Introducing The Latest Makita 40v Chainsaws!

Who doesn’t love chainsaws! Don’t bother telling me you don’t, I know you do or you wouldn’t be here. Today we (who’s we?) take a look at the New Makita 40v UC022G and discuss it’s new friends, the UC021G, UC023G, UC024G, UC025G and UC026G. That’s a lot of new chainsaws! How do they stack up against previous Makita 40v Chainsaws…?


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I can't fit all of these on my review Bench at once so we might have to um Narrow this down a bit what do you [Music] Reckon the chainsaws we are going to Look at today are these two or these six Or this one depending on how you look at It what do I mean by that well there's Six different chainsaws but they all Have the same body so basically this bit Here with the motor and everything in it Is identical over six different Variations so we have three that have This area three that look like this and Three different bar lengths for each one Those bar lengths being 300 350 or 400 Mm or 12 in 14 in 16 in so the uc0 21g And the uc0 22g and the uc0 23g will Have this style of cover removal and Blade adjustment whereas the 24 25 and 26 let's get that a bit further out of The way have good oldfashioned captive Nuts on there loosen a couple of nuts And then you can adjust your chain or Take the nuts off this style here is More of a home gamer DIY style you don't Need any tools just do it like that and You can take the whole cover off or you Can just loosen it and then adjust the Tension on your chain a little bit loose There let's Crank That round a bit Tighten her up see just tighten or Loosen it like so and then once you got It in the right position tighten that

Back up flick that over poke that in and You're ready to go in my opinion if you Are using these all the time and you're Throwing it around this is a far more Sturdy and fail safe design yes you do Need to have a tool to take those off But you know if you've ever used Chainsaws you've always been doing that Anyway there's a lot less to go wrong With this this is far more inclined to Break so I kind of classify that as an Occasional use style system and a Professional system they all have the Same style chains which maybe possibly a Different in different parts of the World I'm not 100% sure on that but they Are 80 txl chains and they are 325 pitch And the body can run that chain at 25.5 M a second and it can put out 1,600 Watts and according to makita's website 3.4 kgs now not sure if that's with the Bar and the chain or whether that's just The body but it sounds like it's a lot Lighter than the 18vt equivalent by 18vt I mean the 18 * 2 equivalent which I Will Chuck up on the bench in just a few Moments but first up let's just have a Closer look at the main body here and What it's got going on so you can see There is a a faing line here black Felling line they had that on the Previous model as well but wasn't black So you couldn't really see it we've got The adjuster for your Oiler just

There power Button which is a bit different which We'll talk about when I compare it to The 18vt one but those of you who are Familiar with all the different Chainsaws will notice there's something A little bit different here and then we Come to the battery compartment which is A little bit odd this is going to um This is going to get up the nose of some Of you so 4 a battery oh good no Problems there 5 a we are good to go the Big boy the 8 a As they say Houston we have a problem What's that Tony yeah I know Mate doesn't even fit I'm not doing it Wrong it can't physically fit bro take a Look man take a look sticks out past the Edge so there is no away an 8 Amp Hour Battery can fit as I told you when I Told you about this tool actually quite Some time ago Tony one of my updates Let's now get the lxt version up here on The bench and compare them eh on the Left we have the DU 353 and on the right The UC 022 G both of these having 14in Or 350 mm bars and chains on them you Can see here that the 40 volt is a Little chunkier little wider little sort Of fatter bit chunkier up the front Front here a little bit taller it looks More the shape of a real chainsaw this Is a little slim and sort of longer

Looking battery each side of course to Make it 36 Vols this one just the one Battery chucked in the middle fing line Like I said black on here but just teal Colored on the 18 by2 version handles Pretty similar brakes at the front of Course pretty much the same let's spin Them around they both have metal bucking Spikes the oil reservoir and the 18x two Just a standard cap like so whereas the 40 volt has got the new version where You push down like so pops up a little Handle and then you tweak that little Handle around it's not too tight and Away you go flick it back push that back Down keeps anything out of the way from Getting caught and knocked off on Branches and what have you and the only Other difference I can see is that the 18 by2 has the battery gauge here on the Top because you can't push them on the Batteries when the batteries are in Place whereas with the 40 volt of course You can just push the button better not Pick up that one push the button on the Battery when it's in there no problem at All won't that fill up with dust and Water and Tools no cuz they got a hole in There so that's basically the Differences between them apart from this Area here which some of you will have Already noticed no doubt so let's take a Look at what is actually

Different about these Triggers if we just move them away from The wall a little bit just in Casey Check in a Battery turn each one On 7 8 9 10 so in around the 10 second Mark or just under the 18vt one has Turned itself off whereas the 40 volt One is still going yay That's something that I know a lot of You including myself got pretty pissed Off about that every time you pick it up Pull the trigger a damn it turn the damn Thing on you hold your finger on that Way you go and then you put it down get Your next cut ready and then you pull The trigger and ah the damn thing's Turned off again where is this one as You can see still going so that is good This one must be about to turn off again For the second time there it goes so This one from what I gather has there's About a 5 minute Timeout on it but Because it's got a 5 minute timeout They've had to add an extra little Safety precaution here so on this one You just as long as that's down you can Pull the trigger so as soon as you grab It your hand automatically pushes that Down and you pull the trigger this one You got to slide your hand forward push Down and then pull the Trigger why is the light flashing why Isn't it going tools cuz I got the

Brakes activated on both of these so They won't go now this one 25.5 m/ Second chain this one only 20 m/s this One you can have a maximum of 36 Vol at 6 amp if you have two 6 a batteries on It but the 6 a batteries aren't that Great on this you are far better off Just using fives and that basically Makes it the same as the highest you can Do on this which is as you've already Seen 40 vol 5 amp which is of course 36 Volts at 5 amps really so like that These are both exactly the same should Have similar runtime in a way I'm not Sure yet cuz I haven't tried them this One may have a more efficient motor but This one runs a bit slower so might run Longer which one's got the most Tor who Knows we're going to find that out Shortly but first I'll just show you This compared to the remember the first Big 40 volt one that came out let's Compare it to that I had to move the Camera back a little bit because this One is much more of a beast than this One as you can see this one fits in the 8 amp battery yay so what is this this Is the uc01 3G still here on the right The uc02 2G they have the same speed They supposedly both put out 1,600 wats But this one is rated for larger bars And chains and can have bigger batteries As you can see this one has a 450 mm or 18in bar on it this one only a 14 in 350

Mil so 4 in or 100 mm shorter than this One according to Makita this one 12 in To 18 in this one 12 in to 16 in so some Of the differences well this is a lot Heavier this has a metal handle with a Rubber over molding bit here this is Plastic it also has some metal in the Front where the brake connects let's get This one out of the way a little bit so This one a little bit more real chainsaw Looking again bit nicer sort of finished Than the newer one' got some big cast Aluminum there but basically all the Same sort of features there's your um Oil Reservoir the fing line on this one is Just the teal color if you use such Things of course but the biggest Difference is it it feels heavy it looks Much bigger and it has a bigger bar of Course now what about this area here Let's turn them both on again and we Will see just how long this big boy Lasts oh we've got an issue here why is This flashing red oh I've got a flat Battery in it that's Why let's put the four in this one's Already turned off let's turn that one On let's turn that one back on so this One doesn't have this area here looks Gone already um it is just a handle like The 18vt one that we just looked at and It's gone already and so as you can see That one turns off real quick turns off

Even quicker than the 18vt one what do We like 5 Seconds that's crazy 1 2 3 Four 5 5sec timeout this one still going And I turned it on before that one so That's that's going to be nice I like That as long as that not annoying and It's not really it's very easy to just Yeah it folds down easy it's smooth it's Not sharp or uncomfortable so that's Good Yeah Hopefully that won't be annoying should Be less annoying than having to push This damn button all the time oh we Better talk about like CC ratings right They say that this one equivalent to Well depending on where you look which Country Mita New Zealand are now saying This is 40 cc equivalent some places say Up to 42 this one 35 and move over guys this one 32 32 35 40 42 and the top handle if you are Interested the top handle 40 volt rated At 30 top Handles in case you haven't Worked out are my favorite type of Chainsaws these days for most things but If you want to get stuck into big stuff You need to start getting into these Larger rear handle saws and look it's Still gone right anyway enough talk Let's go cut some this is what I'm Going to be cutting with the chainsaws Today it's three pieces of 6p 2 or if You are in the US it's three pieces of

Of 2×6 this is just around the 140x 140 Mark or just under 6 in x 6 in square This will hopefully give a fairly even Test over all of the chainsaws that I'll Be using today I have marked there's a Mark up there I've marked where these Big knots and things to try and make it As even as possible but for those of you Who just love to complain about do It now down in the comments and I'll get Cutting first up the nice and new and Clean UC 022 G with a freshly charged 5m Battery ready to go she's so clean not For long [Applause] Next up the big boy 40 volt the 13 with A freshly charged battery as you can see Let's see how good this one goes much Heavier Timber wanted to move away then well That's a bit of a beast let's try it With the 5 amp with a 5 aamp power Battery fully charged will it make any Difference on the big boy here Oo did feel a little bit slower I'll Have to put them next to each other in The video like This I'm feeling okay it's Good feeling So I've been Rearrange CH and these boys next up the 18 by2 two freshly charged 5m batteries Let's see how this one goes can it hang With the 40 volts

So still a good little sore but as you Can see just had to back it off a little Bit so that it didn't store does anyone Want to see the top handle oh God then We've got it here with the 5 a battery Fully charged why am I putting the five On look there's heaps of space there why Don't you Chuck the eight on seeing as You use the eight in the other one well In case you haven't watched my channel Before let me just show you Why ah so just like the other 40 volt Chainsaw the 22 through 26 you can't put It on There so five it is [Music] [Music] Great little Chainsaw let's just do a stall testing Stall test Top handle stall [Music] [Applause] TST 22 stall test [Applause] Now did you notice something happening There something different from the other Models you got your finger on the Trigger and this thing jams up and Stalls you just release the pressure It'll start up again you don't have to Take your hand off the trigger and then Put it back on again Oh jeez Milwaukee Makita aren't going to

Be happy with that are they Makita you Need to send me a jumper okay stalling The big boy I'm going to go with the 5 a Battery cuz I think that'll make more of You happy who knows anyway let's see how This one goes [Music] So just wants to go for it this thing Much harder to stall and as you saw well Maybe you didn't see but had to take my Finger off the trigger each time when it Did stall to start a backup unlike the 22 that you just saw if you can just Keep your finger on the trigger it jams You release the pressure it starts up in A way go again bit more like a a real Chainsaw sun has come out and we're Going into the Sun a bit but hopefully It's not too bad on the camera cuz now We're entering the kids don't try this At home section so this is the new model The 22 let's see how it goes with This that's pretty cool that worked Really well with that chain I like that Was quick and [Applause] Easy and depending on the chain and the Saw you've got you can't always do [Music] That all these are telling me that'll be Better off Dead they're pting Me there we go so if you want to cut Notches and stuff you can quite easily

With this particular Tool there you go look at that I was Trying to do that with the 40 volt top Handle with that different chain that It's got uh very very tricky you can do It but it's painful you got to push like Crazy it just doesn't want to cut in That orientation whereas this one dead Easy it's a good little saw I'm liking It good accompaniment to the top handle Now unfortunately you can't just Chuck Any old chain and any old bar on the Chainsaws because they are different I Couldn't perfectly compare these tools Because the 18 by2 has a different chain To the top handle 40 volt which has a Different chain to this tool and all the Ones in this range right up to the big 013 these are 325 pitch the other two The 40 volt top handle and the 18 by2 a 38 pitch and that means wellow let's go Ahad and have a look now when you buy a Makita chainsaw so it will come with an Oregon chain and when it comes to Replacing that chain there's a few Things you need to know these three bars Are all the same length they're all 350 Mm or 14 in but you can't just buy a Chain that length and throw it on Because there is some differences with Them the two things you need to look out For is the pitch and the gauge now the Gauge is essentially the width of this Tiny little guide here that runs inside

Your bar so if you don't get that right You will Jam potentially if you get a Bigger chain than your bar it'll jam up You'll be there'll be too much friction If you get a chain that's too small for The groove in your bar then it's going To wobble around and cause other issues With your bar wearing it out on one side Or the other so that's one thing you've Got to look out for and the other thing Is the pitch now the pitch is the Distance between the links basically so Between the back of this link and the Back of that link cut that in half that Would be the pitch so if we measure this Middle one for instance we will see that Between two points it's around the 19 mm Mark or 3/4 of an inch cut that in half Cut 3/4 of an inch and half you get 38 Of an inch so that's the number you need To look out for 38 of an inch another Thing to look out for is the number of Links which is pretty much dictated by The pitch but if you've got a fairly Good chainsaw it will be written on your Chainsaw somewhere or on the bar as it Is here now the measurements of the Pitch and the gauge are usually done in Inches but sometimes they're done as a Decimalized version of an inch and Sometimes they're done as a fraction of An inch so on this particular one we Have 3/8 in Pitch which gives us 52 Links and the gauge is 043 of an inch or

1.1 mm now that's all written here on The bar so if you ever forget you can Always check it on there it's engraved Into the bar so that when it rubs off Hopefully you'll still be able to find It if you really need to now these two Are pretty similar one is off the 40 Volt top handle one is off the 18 by2 Rear handle but this one here is off the New one that we've been looking at in This video the 022 G and it is quite Different it has a 325 pitch which means We have a shorter distance between those Links which gives us more links so these Two 52 links this one 59 so that not Only gives you a smoother run around Your bar particularly around the Sprocket on the end here and around the Drive on the other end but not only that It also gives us the option to have more Cutting teeth because basically if You've got 52 links you've got 26 teeth Cut it in half so you get a few extra on This one but it does mean you can't put This chain on this bar or this bar not Only can you not put them on the bars You can't put it on the tool itself Because you can't put on the bar because These sprockets in the end here are Different so so if we take a look at the End of one of these you'll see it has a Moving part there a sprocket to help Guide your chain around not all Chainsaws have that but most most do

Most good ones do some smaller bars Don't that just helps stop friction on The end of here makes your blade run Smoother less friction less heat your Bar in theory should last longer and Your Cuts should be quicker and easier And blah blah so because the pitch is Different that needs to be different to These too and it needs to be different Inside the tool let's take a look at That this is the inside of the 022 which Is nicely full of sawdust as you can see Now it has a whole lot of holes in the Drive gear here and those line up with The pitch on your chainsaw so if you've Got the wrong pitch then the chain will Not sit nicely in those and it'll bounce Around or jam and cause other problems So when you go to get a replacement make Sure you get the right pitch and the Right gauge one day I might get around To making a video just about chains Because that's that's the basic bits you Need to know but there's lots of other Things as well there's different sorts Of teeth different rakes on them Different styles of teeth whether you're Ripping whether you're doing cross Cuts You can get teeth for cutting dirt you Can get teeth these days for cutting Stone and even metal but one way to not Forget keep the bag that The Chain came In for next time I always do this I Don't know why though because when I go

To buy a chain I never take it with me Or write it down beforehand so I've Still got to work it out and make sure I Remember the right one when I get there Thankfully I always seem to get it right And if you look carefully at the chains They will have numbers on them as well We look here there is an 80 that's Because this is an 80 txl chain from Origon so that gives you a clue there There is sometimes numbers on the links And On let's see if we can find any other Numbers on here No sometimes they have numbers that give Away the gate Age and the pitch this is what it looks Like on the bar itself so Makita G9 bar 325 pitch 59 links this is the gauge 1.1 Mm or 043 of an inch and it's a 35 CM Bar so you got all the info there so There's no excuse for you getting the Wrong chain when you need to replace it Let's see if I can use the UC z2g to Make this log into a seat Where's Tony when you need him no wonder My back's always bloody stuffed now for This cut I'm going to use this this Should be the best battery to use for This particular chainsaw because it has The same power as the five we were using Earlier but this is an F battery just Like the five this puts out as much Whack as that 5 a but it's much lighter

Has half as many cells in it this has Tabless 21700 cells the 5 amp we were Using has 20 that's right 208 650 the Non-t cells which I guess you could call Tab cells anyway I'll do all the cuts And we'll see how long this thing lasts It is of course freshly off the charger [Music] Piece of cake look at that beautiful oh Smells awesome this is macra Cara Sitting on my driveway for jeez I don't Know year 18 months I've been trying to Work out what to do with it didn't get The smoothest end on there did I oh it's The next cut that's going to be the Tricky one now I was going to sort of Cut in here cut in here Flatten that bit out and leave the Natural bits on the end but is there any Point in that or shall I just scalp the Whole thing H give me a second I think I'll just go with flattening the whole Thing now it's 220 mm on this end which Is what nearly 9 in and at this end Where's my finger there it is at this End it's about 270 so we've got 50 mil difference so I Need to take 50 mil more off that end Ideally than this end it's going to be Fun but stuff it up well there's a good Amount of firewood is it I suppose so I've marked a start line on the smaller End and then we come up to the larger End and this cut here is actually pretty

Much where I want my blade to come Out what's the chance of that well You're about to find out after those First two cuts still showing four Bars how many will it drop ripping this Piece of wood because ripping much for a [Music] Chaser all I saw was the Devil my A [Music] [Music] Ah come on we're nearly there oh no out Of juice battery is done got a red Flashing light on the tool the power Button and the battery's got the Green Flash and light she is cooked going to Have to change it out we'll finish it Off with a five with three bars showing [Music] We did it it made it that battery's Still showing three bars let's see if It's any good let's move the camera First these muscle spasms hit me so Deep okay so she's not super flat but It'll work for a seat I'll just um hit It with a B sand or something to take Off any any big edges like that yeah I Think that's going to work a treat just Got to find some legs for it I do have Some other bits of macro carer I might Use for the legs and if you're wondering About the gloves I was wearing in this Video they are of course made by Makita

They've got the impact protection areas There over all your knuckles and stuff Which is good yet they've got plenty of Movement they're not stiff or anything Like some brands are and they have Fingers that you can can operate your Smartphone with or your video camera When you're making YouTube videos so It's nice and handy not having to whip Them off all the time so yeah I'll put Some links down in the description to Those if you are interested as for the Saw it's it's a nice saw it's I like how Light it feels it just feels really Light I mean it feels lighter when you Pick it up one-handed than this does it Must just be the orientation of the Handle because this is definitely Heavier but it's well weighted well Balanced it just feels nice especially Compar to the big one in the back there Although if you are wanting a more Commercial style saw then this one in The back's a bit better it's a bit Sturdier got some metal on it this Thing's very plasticky hence why it's so Light this has got a plastic handle for Instance this has got a metal handle There's a lot more metal in the Construction of this thing than there is In this one and of course you've got the Option with this one to have like I said At the beginning this easy style of Removing your chain and tightening your

Chain but you can do it like that as Well with the Aid of a scrinch how does The song go Tony not quite a screwdriver Not quite a wrench what is it it's a Scrinch cheers Tony so if you are a Homeowner and you just want to use a Chainsaw every now and again then this Is probably the style to go weightwise It's nice easy to use this is all nice And easy no tools Needed if you're a pro you want to go That style which are these SS though out Of these three three is my favorite M so The we got the top handle there the new One and the old big one it's hard to say I would rule out this because unless I'm Cutting really big stuff all the time It's just heavy and you know you don't Need that weight a lot of the Time so oh it's a toss-up between these Two actually I mean I love this top Handle I love this top handle because You can use it one-handed whereas the Rear handle SS you do need the two hands They're used for different purposes Obviously this is an arborous chainsaw Somebody will have already put that down In the comments it's not a top handle Chainsaw it's an arborous Chainsaw um it's easier to say top and Rear when you've got two of them next to Each other like this for everybody to Understand but whether I like it more Than the top handle I don't know but it

Is a good addition to the Makita lineup Of Chainsaws and one that I thought they Would have released first before they Released that one seen as it's basically The equivalent of the old 18 by2 how Does it compare to the 18 by2 well it's Got better torque better trigger area Which is nice doesn't turn off all the Time which while I was using it for Making the video was very Noticeable compared to you know using These other ones which turn off all the Damn time so it's nice that they've Listened to what everybody had to say About that and changed that particular Function and I guess that's about all I've got to say because this video is Very very long I just thank these guys Here for helping make these videos Possible and I have a bunch of M stuff Sitting just behind this camera that I Need to video that you guys are all Going to be very interested in this Latter half of 2024 is going to be very Big on the Makita front so if you're Interested in that and you haven't Already subscribed you know what to do I Got a splitting headache I'm out of here Cheers all I want to do is [Music] Sleep M yeah

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