Trying to give away 11 tools before Christmas, starting with this FLEX 1/4″ Hex Impact!

3 Tips For Getting Cordless Drill Batteries

Are your old cordless drill batteries dead? Battery packs can die for different reasons. And they always die in the middle of a job. Sometimes even after recharging they don’t seem to work anymore and then it’s time to get a new battery pack.

Fakro Wooden Loft Ladders

When searching for a new loft ladder, look no further than the Fakro Timberfold folding wooden ladder. This style of a ladder is a great way to access that attic or loft space with hardly any effort. It is very easy to install and you could be using your new ladder the same day it arrives.

Telescoping Ladder – A Helpful Tool For the Garage Organizer

A telescoping ladder is a fancy title for a simple and extremely useful tool. If you are an avid garage organizer, this device will save a lot of space and possibly some money in the long run. A telescoping ladder is one that retracts and compacts into a small size for easy storage; the ladder can be pulled vertically up or down at different locking levels to provide the desired height needed for a project or reaching something that you just cannot reach on your feet.

Power Nailer – 3 Questions You Need to Ask Before You Buy!

The power nailer is a very efficient tool that will drive a lot of nails in a short period of time. Doing a job in less time means more money! This feature alone makes the power nailer very popular with construction crews.

Chainsaw Repair – Learn How to Preform Proper Maintenance on Your Chainsaw

Chainsaw repair is not for the unskilled. This is a very dangerous tool, and if something goes wrong, you could easily lose an arm, or even your life if not careful. However, if you insist, I will show you how to preform some proper maintenance on your chainsaw.

Equipment Rentals – The Advantages of Renting Equipment

If you need tools or machines for DIY projects, do not start worrying about the costs of such items. Instead, consider equipment rentals, since you can save money and storage space, in addition to enjoying other benefits.

Maintenance of Mower Blades

For mowing your lawn you can get different types of mowers in the market. The size and type of blades of the mower depends entire on the land mower. Every lawn mower has a product identity where each land mower requires special kinds of blades. Different brand names with different product identities require different types of blades. Many manufacturers manufacture various types of mower blades for various mowers. What is important is the measure of the blade which helps to do the mowing job. The size of the blade of the mower indicates the size of grass which can be mowed.

Maglite LED Conversion – 1 Simple Conversion to Improve Your Old Maglite

If you have any old MAGLITE’s laying around, what I would suggest to do is convert them to an LED, using a Maglite LED conversion kit. Listed below is a very simple way of doing your own LED Conversions right at home. It is very easy to upgrade your old maglite to LED, all you really need to do is replace the halogen bulb with a MAG-LED module.

Essential Beekeeping Supplies and Equipment

Beekeeping supplies vary from beekeeper to beekeeper, depending upon the type of hive. However, the basic supplies required by almost all beekeepers include bees, hives, swarms, nuc boxes and frames. It is also important to buy bee medication and mite control supplies, so that you can gain more profits from beekeeping.

Choosing a Great Flashlight

Flashlights come in many different types and styles. It can be tough to know which to choose. Here’s an explanation of some of the kinds of flashlight you can get.

Ergonomic Garden Tools – The Most Common Types and What to Consider When Purchasing

This article discusses the most common types of ergonomic garden tools and what to look for when selecting the right one. Design and Quality Construction are key.

What Are Data Loggers?

Technological advancements have made collecting and storing data much faster, easier, and more efficient. One such advancement is the use of Data Loggers. A data logger is a device that is used to store data. These devices read a number of different types of electronic signals to collect the data and then they store the data in internal memory that can be downloaded to a computer when needed.

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