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Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, shows you how to get started with the Milwaukee® PACKOUT™ storage solution. See which items are great to start with as you organize your space.

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Milwaukee PACKOUT

Hi it's Suman fernini Aces Home expert And I'm here with Nick from Milwaukee Tools Um and I'm in my big empty garage Because we're gonna actually set this Bad boy up with the Milwaukee pack out System uh Nick can you tell everyone a Little bit about the pack out system and What it is yeah so we're here to talk About our new pack out garage and Shop Storage system okay so it's all Compatible with our current pack out Modular storage system and now we have These nice new wall plates and new Wall Storage accessories that we'll be able To put up on your wall here and get your Garage nice and organized and ready to Go so the idea is with these panels okay They're they come in uh this size right Here and I can put these and configure Them just about any way that I want and Then all of the pack Out Accessories Whether it's cabinets or or this is a Battery storage system Hooks and Whatever clipping and you can kind of Make it any way you want yup exactly so On these plates we have these quick Alignment tabs right that'll allow you To tile on more wall plates of various Sizes to fit your space And then we have different size hooks Different tool racks different battery Racks cabinets crates tons of different Accessories to allow you to customize

Your storage as needed so what's Important to know is that when we're Laying out this garage you know we're Going to come up with our own layout Certainly you know you want to make sure That you know we've got a drywall wall Back here and so you want to make sure You find the studs so it's nice and Solid exactly and I assume you got them Laid out probably 16 on center right to To be able to do that but that whatever Way we lay it out you can do it any way You want it's not because it really just All depends on where you put these Panels yeah so if you want to plan a Little further ahead you can go on Ace and actually hop on the Pack out Builder that's on the website And it'll allow you to add different Size mounting plates to make sure it Fits your area that you're working on so Nick this is awesome first off but also Um the fact that this is kind of your Shop collect section right where it Essentially you know once you set it up It's going to kind of stay in place but The beauty is that with the pack out System if somebody's using that on their Truck on their van whatever it is all This will work so all of our top locking Accessories we'll all be able to lock on Top of your pack outs right I love it Really really cool Nick I really Appreciate all the help and putting this

All together I can't wait to do some Projects and have everything here right At my fingertips it's awesome all right Coming up next my video on the Milwaukee Battery operated wet dry vac it's Amazing check it out [Applause] [Music]

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