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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you how to make tasty burgers on the Weber Slate.

Hey guys Chef Jason race Hardware Grilling expert today we're going to Show you how to make the perfect burger On the Weber slate griddle so first Things first we're going to do a little Bit of prep then get the griddle fired Up I think today's going to be Exceptional ingredients today are very Simple we're starting off with some Omaha Steaks Burgers if you don't have Omaha Steaks don't sweat it pick your Favorite burger and then some Brios buns As well now the star of the show that's Right I know we have a lot of different Different rubs and sauces available at Your local Ace but check it out right There I mean wo there that's going to be Our Ace exclusive wo there rub today That's going to give these Burgers some Amazing flavor now uh finishing things Off here we have a little bit of cheese And then of course we have some autant Right a little bit of lettuce tomato and Onion okay we took the burgers out of The package they are frozen you're going To love what I'm going to show you next When we head outside because I like to Cook these Burgers from Frozen they Actually they come out wonderfully now I'm calling an audible I'm going to add Some bacon up outside as well but first Grab a little bit of that wo there like We always say season as light or as Heavy as you want all right we got this

Top side season let's go ahead and flip It over to the back get that seasoned as Well now we're going to let these guys Soak really nice absorb some of this rub Then we're going to head out next and Get the uh Weber slate griddle fired up So I'll see you outside we'll get that Done here in a second all right we've Got the griddle opened up we'll go ahead And start all the burners and we're Going to start them on medium today to Uh allow this to climb up the Temperature today's cooking temp is Going to be 400° we are preheated to 400 we're going To start with a little bit of bacon up And I about 2 tablespoons in here what I'll do is put my spatula on there and Let that melt now we'll let that slowly Melt like that and then it is time to Add Burger number one Burger number two Number three and number four now we're Going to stay and watch these cook cuz They're going to cook pretty fast my First sign that we're getting ready to Do some uh flipping is when I start to See some of the juices come to the top So we'll just sit here and watch them Come back and I'll give you a minute Update to let you know where we're at Here we are right after 5 minutes and I'm starting to see these juices come up Here around the edges and a little bit Towards the middle so guess what time to

Give that a flip and oh my look at that Now we're going to flip to the second Side and we're going to cook like we Always say to our desired dness I have My we snap check ready so I'll come back And check on these but I think I'm going To wait for about 5 minutes and come Back and check temperature then here we Are right after 10 minutes and it looks Like we're sitting about 125° so now here's what we're going to Do we're going to move these guys a Little bit closer cuz I'm going to show You a cool trick how to melt all the Cheese at once all right when it comes To cheese melting here we go I'm going To put some shredded cheese on here Don't worry this is going to be tasty And delicious I know what you're Thinking e shredded cheese I've got you Covered then I'll tell you what reach Over here we're going to grab our Basting Dome or melting Dome we're going To put a little bit of water in the Middle here and then check this out let That start to flow a little bit look at That Steam and cover it just like that We'll come back and see what it looks Like when that cheese is all nice and Melty melting a little more of that Bacon up bacon grease because I'll tell You what while the cheese is melting it Is time to toast our buns 1 minute of Cheese melting should we take a peek oh

Look at that how is that for beautiful I'm going to go ahead and cover it let It finish that way now until these buns Come out perfectly I think we're done in About a minute I will see you in the Kitchen cheese melted to Perfection I Went ahead and toasted the Buns little Bit of lettuce on the bottom and look at That now imagine what you could add to The top uh-huh you could add onions you For sure could add tomatoes as well you Could add some more rub or your favorite Barbecue sauce the burger is your Palette yeah we always say the burger is Your palette right that's your painters Palette to load it with whatever you Want these are fantastic and done in About 12 minutes now if you're thinking Uh Weber slate griddle is perfect for You stay tuned because coming up I've Got another video my first cook video Think you'll be happy with that I think I'll be happy with this

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