is from just Over three meters away and it is the AEG Light The Bosch you take a look it you can see It's a circle of light It doesn't throw light as evenly over a Wide surface it's got sort of defined Edges whereas the others just sort of Fade away but the Bosch has that Definite curve to it DeWalt head on from Three meters turning to the side Hardly any like in Denver head and wall Now but we'll Chuck it in the middle Because that's more what this is Designed for so this is designed more to Light up a whole room from the center Not pointing a light at what you want so You can put on the floor like that or it Has a big hook on the bottom you can Hang it up or you can stick it on a Tripod

And it sort of gives a nice warm even Light to the room sort of if you were Going camping or something it throws a Nice light although it is a bit harsh to Look at with it sitting there on the Floor you can't get away with it seen as It's 360. it's sort of always there The haikoki or matabo HPT Makita with diffuser And here we go wait for it Without diffuser Without diffuser With diffuser The Milwaukee comes on slowly gives it a Bit more dramatic effect And quite a nice warm light and it sort Of fills this room quite nicely Sort of getting well into the corners And stuff it actually looks really nice Right back to the bench let's wrap this Up You're currently looking at about 24 000 Lumens of work light The color of the AEG is probably the Worst in that it's very very LED very White very sort of Bluey White The Makita Bosch and The Metabo HPT I'm going blind sorry Um or hikoki all very white as well but Not as white as the AEG And the Milwaukee and the DeWalt a Little bit more on the orange side of Things

Slightly I'm not sure what the k value Is of those but I'm thinking that the Milwaukee is going to be about five and A half whereas these are more like four And a half And they're very bright when you've got Them all going at once I'm going to be Seeing colored dots for a while after This shot but also to the naked eye The DeWalt seems to be getting washed Out quite a bit by the other lights it Does not look as bright although they Are all very horrible to look straight At very very horrible Try and have these pointing so you don't Have to look at them which is very hard With the DeWalt one because it's going In every direction and this is what they Look like all on their lower settings And I don't know if you can hear The noise The DeWalt is very noisy it's humming Away but it was near that It's the sort of thing that would drive Me nuts Does it on the two lower settings not The top seating as it's restricting the The electricity to the lights it is Buzzing away Which is annoying none of the other ones Nope none of the other ones are doing it Another strike against the poor old DeWalt not looking good for the final Wrap-up giant nipple line so what are my

Final thoughts on these things well We'll get one of them out of the way Straight away I don't like the DeWalt One I know it's a different design and The DeWalt Fanboys are gonna tell me I'm A dick but so be it it's the most Expensive throws out the least amount of Usable light and it has a tool connect System that according to most people That I've seen Seems to be a bit junk and it feels Plastic in yeah and it hums and it's Bulky and you just don't like it okay so That one is out of the running for top Prize so the next one I would eliminate If I Had to choose would be the Bosch It doesn't have a waterproof Battery Area it's awkward to get on the angle You want you can't tilt it how it should Be able to be tilted the single bright Sort of Center light doesn't throw to Light in lots of different directions so It's you end up with dark patches as Soon as you move out of the light and it Can be a bit Awkward for your eyes to adjust and much More likely to trip over things that are Hidden on the floor and the dark patches And things like that unfortunately Bosch You've been eliminated now it starts Getting a little bit trickier So we've got one very large looking Light

Like it's very bulky Very heavy Compared to the other three But it did really punch above its weight When it came to the lumens that it was Throwing out and that's the mosquitoes Throwing out more it's the only one That's thrown out more than what it was Rated for the haikoki or matabo HPT and The Milwaukee the only two that were Bang on AG a little hard to test because Of those wings but it was I couldn't get It quite as high as what they said is a Bit lower the DeWalt of course couldn't Get anywhere near it because of its Design if DeWalt make one like this by The way like everybody else does feel Free to tell me down below because it's Always hard to find Dewalt stuff because Yeah their websites are rubbish Oh this is a real DeWalt bashing video Isn't it I'm gonna get a lot of DeWalt Fan heat mail down in the comments Section so be it I'm also going to get Some from Makita now because I am Knocking Makita out at this point now We're down to our three medalists who's Going to take out the top spot it's Getting tricky now actually because I Like all three of these lights I like The Milwaukee because it's got the Nicest the nicest tone of light the Warmer light than the other ones the AG It's a little brother it's sort of the

Complete opposite it's got a very harsh Light but it's not too bright on the Eyes it's not as harsh to look at Directly because it's sort of not as Bright and those LEDs are spread out a Bit more so it's it's not quite as nasty When you look straight at it which I'm Unfortunately having to do quite a lot Right now the Milwaukee and AEG both can Be plugged into Power although I prefer Way prefer the way that the AEG does it Where you just plug an extension cord Straight into it rather than having Another chord that's kicking around in The back of your van that you you're Going to lose or leave on site somewhere And the fact that it sort of leaves the Side open and isn't waterproof in any Way on the Milwaukee is a little bit Frustrating Um I like also the angles on the AEG Being able to tilt those in different Directions means you can light several Different places at once it's quite cool Quite handy it's very light folds up so That the face of the light is protected When you throw it in the back of your Wagon as well it's not going to get Smashed like the other ones so that's Quite cool I think I do like the AEG Just a little bit more than the Milwaukee the Milwaukee well basically The only thing I like about the Milwaukee is is the color of the light

If they had the color of the light on The AEG The AG would be very very good the AGS Just set a few more lumens and the Warmer light the warmer light mode be a Bit hard to tell on the camera here Because they're all sort of fighting Against each other but I'm now I think Going to remove the Milwaukee from the Competition well you already know what I Do and do not like about the AEG so Let's just cut to the Chase and I'll Tell you that the Metabo HPT or the Haikoki is my favorite let's take a Closer look at it it is the smallest but It's also the sturdiest it just feels Rock Solid I like The Battery area I Like the way it's seals I even like the Latch when I remember how to use it I Like that you don't need to undo a bunch Of knobs to make it twist In time now I don't know whether that Will get too loose and it may not want To stay where you want it but it has a Good range of movement you can even prop It on that front part which is kind of Cool I set it like that quite a lot Surprisingly it has rubber feet it has This 5 8 threaded tripod mount it's got A mount here so you can put on a screw On a wall got a handle that's not Oversized like some of the other ones And the lights up here it's a bit tricky Because they've put the handle in the

Way they didn't think of doing this for YouTube reviewers so you see those five Dots at the top that is the battery life So you can easily see the battery life Super handy the others do not have that Most of them will flash when they get Low this one will do that also but as You can see it's got those five lights Which are clearly visible the Bosch one Has them on the back of the tool not Quite as easy to see but they are there And this one has 15 Steps from I'll show You what it's like when it's on the Lowest See that flash means hey you're at the Lowest point and we've got one little Light up here saying it's at the lowest And there's 15 Steps up to the top So as we go up another light will appear Boom we're in the middle and when it Flashes There's the lightsaber at the top and a Couple more twitches and then bang so Very cool Letting you know when you're nearly There at either end when the batteries Get Low most of these will Flash and Then they'll dim the light for a bit you Get a few minutes to go and get another Battery it doesn't have I can't get it To focus now it doesn't have AC like the AEG in the Milwaukee but it does have a USB charging port at the top there for Your phone which none of the others have

And it's the best when it comes to a Sudden downpour of rain so for all those Reasons the Metabo HPT or the Hi cookie is my favorite 4000 Lumen work Light the Bosch one the Bosch one the Metabo without the HPT is identical to This apart from being slightly darker Green and for some reason having magnets In the bottom so that you can just stick It straight to some steel on the wall Wherever you happen to be working so let Me know down below which light you like The most why you think I got it wrong And I'll leave some other light videos Down there and up here and at the end of This video and stuff and I'll see oh It's doing the old funny lights again I'll see you on another one soon [Music]

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