Went CHEAP On A Battery Generator For Charging Batteries In My Trailer To Charge Tools! Mistake?

Keeping Out Nosey Neighbours: The Fasteners and Fixings You Will Need for a Privacy Fence

When someone says “privacy fence,” what image comes to mind? For many, it is the image of Wilson peeking over the top of a tall wooden fence on an episode of Home Improvement. Unlike Wilson, though, not every neighbour is full of helpful advice and problem solving skills.

3 Tips For Finding the Best Cordless Drill

Searching for the Best Cordless Drill for your needs can be a time consuming process. This handy innovation has come along way since Wilhelm Emil Fein brought his invention to the world in 1895. Today you will have a large selection to choose from, different voltage, battery types & in a variety of price ranges. In this article I’ll go through what I believe to be the most import things to consider.

Safety and Tips On Using Your Portable Worklight

Today’s portable worklights offer so much in safety that helps to create a great working environment. Shop around to find well-built worklights that offer a lot of safety features. No worry worklights can give you the assurance that they are safe to use anywhere, in any circumstance, and even with small children and pets around.

In Review: Porter-Cable’s 560 Quik Jig Pocket Hole Joinery System

Designed to help users make a tight, clean and glue-free wood joint, this jig takes pocket hole joinery to an entirely new level. With the technology to manage all the brain work for you, this jig allows users to create a perfect wood joint with unique simplicity and surprising ease. In fact, the jig is smart enough to take, essentially, all the real work out of pocket hole joinery. Discover what makes this jig so accommodating and how it could enhance the way you woodwork.

No Generator Output? Flashing The Field To Fix Or Troubleshoot

Field flashing, also known as exciting the generator, is a procedure that may restore the generator’s ability to produce electricity. Even if flashing doesn’t fix the generator, it’s the best troubleshooting method to check whether the voltage regulator or “AVR” is functional, or if the power generation issues are more serious.

Back to the Basics: Building Your Tool Inventory

Both personally and professionally, we all know the importance of having the right tools on hand. While we prefer to plan our DIY projects, some occur unexpectedly. Do you have all the tools you’ll need? Let’s take inventory: Hammer. They come in various sizes and weights, so find one that is comfortable. The uses are endless, for both indoor and outdoor projects.Check your wood deck for loose boards or nails that are popping up. If you’re still using your 2 lb. hand weight to hang pictures, it’s time to invest in a good hammer!

Hand Me That Special Tap, Will You?

If you grew up in the city or suburbs like this girl, tools may not be your first point of interest. Stop relying on your man and learn something about tools.

Tractor Driven PTO Generator – Read Before You Use One

Tractor powered PTO generators have proven to be very low maintenance. Correct initial setup will ensure that no expensive damage to the pto generator or the electrical equipment that is being powered occurs for several thousand hours.

Best Cordless Combo Kits

Read an article on how to go about choosing which is he best cordless combo kit for you. What considerations to make before you buy, if you are thinking of buying a tool kit.

Generator Duty, Standby Vs Prime

Is your generator a standby power outage backup, or will it be running 24/7 on the construction site? Generators are purpose built with their end use in mind. They all look alike, but there are radical differences in their construction which will impact both pricing and lifespan.

Diesel Generator Sizing For Standby And Prime Usage

Diesel powered generators must be sized properly to avoid engine damage. Whether sizing a prime or standby emergency backup generator, the following tips will help ensure that the diesel engine has an inexpensive and trouble free life.

Quiet Generators In Winter Weather, Preventing Engine Damage

Quiet generators, otherwise known as sound attenuated, or silent power have become very popular in standby emergency backup applications as well as on construction sites and movie sets. They work great in moderate climates, but when the mercury drops, modifications are necessary to prevent engine damage.

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