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Step Ladders Safety: DOs and DON’Ts

The OSHA Standard for portable ladders contains specific requirements designed to ensure workers’ safety. These are general requirements that apply to any kind of portable ladder and give useful indications on how to avoid hazards in general, loads, angles, rungs and slipping. In this article, specific indications related to step ladders safety are reported from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), that provides a series of DOs and DON’Ts for stepladders usage. The UK Health and Safety Executive top tips for ladder and stepladder safety are also summarized.

What To Consider In A Wood Floor Sanding Machine

When you are going to be sanding your floor, it will be difficult to find the proper item that you need to have. That is when you should know about what you need to consider in the wood floor sanding machines that are available for you to rent. Once you know to look at the size of the machine, the type of pad that it requires to work properly, the amount of pressure that you have to use, and even the time that it will take to complete the work.

How to Choose the Best Cordless Lawn Mower for You

In all areas of life, as more choices become available the more difficult it is to decide which is best. And so it is with cordless lawn mowers. Not so long ago there were really very few choices, but now as battery technology has improved they have become widely available and more models have come onto the market. Whilst it is great to have choice, settling on which is the right model for you becomes more of a dilemma.

How Homeowners Benefit From The Utilization Of Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Every person is eventually required to make the investment into a drain cleaning service when it comes to the maintenance of their home environment. Whether it is a result of roots impeding the pipes, foreign objects being flushed down the toilet, or the general built-up associated with dirt, fat, and grease, the utilization of these services is a must.

How Important Are the Fire Extinguisher Certification Standards

Are you following the NFPA standards for fire extinguisher certification? Learn more about them.

Why Elevator Inspections Are Performed?

Elevators make life easier for those with mobility impairments. To ensure that the device is installed in accordance with standard safety regulations and provide smooth performance, elevator inspections have to be performed promptly.

Freud Premier Fusion General Purpose Blade: Not Just Another Red Blade

When I saw the results of the Wood Magazine tests of 28 ten inch general purpose saw blades, I was surprised to see a red Freud blade sharing the Top Tool award in the highest class by price. This class included names like Forrest Woodworker II, Infinity Super General and Ridge Carbide, all reputable and well-known blades among informed woodworkers. But when I thought of a red Freud blade I envisioned a Diablo sold at a box store like Home Depot. You too?

How to Select Elevators for Your Home

Elevators suitable for home use are now available in a variety of models. It is necessary to consider several factors when selecting elevators for your home.

Impact Drivers – Two Theories About Why The Best Impact Drivers Are Still A Secret

Have you heard what tool your neighborhood DIY guru is now using? You should be paying attention to this. It could change how hard you have to work to complete some of those jobs you have been putting off.

Cordless Drill Drivers

Cordless drill drivers are one of the most essential tools required in construction sites and home repairing and renovation projects. There are a variety of types available in cordless drills that are categorized according to the jobs they help on performing.

Are Cordless Lawn Mowers Really Up to the Job?

Within recent years cordless lawn mowers have been challenging their gas powered counterparts for pre-eminence in the market. In some respects you can see why as gas powered mowers are not without their drawbacks, but are they really up to the job? Can they really perform as well as traditional mowers? This article sets out to reveal the truth about how cordless lawn mowers really perform.

Important Things to Consider When Buying A Portable Generator

In an age where electricity has become such an important commodity, generators are becoming popular must haves. In choosing the generator that suits your needs, you have to consider numerous factors. We will guide you through the most important considerations.

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