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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you how to use the Gozney Roccbox pizza oven.

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Gozney Roccbox

Hey guys in today's video we are going To break out the brand new Gosney rock Box now I'll tell you what when you buy This pizza oven you're going to get Everything with it that you need to get Up and running and we're going to show You how to get up and running today get This all set up we're going to show you How to light the fires and get 100 pizza Ready All right we got both boxes opened we Have our gas adapter and we have our Beautiful olive green rock box now Rock Box comes with a beautiful Pizza Peel Comes with some instructions a little Bit of inspiration like some pizza Recipes as well comes with some uh Instructions on how to set it up and all Of that but yeah we'll push those to the Side also comes with a key chain as well Now we've got the tools in front of us So let's come in a little bit closer We're going to show you how to set up The gas adapter now at first glance one Of the things I notice is that uh pizza Stone is going to be built into the oven Super easy you don't have to worry about That falling out and then hey check this Out right here on the side we even have A thermometer that is going to give you The pizza deck temperature or the Slate Temperature if you will that is super Super helpful so let's uh let's get this Guy flipped over let's get that gas

Adapter added next now first things First we need to go ahead and get the Gas adapter added so very carefully I'm Going to tip that guy right up like that And as you can see I have the connection Port if you will of where we're going to Add this so come on in let's zoom in Nice and close show you how that all Goes into place now first thing to Remember is here is my gas adapter see The knob I need the knob to be facing The back of here so what we'll do is we Have three little holes to line up make Sure we get those all lined up properly Make sure they're all in and then we are Going to Snug it down nice and tight Like so now while we have it upside down Tell you what time to flip out those leg Extensions as well that'll give us room For the gas adapter so we've got one two And come here number three done all Right now time to hook it up to our tank Here is our regulator valve so carefully We'll go ahead and connect that make Sure we have a firm connection like so Now tip for you make sure when you open Your propane tank you open it slowly uh Occasionally if you open it too fast The Regulators will sense there's a leak You'll shut that regulator off and it Won't allow any gas to flow so we'll Open it nice and slow just like that and That's it that's how you make the gas Connection all right before we head

Outside to fire this up I wanted to Introduce you to this beautiful silicone Exterior now the great thing about this Is that is going to help keep this Surface less hot right obviously you're Not going to want to lean up against This but it's not going to be as hot as If this was a metal exterior so that Silicone is going to help keep it Insulated keeping you a little bit safer And making this a little bit more user Friendly now we'll go ahead and add on The carry strap we'll head outside all Right now before we cook for the very First time or fire it up for the very First time we need to take off the Velcro carrying strap and remove all of The warning stickers now Ready to rock and roll all right so we Turned on the tank we are good to go now It is time to push in this knob Click it And we can hear ignition we will verify The front make sure the Flames are good Now it is time to uh track our Temperature let that stone heat up Before we get ready to cook some pizza All right using our infrared thermometer We checked temperature of 635 Degrees Pizza making time I'll tell you what I'm Excited another great option for making Pizza in your backyard turning you into That backyard pizziola now we showed you How to start the oven stay tuned because

My next video I'm going to teach how to Make your very first pizza that's right Pepperoni pizza

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