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Cordless Impact Driver – It’s Not What You Think

This is the perfect tool if you are going to drive a lot of screws, say build a deck or drywall a room. An impact driver will greatly speed up a large construction project. But they are not for everyone.

Is a Portable Sawmill For You?

A portable sawmill…It’s something you’ve ever really even considered before. But now everything seems to be saying maybe it’s a good idea buying one. should you? You’ve got a little land you want to clear. Maybe you want to build a storage shed there.

Nails Buying Guide

Nailing is quick, requires little or no preparation, gives a permanent joint, needs only the simplest tools, and is a cheap method of fixing or joining things together. Nails are most frequently associated with woodworking but they are also used for roofing (fixing waterproof felt to roof timbers), upholstery (fixing layers of materials to the base frame), masonry and many other specialist tasks.

Shopping For A Woodworking Drill Press? Read This First!

Convenience and ease of operation are at the top of my list when shopping for a new drill press. There are a number of very good machines on the market right now. I look a one of them in this article as an example of what a dream drill press would look like. This particular drill press is comparatively expensive and there are others which would be fine additions to any woodworking shop. It does serve, however, as a model of a well-designed drill press.

Choosing A Sliding Compound Miter Saw For Fine Woodworking

A sliding compound miter saw allows you do do things you just can’t with a simple miter saw. There are several makes and models on the market right now. The most popular are the ten and twelve inch models. This means that there are a lot of machines to go through before you can be sure that you are buying the right one for you and your specific purposes. This article is designed to speed this process in your quest for the perfect machine.

What A Jointer Will Do For You And Your Woodworking

A jointer is a fairly straight-forward woodworking machine. It serves a purpose and it serves it well. It is important to add a jointer to your woodworking shop because this machine enables you to put straight, flat or beveled joints on the edges of your lumber. If you plan on gluing up wood panels from boards, a jointer is almost essential. This article will show you how to best use and maintain your new machine.

What To Know About Jigsaws & Woodworking

A jigsaw will find a multitude of uses in any woodworking shop or on any job site because, unlike other types of saws, it is designed to cut along curved lines. There’s a lot to know about these hand-held woodworking power tools. If you are considering purchasing one, maybe you might want to read this article before doing so. It may save you time AND money!

Making Large Dovetail Joints In The Corners Of Your Cabinets

I have always thought that the dovetail joint is one of the most attractive features one can add to a fine woodworking project. When I began woodworking the only dovetail joints I saw were small, usually found in jewelry boxes or drawers. One year, at a large woodworking trade show in Los Angeles, I was exposed to the Keller Dovetail Jig that is capable of making very large dovetail joints in the corners of large cabinets and other casework. I bought the jig and, from that point on, large dovetails were incorporated in many of my designs. This article explains how easy it is to use this jig to create some very impressive results.

The Miracle of The Impact Driver

Impact drivers have revolutionized the way we put screws into wood. The time and effort saved by these small tools is nothing short of extraordinary. This article examines how impact drivers work and gives many tips on what to look for when shopping for one of these woodworking marvels.

Top 5 Must-Have Table Saw Accessories

Safety glasses are probably one of the most important accessories to any power tool. If you use your tools for construction and are outdoors, fogged up glasses means you won’t wear them. A quality pair of anti-fog safety glasses is a must.

What Are Scrails and Why Should I Use Them?

Scrails are also known as pnuescrews, nailscrews, ballistic nails, and hybrid nails. Scrails are driven with most pneumatic nailers.

Used Industrial Woodworking Machinery Offers Savings in Hard Times

Starting your own woodworking company is similar to taking up the game of golf: you have to buy a decent amount of equipment to make your endeavor a reality. Yet, starting your own woodworking business will require you to spend far more than you would on a set of gold clubs. While almost everyone daydreams of being his own boss, the start up cost of a woodworking business is often dashes these dreams and keeps a woodworker punching a time clock instead of striking out on his own, especially in the current economy, where loans for small businesses can seem impossible to secure.

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