Battery Powered AEG Post Hole Borer. Can it Drill Holes up to 300mm (12″) in Diameter?

Testing out the AEG (Ridgid) Post Hole Borer or Earth Auger. It runs on 2 18v batteries, but can it compete with Gas Powered?
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Yes, AEG and Ridgid are the same.

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Cheers to @AEGPowertoolsNewZealand for hooking me up with this kit.

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Look what a have sent me to show you Guys oh we could have some fun with this Could we let's take a look in the box She's um going to require some assembly As you can see here it's the hand area All needs to be put together we got two 4 A batteries in this kit and to charge Those two 4 A batteries we strangely Have two charges instead of one dual Charger they bunged in two single Chargers which I find really odd when Companies do that I know it'll be a Price cutting thing but you know come on Double charger eh so this is what she Looks like when you've put it all Together it's pretty simple we've got Four screws on that side four screws on That side Do up your cable here and you're pretty Much ready to go bung in your your Wobbly one here that is to not break Your wrists and your arms and everything When this thing spins around uh so let's Now take a look at the or no actually First I better tell you the speeds so we Got three speeds on this thing in the Front here speed 1 100 Speed 2 150 Speed 3 200 RPM easily just changed by the Button there and we got a status light Here for if you have a jam or an Overload that's pretty much all there is To it apart from of course how you make It work we've got a Ford and reverse Here got a safety trigger on the side

And the trigger to make it go having a Look at the Orga it is 250 mm or 10 in It's got a pin in the top of course to Hold it in place it's a 19 to 20 mm hole Here in the top to go on the shaft of The post hole Bor it's a pretty standard Size you can buy or is like this almost Anywhere to go on the tool so if you Want to do smaller holes 100 Mil 200 mil 15 maybe even 300 we'll try that I've Got some oras over here maybe we'll give Them a try today like I say 100 150 200 And 300 sitting there but first we will Start with the 250 that it comes with It's got a couple of blades on the Bottom and a nice cork screw to get you Started so we will now go and find Somewhere to dig a hole seen as it's Shaped like this I figured this might be An easy way to put the A On although doesn't seem to be lining up Too well get in there bugger there we go All Good clipped on ready to go yeah she's All good good okay I've got the two 4 A Batteries that came with the kit they Are both fully charged just come off the Charger let's go drill some Holes Okay Maiden hole we're going to start on The slowest speed and we will ramp it up If need be let's Go yeah let's take it up to the next Speed oh she's cutting out already let's

Take it up to speed Three doesn't like this kouya grass by The Looks Now I think it tripped on my leg then Right I'm going to show you this in Action okay that cuts the tool out so it Starts to spin if it catches on anything Hits that you can hear it clicking just Cuts it off then you need to take your Finger off the trigger and way you go [Applause] Again oh see I hit a rock or something There and and it gave me a good kick There is a bit of gravel and stuff in This hole by it looks so this hole is a Bit annoying there's quite a lot of rock Debris like this in there it's clearly Drainage or something and I'm hitting Something a real solid layer there now So not too good for the or so I think We'll go move somewhere else okay Hopefully this is a better spot when you Are digging holes through thick grass it Often pays to just cut a little hole out With a spade food so you don't get grass And stuff Tangled at the bottom that Stops the actual blades from cutting Into the grass uh into the ground sorry But we shouldn't have a problem here There's very little grass feels a lot Softer hopefully there is no metal here Like there was in the last Hole okay got it on top speed I think

Yep lucky [Music] Load Triggered on my Leg Hit my leg [Applause] Again So as you can see she's going down into Some heavy clay now and you could hear It struggling a little bit but it didn't Cut out apart from when it catches a Little bit and hits my leg almost like It needs a slightly wider handle on it So you can get a better grip so it Doesn't twist so Easily got a tiny bit further [Applause] Now what happened then is it missed my First leg and hit my second leg Thankfully so yeah got to be aware of That jeez there's a bit of torque There let's um take it down to the low [Applause] Speed no bit too much resistance down There but that's actually deep enough of What we want anyway how deep have we Gone there about 600 650 2 ft or So that's enough for planting a tree Next up I'm going to try these two so on The left we have a 100 mm or and on the Right a 300 mm or one foot that's going To going to try and spin me around for

Sure but we'll do the 100 first just to Show you how it would work with Different organ that don't come with the Tool so I've done two holes with the 250 Mm Aug we're down one bar on each Battery let's see how we go now with the 100 mm or 4in or top [Music] [Applause] Speed trying to see how long it would go Before cutting out it's got a fair bit Of torque cuzz cuz I think that still Triggered on my leg rather than the tool Overloading so now to get that out a bit Easier I'm going to reverse it out push The reverse button on the trigger handle [Applause] Here and there we go that went in a Piece of cake let's try the big one okay We got the big boy on I don't know how Well this is going to cut into the grass Because it's not only the capacity of The thing you're driving your Orab bits With but the Orab bits themselves are Super important and this is a cheap one With badly angled cutting blades so I Don't hold out a lot of hope we're going To start on the lowest speed here we go One foot Or we uh I Know Shez walking around Let's Go full [Applause] Whack Look at that she's

Off Trigg it on my leg again I think That holds almost what we Need all right Right so we got into the clay again that Did so much better than I thought it was Going to do I didn't know if the machine Would have the torque and I didn't know If that or would actually be any good Because of its shitty cutting surface But we've done a big enough hole there Once you dig out all that loose stuff in There I think that was pretty Good let's take a look at the batteries Here both still showing three Bars right what's next so we've now got A 200 mm or on here I'm just using this To show you the difference in different Types of or bits so this one has a Double Spiral the 300 and the 250 just had the Single spiral and these double ones go a Lot quicker you can dig holes much Faster he's hoping anyway El all look Silly on video here we go top speed 200 Mm 8 in [Applause] Or so much better with a good orabet as You can see just like any other tool you Know you buy a drill and you're trying To drill through with some crappy Hardware store Cheapo bin drill bit you Know the drill bits are blunt and Hopeless same goes with this put a good Orab bit on it and you'll go through

Much quicker so when you come to buy Some Orab bits for this thing get a good One still showing three Bars When you've got too much grass and it Causes a mat like that over the teeth Your blade will not cut so if you you're Not going anywhere fast or slow clean Those off and you'll find all of a Sudden you'll be digging holes Again let's Go See the difference that made just by Cleaning off those Blades now when you use an or postol B Whatever you want to call it people tell You to lift it up and down all the time To clear the dirt and that is true of Some Orab bits but I've found with these Double spiral they fire the dirt up so Well you can see it all on all the all The pieces of the or there drives it up Shoots it out the top and basically you Can go straight down and one go and not Even have to clear the hole cuz it Clears it for you two 250 mm holes one 100 mm hole one 300 mm hole two 200 mm Holes and we are about halfway on our Batteries [Applause] So I was just trying to go one shot deep As I can and it got to the point where I Couldn't hold it anymore but it didn't Cut out so she got plenty of to

Walk Stuff like that's always fun get it Wrapped around your Orot if it's not cutting in pull it out And check it cuz no point pushing down And straining your guts when you don't Have to let's Go so as you can see when there's Nothing on it it goes in much Quicker it's been something planted here Before I Think it's died potty Mix tool is starting to struggle we're Down to one bar on each Battery [Music] Still got a fair bit of talk there Though that's me trying to stall it Again but it hit my Leg look at all That okay will we get one more hole out Of it so ideally if you dig a square Hole like I've done here will be much Easier to start your or you won't have The grass matting around your cutting Blades not only that if you're doing a Hole for plants if you're putting trees Down in here like we are here then Ideally you want a square hole cuz if You plant a plant into a round hole and It's hard soil The Roots will just Follow and go round and round and it Will basically strangle itself won't be Able to get any good support Roots down

Makes it easier to blow over easier to Drown when there's lots of rain so if You cut a square hole The Roots will go Out they'll hit the corner and it's Pretty hard for them to do a right angle So they'll keep going straight through Whereas once they start following that Circle they just go around and round and Sometimes you'll pull out a tree that's Been in there for years and the roots Are basically the same size diameter as When you planted it anyway we're not Here to talk about planting trees we're Here to dig holes can we get one more Out of this thing let's Go Oh Beauty that's a good looking Hole will this be the last Hole Too much stuff stuck around the Blades just simple stuff like grass mats Up on the teeth there stops from cutting There's the there's the culprit there See where the blade was it's just trying To push dirt through dirt rather than Cut the dirt amazing how strong grass Is that's where you dig a hole First Oh Than struggling a little bit now Me and the Tool that's the fastest speed not even Enough to throw the um clay off at this Stage well how many holes have we done

Let's count them up so I got 12 holes of Various sizes with the 250 on it you see Looking at around 10 holes depending on The soil on a paer of 4 amp hour Batteries so you know if you've got nice Sandy loomy soil you might get W you Know another another 50% more holes it's Something hard with a lot of rocks and Stuff in it and there a lot of stopping And starting and trying to push its way Through you might only get eight or Something if you're putting up a short Length of fence or planting a few trees Then it's no bother at all and yes this Tool is currently leaning on an old Exploded Bomb don't ask me where that came from So what do you reckon is it any good What do you want to see it up against Let me know down in the comments what You think and I'll see you all on Another one again soon cheers AEG for Flicking me this it's um been very handy Digging these holes for trees over the Past few days remember to like And Subscribe and all that stuff and I'll See you follows next time cheers Guys what's over there oh look might be Another Bombom a

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