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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you how to make Queso on a griddle. So easy to make and personalize with some of your favorite rubs and hot sauces.

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Okay so I have a great recipe for you Today that's right it's queso day on my Weber grill but I have a Twist today Because we're going to use the Weber Walk on top of my Weber griddle insert So that I have uh space to make my queso But then I also have a little bit of Space to make my accoutrement because Today we're making a queso display board Or as I like to call it queso kudri Let's head out get the grill started up Come back in talk a little bit about Ingredients we went ahead and removed The grill grates added in that Weber Griddle insert now super important tip To remember leave those uh flavorizer Bars in there because those actually Help dissipate heat as well so we'll go Ahead and uh turn on one burner at a Time get everything all fired up here Boom we are good to go and like you can See we already have the Weber walk added In here now we'll go ahead and close the Lid we're going to cook at about 500 Degrees and the reason for that is it I Want to get up to 500 Degrees and make Sure that Wok is nice and hot when it Comes time to cook we will be cooking With the lid open today but for heat up Purposes we'll close it get everything Up to 500. for our ingredients today We're using all of the things you would Expect to find in some amazing queso With a couple twists of course now we're

Going to start off with some of that White uh cheese spread that's going to Make it beautiful queso blanco I have Some andouille sausage I have six Links Of andouille sausage that are going to Give me crispiness sweetness and a Little bit of flavor we're going to put Some onions in the queso as well then Jalapenos because who doesn't like a Little bit of heat now I know we have a Lot of different rubs and sauces Available at your local age today I'm Using a little sweet rub of mine that Apple Chipotle rub and then if we want To kick it up a few notches is which We're going to you have the choice you Can do a little trough hot or a little Trough hotter depending on if you like It well hot or hotter then we're going To finish it off today on a platter we Have some tortillas that we're going to Toast off or griddle off some of those Flour tortillas we have some chips and We also have a little bit of salsa we're Gonna serve it with peppers and onions Too making a beautiful queso kuduri Board okay we hit 500 degrees now I'm Going to turn my burners down to about Medium because we've already heated Everything up the griddle's hot the wok Is hot and now we're just going to Maintain temp we are going to cook with The lid open now so first thing we're Going to do is add that sausage in there

We've got that and Dewey in there we're Going to spread it nice and thin give it A chance to crisp up just a little bit And start to render some fat five Minutes in we've got some fat rolling Around in the pan we'll go ahead and add Those jalapenos and we'll go ahead and Add our onions now we'll let these go For about five minutes until they start To soften up a little bit then and time To keep rocking the queso so about after Six minutes we added our cream in there Went ahead and added our cheese as well Now we're gonna hit it with a little Sweet rub of mine some of that Apple Chipotle and you know what we always say As light or as heavy as you want I'm Adding about a tablespoon in there and Then uh what do you think today should We just go hot that's right we're just Gonna go hot with a little trough We're Not gonna go hotter so I'm gonna go Ahead and add about a tablespoon of that Hot truffle sauce in there that is going To be delicious now go ahead and just Slowly get this all mixed in what we're Trying to do is make sure that cheese Melts everything gets mixed in it gets Smooth creamy and delicious now that we Have the queso melting you can see we've Added our tortillas time to add a little Bit of oil because next up we're gonna Saute those peppers and onions as well That's right we're multitasking here so

We're going to get all of our garnish Ready and then you know what I think We'll hit that with a little sweet rub Of mine as well so we'll saute those Peppers and onions right right after About 15 minutes we are giving this a Good stir we've got the tortillas pulled Off the top we've turned everything down To low now we're just going to let this Kind of finish up make sure all that Cheese melts and finish our Peppers as Well there we are 20 minutes in done Time to head into the kitchen I'm not even kidding you when I tell you That's the most delicious queso I've Ever had off my Weber griddle insert now We're looking for more Weber griddle Content stay tuned because I'm going to Show you all about that Weber full-size Griddle oh my gosh so good

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