Celebrating 100 Moments of Helpful – Ace Hardware

Ace is the helpful place. In our mini documentary series we have captured 100 moments of helpful. A story for every state. Proving that no matter where you go there is a helpful person.

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[Music] In honor of AC's 100th anniversary we've Captured 100 moments of helpful in a Mini documentary series titled heartware Stories a lot of it has to do with just The kind of place I want to live and the Kind of place I want to live is where People help each other if I don't do it Who else is going to do it from flying Teddy bears to Children's Hospitals to Helping those devastated by natural Disasters these Heroes see a need and Act on it you walk into your local Ace Hardware store and they erase so many of The hurts I don't know who does the Hiring but they should run the United States we tell their stories because They're too humble to tell them Themselves it's a good feeling to know Do you have Hometown Store like Ace here That can help you out in any any Circumstance that may happen in your Life discover giving and carrying people Across every state in the Union proving That no matter where you go there's a Helpful place The value of people is is so much Greater than the value of a product or Money a place where being a hero can Mean changing one life or have the power To improve our [Music] World [Music]

For Ace Hardware it's about giving and We don't get to say thank you to Everybody so thank you everybody for Helping and you make me [Laughter] [Music] Cry [Music]

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