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Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, shows you how to plumber’s putty.

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Hi it's Lou manfordini Aces Home expert In this video I'm going to show you how To use plumber's putty Specifically a plumber's putty roll when You're installing something like a drain Assembly this is a kitchen drain Assembly you would use plumber's putty To install something like this in a Kitchen sink or maybe a vanity sink Sometimes plumber's putty is used for Installing faucets but keep in mind that On certain countertops you want to be Mindful of using it make sure that the Countertop is compatible with plumber's Putty because it can stain the surface But in this respect it's going to work Out just fine so here I've got a Stainless steel sink and you can see There's no drain assembly whatsoever This drain assembly comes apart there's A threaded ring here that's going to go Under the sink this washer will also go Under the sink but then this portion That will actually go into the sink like This the plumber's putty goes underneath This Ridge because as you tighten it That's what SEALs the drain assembly to The sink all right so on the underside Of the drain assembly here you see that This this roll is kind of pre-cut and Has a thickness there the the trick when It comes to plumber's putties you have To put enough of it on there so that it Actually squeezes out so I'm just going

To press this into place and come around Okay As I rotate the drain assembly and you Want to make sure that it's right in That crease between this Edge and this Top portion here because once I start to Tighten it from the bottom you're going To see the plumber's putty is going to Kind of squeeze out So I'm just going to keep coming around And kind of overlap and then because It's a putty you're just going to break It like that then the paper You're just going to remove Okay Now I want to make sure that this is all In place with my fingers I'm going to Kind of just Almost feels like you know Clay or like A silly putty type of thing but you want To get that in that Gap right there now I'm going to take the assembly And I'm just going to drop it inside Okay now you know you want to orient This the right way you know this is sort Of my uh preference is that that little Gap where the actual drain is going to Go in you know is going to sit like that So I want it to be look good and then You're just going to kind of press it in Place now on this drain assembly it has A rubber washer and this large ring this Threaded ring this is going to go up on The bottom of the sink and the rubber is

Going to go between the ring and the Drain assembly and you're going to Tighten it using a large pair of channel Locks like this or a pipe wrench but be Careful you want to get it nice and snug And as you tighten it you're going to See the putty coming up from the top all Right with the nuts started I'm just Going to be using my hands to sort of Tighten it now keep in mind that once You start to Snug this down and use the Channel locks this is going to want to Rotate on you but the whole idea is we Just want to to get that putty to start To squeeze out of that you want it tight But you don't want to over tighten it Okay so you see all that putty that came Up that's a good thing then what I do is I take a little skewer here and start to Just tuck it away and you may notice That even after you use the sink a Little bit more of it comes up what I Would do to test to make sure that it Doesn't leak is you put this in put a Couple inches of water in the sink you Know let it hold there look underneath Check the connection but that's once all The drain assembly is put together and That's it Coming up next my video on how to clean A stainless steel sink [Music] Foreign

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