BREAKING! 6 Milwaukee Announcements in ONE DAY!

Makita 5012B – Chainsaw Powerhouse

The Makita 5012B is really a lightweight 11.five amp electrical chainsaw that may rev to up to about 5500 feet-per-minute with its chains and teeth for high-speed cutting. This Chainsaw is created up of polycarbonate housing which is completely long lasting.

Black and Decker Alligator Lopper Electric Chainsaw

The Black and Decker Alligator Lopper is really a regular lopper with two handles and two jaws. Like most standard loppers, it’s utilized in cutting and trimming branches. Nevertheless, the similarities end there- this alligator lopper is really a extremely specialized device.

A Malfunctioning Ceiling Fan Can Become A Safety Risk – Beware

Do you want to avoid the risk of your ceiling fan shooting sparks all over your bed? Sounds scary? Definitely.

Soundproofing Materials Needed For an Outdoor Generator Enclosure

There are several different materials that could make a good soundproof generator enclosure. This is a list and some facts about each.

Sears Tools to Attain Maximum Efficiency

Whether you want to build a deck for yourself or paint a room, install some device or hang a door on the exterior, you need tools and the best tools can be obtained at Sears Tools for the most attractive of prices. You can find all varieties of tools that you can shop at discounts too for home security, safety, power appliances and for using in the garage.

Using Extension Ladders – Five Steps to Safety

Using extension ladders can be a daunting task for somebody who has never used them before. Not only can extensions extend to a very high level. Accidents are not uncommon so apprehension is understandable.

Model Makers Will Just Love This 10×20 Midi Lathe

Anyone that has a home workshop has probably always wanted their own lathe. If you are a model maker or just love to build things, your own midi lathe lathe will take you up to the next level. Turning a piece of raw, rough steel into a fine work of art, because that’s what model making is, can be almost zen like in satisfaction.

Sheet Metal Forming Process Advantages and Disadvantages

Sheet metal enclosure manufacturing involves many different sheet metal forming processes such as roll forming, stamping, peen forming and more. This list compares the good and bad of each process so you can determine the proper one for your own unique requirement.

Understanding Sheet Metal Fabrication Basics

All press brakes have rating for a maximum bending pressure, or tonnage. This rating can then be the basis for calculating the press brake’s bending capacities. This is done through an understanding of basic factors affecting the formability of metal.

Facts About Mini Excavators

In choosing and purchasing your construction equipment, there are lots of things to consider. The most and first thing to consider is the safety and quality that you can get with your machine. You have to make sure that you will get quality outcome, guaranteed satisfaction and suitable with your budget.

Effective Electric Circular Saw

Electric circular saw is a saw with blades in circular form used for cutting steel or wood. It comes in circular form which is perfectly designed for this kind of application. The good thing about this type of blade is that it is very strong, enough to cut those strong steel. This is the primary reason why people prefer to use this type over ordinary saw.

Pumps, Used in the Private House

The main element of water supply system in the private house is for sure a pump. It should have enough performance not only to supply water to the house, but also it should be enough for watering the parcel, filling pools, etc. There are many varieties of pumps.

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