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In this #HeartwareStory we meet Cole from Burggraf’s Ace in Minnesota. See how his journey from fundraising at a charity golf outing turned into a job at his local Ace.

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Do you remember why you chose [Music] Ace what made it your favorite I have My Friends Cole was significantly premature And he has a malformation in his brain Stem and he has a lot of ongoing medical Needs that all kind of stem from That I met Cole when his Rehab Services staff Recommended him to be an allar for Caring for kids did you do something With Ace before you worked Here no tournament a golf tournament Called What Steve and I put together a Nine-hole golf tournament the goal with The money we earn every year is to spend It on Pediatric Care the highlight of The entire event is that our pediatric Allstars our patients who are the recip Ients of a lot of these dollars um are On the first te and the 10th tea one of The things they do is they give out Their Allstar cards to all the golfers He used to be really shy about going up With the golfers and now he's just out There with a stack of cards you know Taking pictures with every group I mean It makes it all worth it and I hope we Can do it for 10 or 20 or 30 or 40 more Years as Cole got older and he was in High school then we had a relationship With his school CL was involved in work

Experience and he came to work at a Which means he would come over on the School bus and do his job here and that Continued until he was going to leave School last year in 2022 we would have Conversations about it when when you Graduate what are you going to do and he Says work here I thought I I just have To figure out what to do to make sure That this continues cuz this is a huge Part of his life and they sat down and Had that conversation and said we want You here we love your help we love Having you here and so he came on as an Employee and he gets to clock in now He's got all the ace gear which he's Super excited about Um it's got my heart his hugs his Attitude his hard work it's it's what It's all about he's he's a good leader He's he's the example for all of us Cole Is just part of our family you know Ace Is the helpful place and we and we're Helping Cole and Cole's helping us in a Lot of ways that he doesn't even know He's helping us what do helpful hardware Folk do they help People Cole is special to to our store Because he knows where everything is so If somebody needs help finding stuff are You able to help Them yeah I guess that makes you a Helpful hardware folk huh yeah Yeah

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