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Different Types of Woodworking Chisels

A good set of woodworking chisels will allow you almost all the freedom you need in fashioning a piece of wood into whatever you want. Although the standard bevel-edged chisel can be found in most tool kits, owning a complete set of chisels and knowing the purpose of each type will allow you to do much more.

Woodworking Power Tools

The cost of woodworking power tools has dropped considerable in the last twenty years. Many power tools were once the preserve only of professional workshops but today they are affordable and there is also a huge range of tools with a wide array of features from which to choose from.

Woodworking Hand Tools

Which woodworking hand tools should be part of any good carpenter’s toolkit? Which tools are the most versatile and useful? And which ones can you not do without?

Wood Working Tools – Mitre Saw

What Does A Mitre Saw Do? A mitre saw allows you to make angled cross cuts. Let us take a simple example of a picture frame.

Finding the Best Hobby Lathe

A mini lathe machine is useful tool to have particularly if you are still starting out in your woodworking hobby or craft. It’s excellent to have it on hand for anybody who is serious about creating different woodworking projects or to help teach them in becoming a master craftsman one day. The area where you’ll use the lathe is usually a major consideration.

Buying Tips For Getting a Mini Lathe

There are numerous various sorts of lathe machines offered in the industry nowadays; for this reason, it’s important that you simply select the right machine for you personally. For any hobbyist, it is suitable to get a device that includes limited range in operation and an item that’s helpful for a specific task. These types of mini lathes are perfect for anyone still starting out and turning out shapes and designs.

Pressure Reducing Valve – How Does it Work?

The water that enters in our house from municipal’s water source is in very high pressure. If we let this water comes in our house with such a high pressure, it could burst our pipeline and sometimes, even can cause heavy explosion. That’s why we must use Pressure Reducing Valve to regulate the pressure of water.

Why Use a Scaffold Tower Instead of a Step Ladder?

Scaffold towers have become very popular pieces of DIY equipment, all over the web you can see them advertised and hire companies promote them massively. Why have they become so popular and why can’t you just use a step ladder?

Soft Cut Concrete Saws – Benefits and Features

Soft cut concrete saws are quite efficient in cutting the perfect joints immediately. It is when concrete hydrates and begins to settle; it starts developing internal stress.

Measure Twice, Cut Once – Marking and Measuring Tools

Marking and measuring is one of those really key skills that makers have to wrap their heads around. I see fast makers, always on the go, moving quickly between process and process, stop, and sit and think carefully, getting this step right before galloping off.

Marking Knives – Simple, But the Essence of Accuracy

There is no tool perhaps more important to a furniture maker than a humble marking knife. This simple tool gives you the potential of absolute accuracy. The key is that unlike any other knife this has the bevel on one side only.

The Petrol Chainsaw – Always Adhere to Safety Measures

The petrol chainsaw is a powerful and potentially dangerous tool. But with the correct protection and right usage you should never encounter any risk.

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